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  1. I like old canon. Also I get inspired by the cartoons. So much to choose from.
  2. Preparing for episode 2 now. This part of beyond the rim seems very intense. So far I've read through half of it and I'm very excited about how it will all pan out
  3. Good call on not including the yiyar clan. I did the same thing and it worked out great. Having the ISB involved makes it much more fun. The rolls you created are awesome. I will try to use them in my campaign.
  4. That's the whole point of rpgs. You create your own stories while adhering to the rules. I'm currently writing an adventure that involves the "graveyard".
  5. I did it in both WEG and WOTC.You shouldn't have a problem as long as you keep control of the player/character. Not letting them get out of control is key.
  6. Episode 1 is done and it was a success. I did use the side quests with ISB agents and you were righ It helps the pace of the first episode.
  7. That's what I was planning to do! Im diving into it this weekend. It's sad that it took forever to prepare for but I think it's worth it. Excited to run the adventure. Running the the one from the GM screen pack was a huge help for me to understand the rules.
  8. Just got done running the beginner game for EotE. I think its a whole lot better than Wotc. Trying to write my own adventures. Its nice to have the expanded universe to your disposal. Took alittle adjusting with the dice, but it was still fun to play. Cant wait to run beyond the rim.
  9. Just picked it up. Cant wait to run it!!! Ive had the core rule book since it was released and i really love this game. I wrote my first adventure for it,(being a HUGH SW fan helps!!!). Overall i love it.
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