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  1. You could also just purchase the Tree you want, and wait until you get to the bottom and the +1 Force Rating talent (which will give you your first point). I would not say this is _wise_ by any stretch, and definitely not efficient, and would probably end up with lots of experience that would not be useful until you get that talent; but it would do the trick.
  2. What I see is a: "Your Table, Your Rules" kind of post. Sounds absolutely wonderful for Your Table. However, if you are attempting to get the Game Developers over at FFG to change the game to meet your desires (which is what I think you would like since you posted in the Beta forums) as you think the game would be better for it; then I find your argument SEVERELY lacking. You merely state your opinions, but provide no support for your argument. Nothing from the movies, or the Expanded Universe as to why you think the game should be the way you want it. I fear, if you are desiring change on the part of FFG, you will need to provide some support for your desires (other than the mechanical twink aspect [which will be a valid concern for ANY system]). I am not trying to be an egregious schmuck here, but I was confused as to what you wanted to happen. If you want your game to run more or less along all specializations being kinda equal when it comes to stat boost (Characteristics and Force Rating), then your changes will be great for you. I, personally, do not care for them, though that should not stop you from using them on your table. Kevynn
  3. You could always adapt a story from some other Space Opera Drama (Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Galaxy Quest, etc). Personally, I ran my group through a spy novel. They were NOT happy with it, because they did not put it together. I will admit, it was rather convoluted, but if you drop enough hints, they will follow your path. You can also just drop them somewhere and see what happens. Maybe they start the game locked in a cell on an Imperial Star Destroyer, and they have to steal TIE fighters to get away... which makes it even harder, since they do not have Hyperdrives... Maybe they could take out enough of the command staff to take the Capital Ship back to the Rebellion? Maybe they start the game pinned down by Stormtrooper fire inside an imperial bunker, and they need to get themselves and a hostage/civilian out without anyone dying. Maybe they wake up in a cell on trial for Murder of an planetary President, and they have to prove their innocence and that they were framed by the Empire. Basically, instead of starting them BEFORE the action happens, start them AFTER the action happens, and then fly by the seat of your pants. If it is plausible or cool sounding, let them try it to get their bacon out of the frying pan. Kevynn
  4. First, pick a character concept and a back story and goals for whatever character you want. Pick a couple (2 history, 2 now, 2 future or so) or skills you want to focus on. Try to get your past and now skills to proficient, and then hint at the future skills. Personally, I figure "Proficient" is at a 1G2Y dice pool. This will let you succeed at MOST things (unless you roll like me) statically. Starting you are capped at 2 ranks in a skill, so you could bump a Characteristic to 3, and hit "Proficient" if the Characteristic feeds that Skill. If not, spending 15 XP for that 3rd skill rank happens pretty quickly. Until your GM starts throwing Nemesis, or multiple rivals at you in a given encounter, I would not worry about bumping that dice pool again; instead focusing on the Talents in the talent tree you chose, and may buying another specialization. While playing, remember to TRY everything you think might be fun (or funny). I had a smuggler with 4 Agi that never tried to shoot his blaster pistol because he thought he was bad at it. I had to coax him into it, not understanding that his 4G pool was probably better than the 2G1Y pool our blaster guy was sporting when it came to succeeding. As to the funny... We have a HK droid in the party who is a Galaxy renowned Twi'lek poet. He picked something silly and off beat for his Obsession. Well, his 1Y dice pool for composing poetry when his turn to be the Designated A-hole (the one whose Obligation triggered) was used extensively, and had LOTS of destiny points spent on it to get it to succeed. That little bit of craziness kept the table rolling for HOURS when it happened, and we revisit it every couple of games, just because it is so funny. Never underestimate the ability of poor skill pools to entertain the party. In the end though, build the character without worrying about the mechanics, and then fill in the mechanics. Make sure the character can _do_ what they want (see "Proficiency" above) to do, and let the story tell the rest. Work toward your character's goals, and have a great time contributing to the telling of the story your group is telling. Kevynn
  5. Just from the initial reaction, this sounds like a lot of extra bookkeeping for the GM, with little to no benefit for the story. The players will either know to use destiny points, or they will not. In a group setting, those who DO use them, will be able to use them to help the party. Under this house rule, those who use them will reserve them to help themselves, rather than their party mates. I think it is an interesting idea, and should be explored. Let us know what you find out! Kevynn
  6. Oh, Out of Character talking is absolutely the BEST way to handle the situation. I am more trying to head the situation off at the pass as it were. The entire group has talked about the situation, and everyone knows exactly what happened (said player has since moved, so there is that benefit as well; though he did make character changes that helped quite a bit in game). The group has talked and agreed to have a defined CO, XO set up, and even had conversations around who wanted to play that type of character, so we were not railroading someone into a role they did not want to play. Kevynn
  7. @Satchmo72: I can expand, but it was more anecdotal. I messed up in that situation. We were just starting, first time in, and I bit off more than I could chew. We had like 8 characters, no consistent backstory, and I just threw them all together somehow... (Let's hear it for slavery and carbonite freezing...) I dropped them into a seriously damaged ILH-KK Citadel-Class light freighter. The pirates who were transporting them as slaves to a slave colony were waylaid by OTHER pirates who threw asteroids (yay tractor beams) into the hyperspace lanes... well, one of these other pirates got REALLY lucky and took out the primary bridge of the ILH-KK with an asteroid, this also took out the entire crew. Eventually they got the situation under control, and limped to the nearest planet. Once they arrived, the Protocol Droid decided he would be the captain of the vessel, and rolled his social-fu skills to make this happen. I did not stomp on it, as I should have. Sometimes these situations can work out fine, others, not so much. This particular player had a play style that did not mesh well with leadership of the group we had. Some players are just better at LEADING in general, than others. Just because a character is the party leader type (leadership and command skills, etc), does not mean that character's player should be the one making the in game decisions. This situation was tolerable for a while; however, over time it because a situation of the Droid running the ship through fiat, rather than any sort of coordination. I am trying to avoid this in future, by defining which player the table things best suited to leading the group (yes, the players will be involved, this situation left a REALLY bad taste in their mouths), will then build a character that will have the command rank for the stories. This topic was to help me find a way to represent Rank mechanically. Though it appears it is not a good fit to try to do this. Duty sorta kinda reflects this, but it is a group thing in reality, not necessarily an individual skill. I think I will just define which characters will be CO and XO and Sgt, and then let the dice determine where the others fall. Kevynn
  8. I am planning to start an Age campaign for my local gaming group. I have had issues before with the wrong players getting the control of the group through various means. I think with Age and the ability to use the Chain of Command from a military setup I can avoid that. Is Duty the right mechanic for that? I recall it being a group thing, not an individual thing. I remember reading it has something to do with Rank; but for the life of me I cannot remember HOW Rank and Duty relate to each other. I was hoping to be able to get a small group with a relatively flat Chain of Command: CO, XO, everyone else. How would you go about setting that up, and/or maintaining it while running the game? Kevynn
  9. I would start by asking your players (or defining it for them) whether they want to play a game focused on the seedy underbelly of the Star Wars universe (Edge of the Empire), the Galactic Civil War (Age of Rebellion), or the Force (Force and Destiny). Go with majority rules (unless you are flush with cash, and want to spend the $$ for all three core books [the Beta for F&D]). This will determine which secondary mechanic (Obligation, Duty, Morality) will be most heavily used. As far as moving from one to another, it is VERY simple, and does not cause much stress at all, since it is all additive, you will not need to rework any characters. Worst case, is you phase out one secondary mechanic, and phase in another, or just run them both together (more maintenance for the GM). Kevynn
  10. With all the characters on their first specialization, you are effectively giving them all 20 bonus XP. Much less to worry about then. Kevynn
  11. Due to characters not being guaranteed to have the same number of trees in total, I would recommend giving XP, and allowing them to take Recruit. It really is a good tree. We were kicking around how to do this same conversion in my EotE group recently. The idea we got close to (nobody has implemented it yet) is that joining the Rebellion is a process. First, you have to meet the proper people in game. Then you have to swear an oath, or something similar (taking on additional Obligation to signify this... 5 point oath is plenty) to the Rebellion, which will then show you are committed. From there you are _able_ to take the Recruit specialization, as the Rebellion will pay to send you away to classes from time to time (in down time) to handle the training to be functional in the Rebellion. Once you _have_ the Recruit tree (not finished, just purchased), then you can start being given Rebellion missions (which will let you gain Duty), and eventually buy into the specialized Rebellion training you may want (the AoR trees). Yes, this is a LONG and expensive process; but it makes some sort of sense for EotE characters. Your mileage may vary, of course... Kevynn
  12. They do not cancel, they are cumulative. To further this example. If your crit rating on the weapon was 2, and your weapon quality activation was 3, with 5 advantages on the roll, you can activate both once. With only 4 advantages, you can activate the quality once, or the crit twice (granting +10 to the effect roll). With 6 successes, you could do the weapon quality twice (if it is allowed), trigger a crit (with +20 to the roll), or one quality, one crit (no bonus to the roll) with an advantage left over to heal strain, pass along a boost die, or affect the environment somehow. Kevynn
  13. I would not allow the cancellation, as upgrading to a Yellow or a Red opens up Triumph and Despair, which have different narrative effects. I would let BOTH occur, as this can lead to more interesting narrative choices. Kevynn
  14. You shouldn't have to touch your characters. The data folder location is saved between versions, so they should just show up. What exactly happened? Initially, when I loaded 1.3.0 for the first time, I had no characters whatsoever. Then, I remembered I had exported characters before, so I imported them. Leading to what I posted originally. Basically, I am all squared away now with only needing to poke 3 of the 10 characters I had back into line. One of the imports crashed (a wookie bodyguard with force sensitive exile) continually, so I just rebuilt him from the ground up based on the 1.2.1 printout I had handy. Kevynn
  15. OggDude, As a follow-up... I just started everything up again, and things appear to be in line... maybe I spoke too soon. Kevynn
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