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  1. Hi. I'd like to make Space Doc Holiday. As a Human, I'd use my 2 free non-career skill advances for Medicine. How best should I spend my 110 XP between Attributes, Skills, and Gunslinger Talent edges.
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    Dark Omega - A Warhammer 40,000 novel

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    Advice re Starting Rogue Trader

    Great advice! thank you all!
  4. PencilBoy99

    Advice re Starting Rogue Trader

    I'm thinking that I'll run Rogue Trader as my next campaign. I've run Dark Heresy v1 before. Given the current state of the rules (e.g., Only War, Dark Heresy), are there any conversions you recommend? (e.g., running it using Only War character creation). I'd like players to be able to be awesome with their "signature move/weapon" like they are in the fiction. Even though, realistically, a powerful weapon on autofire is much better than an individual's pistol, it would be sweet if I could somehow allow a player with their special Mark Z special-pattern Laspistol that they got from their grandfather to be equally effective. Is there a straightforward rules hack (or something I just don't know about) that would let me do that? A series of talents?
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    Your House Ruled Requisition System

    Best quote of the day highlighted in bold. However, every time I add cool gear for the enemy, they end up just looting it and selling it and somehow only 2 of the players become more effective. Regardless of the RAW, that's a perfect description of the game I would have liked to have run.
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    Even-Handed Combat

    I agree this is my fault. I should never have allowed this to happen. However, I've run lots of other games before and never run into this problem. There are always a few characters that are great at combat, but everyone always has the option to be cool except now!
  7. PencilBoy99

    Your House Ruled Requisition System

    Please share any house rules you have using a "requisition" system for Dark Heresy, where players get/request/are assigned their equipment, with achievement (rank) meaning commensurate awards. - Only War has a logistics system, but I'm not sure how to adapt it for DH - My current game is completely unbalanced because of equipment - player's are doing whatever they can for Thrones, I'm allowing improbable schemes, there's a huge disparity between player's equipment = combat effectiveness
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    Even-Handed Combat

    They are rank 4. I've allowed them to get absurdly overpowered.
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    Even-Handed Combat

    Psycher - cool psychic powers, power sword (the one the psychics have), bolter, power armor Guardsman - hellgun (the fancy one), power armor
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    Even-Handed Combat

    I have two players with highly optimized combat characters (great equipment, out of this world stats). When combat starts, I have a lot of trouble making combat fun for everyone (all of the players enjoy it). If I make the targets easy enough for everyone to hit, these guys mow them down in seconds. If I make the targets tougher, no one but these two can hit them and everyone else but these two gets wounded quickly.
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    GM Advice re Blackmailing

    2 of my players have made a habit of blackmailing rather than turning people in to the Inquisition (e.g., nobles partially involved in cults). This is now gotten ridiculous, as they want to force these people to pay for creating a manufactorum for special ammunition. I'd like to right the ship of state and have one of their "victims" turn them in in exchange for immunity (he'll probably get executed anyway), so now they're on trial themselves. I don't want this to end in their execution or imprisonment or being kicked out of the inquisition. What could I do to end this blackmailing thing without ending their characters?
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    Why Not Always Name Drop?

    Why shouldn't the Acolytes, whenever their cover isn't absolutely vital to the mission, always pull the "We're the Inquisition" card? This makes it challenging for me as a GM, since they should be able to summon massive amounts of assistance and get instant acquiescence. Don't want to hand over your Power Sword - "we're the Inquisition". Lots of cultists to fight? Bring in the Planetary Defense Forces and the Arbites. I've handled it so far by violating the setting. In my game so far, the Inquisition's power really rests on a mix of fear, knowledge (from spying and the like), political influence, etc. If someone doesn't want to do what the aclyote's say, in reality, most of the time, nothing might happen to them - or if it does it will be a LONG time before it happens, and even then the Inquisition will be careful to get all it's ducks in a row if that person is important. How do you/should I handle it?
  13. My player's are mid-way through rank 4 and we're enjoying the game. I'd like to ensure that we can keep playing w/out any mechanical "bumps" as they ascend. Assuming that I don't want to use Dark Heresy Ascension, do people recommend using Darth Smeg's House Rules (a conversion to Only War) or the new (in process) DH 2x?
  14. PencilBoy99

    Above and beyond, without Ascension

    Darth Smeg, I got the impression that the house rules were just for starting from scratch using a different rule set. Would they let you use characters that were already at rank 8 in normal DH?
  15. PencilBoy99

    Proposed House Rule for Criticals

    I just read the threads on modifications people made to how TB worked in soaking wounds. The implication is that it's VERY easy to break the entire system by changing anything, so I probably shouldn't do the above.