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  1. We held the Toronto Regional last week, and while our computer ate the recording of Round 2, here we have Round 3 up for you to enjoy. It's two Imperial ISD fleets - Eric relies more on activation advantage and a bomber-heavy fighter component supported by a Raider, while Mack goes for survival with a 7th Fleet ISD plus a 7th Fleet Gladiator with Projection Experts as a shield battery.
  2. Round 2 (and final round) - MC80 vs ISD Kuat:
  3. On to the top cut. Quarterfinal match: Semifinal match:
  4. The PTL Open was a special-format X-Wing tournament held on October 20-21, 2018, and one of the side events was the 200-point format that made its debut at Worlds earlier this year. 200-point fleets, 100 point squadron maximum, commanders optional, using the Valuable Cargo objective. We recorded two rounds, complete with commentary. Round 1:
  5. Round 4 - Quad Quadjumpers! Round 5: Round 6:
  6. With the PTL Open 2018 behind us, we've started to cut and upload the individual matches to our YouTube channel. For those of you unfamiliar with the format of the PTL Open, each player was required to bring 3 lists with them, and could not repeat unique cards (unique pilots or upgrades) among them. Beofre each match, each player would secretly choose one of those three lists to play, with incentives given to players who had completed Swiss by playing each of their lists at least once. This format ensured that we would see some interesting stuff on camera! I'll be posting each match as it goes up here. Round 1: Round 2 - We suffered an internet service interruption during this one so most of the match footage is missing. Round 3:
  7. The PTL Open is an annual X-Wing convention/tournament with a special format that encourages creative list building. We will be streaming all weekend starting at 9:30AM Eastern Time (North America) on Twitch and YouTube . We will be providing full commentary for the weekend!
  8. Final Round of the event - Going into this round, Derek sits at 20 points and Derek sits at 16. In order for Owen to win the tournament, he needs to defeat Derek with an 8-3 victory or better. Enjoy!
  9. Yeah, they are - we only had one camera set up so we were only able to get one game at a time. Hopefully these shorter videos are easier to watch in one sitting. It's easier to watch sutff with a lot of dead air when it's live as there's the chat and the hosts to interact with but as review material cutting all that out is for the better, I think. Here's Round 2:
  10. After a bunch of editing to cut down on the downtime, here's the games we recorded at 401 Games for its Store Championship. Commentary included!
  11. At long last, the finals! Thanks everyone for watching!
  12. On to the semifinals. Semifinal A: Semifinal B. This one has a crazy ending!
  13. The second set of QF matches. Here's Quarterfinal C Last of the Quarterfinal matches, before we head to the Semifinal.
  14. With the close of 1.0, we have time for one last PTL Season playoff before transitioning over to 2.0 I'll be updating this thread with videos as we release them. First up, the QF Matches. For this first one we take the opportunity to sit down with both players after their Turn 0 deployments to talk about their choices as well as their plan of attack. Quarterfinal B - we weren't able to talk to the players beforehand but we aim to do so in further videos.
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