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  1. Yeah I wanted to pick up the Flashpoint cycle at lease. Everything is sold out everywhere. FUUUUUUUUUU!!!!
  2. The fact that you are still infatuated in discussing the tone of my first post on page 4 means you are basically still "crying about it." The discussion has moved on since then. Try to keep up.
  3. Ignoring the tone police for a sec, the reason I didn't address the mirror argument is it is groundless. Pure conjecture. IF there was a mirror it would be evident in the art. There is no case here. File under the prior blindness defense of ones pet dev on full display.
  4. I am sure the team can take the hit on this one without their fanbase coming to their defense like there are "barbarians at the gates."
  5. People hate the truth so much, they will make up any excuse to dismiss it, or call the guy pointing it out a jerkface. Case in point, most of the comments in this thread.
  6. Well you are free to make up excuses for it, but this is not something done intentionally without pointing it out somehow with the art, which both cards fail to do. Also the card names are fairly generic a la Magnificent Kimono, which can be equipped by a character which chances are high will be among the living. Plus all the other cards in the core box that feature kimono in the art are worn correctly.
  7. So what is the secret of the ooze that is me being an big jerk? Quoting my posts reveals nothing unless you point out specific parts. I'll just guess randomly to try to help out. Was it really the sorry not sorry bit? Simply a casual catch phase. Lighten up a bit you guys.
  8. Rude boor LOL, how so? I disagree. I didn't call anyone any names. I stated my case clearly and concise based on facts, a la observation of the art. I did call out the art director but that is about it. What more could you want?
  9. How so? It heals my soul. P.S. I am totally going to proxy this art (with some touch-ups of course)
  10. Mistake = incompetence by another name. Fair enough. But just learn to love how much of a big jerk I am!
  11. PlayerHUGEnumber; A thoughtful reply. I agree in so far that the bigger picture excludes me, because this is one of those things that I have a difficult time un-seeing. As long as kimonos are being worn incorrectly in the art, it will detract from the setting. Consider that most of the cards are correct, but the few that are not stick out like a sore thumb. (consistency)
  12. *rotates bowl twice* *sips tea* How am I being a Jerk about it? Just because I called out the Art Director? I would think it would benefit the group that Japanese old fashion wear is always depicted accurately. Those who produce L5R as you should know analyze every card, from art, to text, to mechanics in relation to the greater card pool. (design space)...it is unconscionable that they would make this mistake...intentionally, unless A) They don't care, which they definitely should. Hello! B) Are incompetent That is all. If you want to continue to discuss how I am some how a big jerk. Yeah, not really interested. (But I appreciate the sentiment)
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