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  1. Another thing worth baring in mind is there are things that strip focus or evades(hotshot gunner and teroch)*. Nothing removes force. *there are others, these are the first that sprang to mind
  2. So, finally got around to ordering a fireball. Regarding the title, which ship crit do you usually take? I plan on running kaz with the title and R1-J5 and im really unsure on all the pros and cons of the various crits.
  3. This sums up my play style, I really cant stress enough how great heroic red sq vets with hull upgrade are at outlastint enemies. 50 points each for an 8 health ship, with heroic helping quite often on evades. When one of them limps out of the initial engagement with 1 health, it forces tough target priority.
  4. I've been doing pretty decently with 4 heroic red squad vets with hull upgrade. I deploy in a block but sometimes fly them in pairs until engagement, letting me attack from a few angles and meaning I can swing round or run away with them in more varied directions. Sometimes I will aim for the block, other times I just have enough guns threatening likely end spots for aces that they just cant sit there and trade with me. 8 health T70s backed up by heroic are surprisingly tanky T65's I dont really have much like with, so cant comment on them.
  5. So, took Thicc reds (renamed to Beefcake cos southpark) to the UK system open today. I went 5-1, finishing 9th out of 486, but cant make day 2 so dropped from the cut. I beat 4 sf's with missiles, 4 fearless fangs, Boba Emon, RAC, Duchess Marek, and Kylo, Vonreg Rush. All my wins were 200-0/75, while my one loss to double arcs, Ric and Obi was 45-200 I defintly had some luck with some poor tactical choices by my first 3 wins, and some favourable dice swings too. Its a fun list to fly, and very very tanky.
  6. I have considered adv optics, but I have found that the extra hull really helps. There have been many occasions where the inability to guarantee a kill has stopped an ace from spending a focus, saving it for defense, keeping my ships alive longer. Optics would obviously help make attacks more consistent, and I consider it stapled onto A wings, just feel this list survives on out lasting lists it finds trickier to pin down.
  7. Been flying Thicc reds a fair bit recently, and I love it. So so tanky, when your opponent can deal 7 damage to a ship and only get 25 points its rather satisfying I feel they have answers for most things in the HS meta, as long as you can figure out how best to approach each list type.
  8. True, I have had a few games with 5 deadmans Khiraxz, and I guess they mostly fly similar, only without the R1 ouch zone of your wingmates ha.
  9. So, finally had a game in with hyperspace Separatists since the new points. (40) DBS-32C [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (1) Landing Struts (10) Kraken Points: 51 (30) DBS-404 [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (1) Landing Struts (6) Adv. Proton Torpedoes Points: 37 (25) Techno Union Bomber [Hyena-class Droid Bomber] (1) Landing Struts (13) Proton Torpedoes Points: 39 (19) Trade Federation Drone [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] (1) Grappling Struts (4) Discord Missiles Points: 24 (19) Trade Federation Drone [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] (1) Grappling Struts (4) Discord Missiles Points: 24 (19) Trade Federation Drone [Vulture-class Droid Fighter] (1) Grappling Struts (4) Discord Missiles Points: 24 Total points: 199 I needed a reason to fly 32c over Sear (who is cheaper and has a better ability). Managed to get the adv torp off from 404 on quickdraw for 5 hits/crits which was very satisfying, plus coord the TUB for proton torp on Vonreg. I'm very much enjoying adding tricks to my lists, and this seems to have some answers. What other HS lists have people been trying? Dont really rate an Infiltrator alongside a swarm...
  10. So I tried out 4 heroic red's with hull upgrade today. Took on Kylo, Quickdraw and Vonreg. 8 hull x wings are no joke, and while my opponent isn't the best ace player, I really enjoyed the list (won losing 2 and a half x wings). I also tried out Greer, Cova with Leia, black sq ace and Kara Kun (just because I wanted to try her out). I'm quite a fan of running a list of matching pilot skills 2nd list has more tricks, but the 4 reds feels more efficient, if only I wasn't out of practice with formation flying...
  11. I faced 4 ion agressors and 2 alpha interceptors awhile ago (it went 3-1 at a 20ish persom event). Its a list that is kinda tricky to approach, and while its attacks aren't always modded, it only takes 1 ion token to ruin a small ship
  12. I usually deploy Finn and Cova together near 1 corner. With greer in the other. Nien is free to go on either side, depending on how your opponent deploys. The real trick/fun to the list, is making the most out of Leia each turn. She can let Finn pull a red and still action, or clear a strain on a white. R4 on Cova lets you reveal 1 turns to still benefit from her ability when you are using Leia on Finn, though I will mostly use Leia on Cova's red moves, I do occasionally use her to coordinate Finn or Nien. Greer is a great flanker/blocker, and Nien does Nien stuff. Its a very enjoyable list to fly, and Finn is still totally a big deal
  13. I've been flying this tool box list recently, and its really fun and pretty decent (16-10 in tournaments with it including a hst top 8). A medium deal (36) Greer Sonnel [RZ-2 A-wing] (1) Heroic (4) Advanced Optics Points: 41 (38) Cova Nell [Resistance Transport] (2) R4 Astromech (19) Leia Organa (1) Heroic Points: 60 (29) Finn [Resistance Transport Pod] (8) Perceptive Copilot (1) Heroic Points: 38 (55) Nien Nunb [T-70 X-wing] (0) Integrated S-foils (1) Heroic (5) Pattern Analyzer Points: 61 Total points: 200 Cova with Leia is just so fun, and R4 for when you want to let Finn do a red and still action but still trigger Cova's ability, letting you fly Cova without much downtime (you can even use Leia and R4 to make the red 1 turn blue!). Finn, Greer and Nien do exactly what you'd expect them to do in this list, and I vary my tactics based on the enemy list. The fact you have 4 very different ships in a list keeps this list fun to fly, and while I keep meaning to try out other lists, im not bored of this one yet.
  14. Thanks all. Just had a bit of a brain fart finding the exact quote even though I was pretty sure I wasnt cheating
  15. So. Seeing as the rules helped R4 work with Cova, I've been using R4 on Cova (totes awesome). I've also been using Leia to make Cova's turns blue, but a recent inquiry during a tournament has me wondering if this is correct. Can I use R4 and Leia to lower the difficulty of a move from red to white to blue?
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