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  1. Hello. I would be interested in a play group if you start one. I live in the Rosemont area in Montréal. You can contact me by email if you want, I am bilingual so french or English is fine. calendyr@hotmail.com
  2. Calendyr

    Spare cards/parts

    Ok thanks guys, I will print extra cards for now. Thankfully I have not lost any piece (that I know of) and haven't broken any rod yet. My group plays with my collection of X-Wings miniature. So there is always a risk. Haven't run into the problem of not having enough cards yet but I just learned we can do Empire vs empire matches and the same for Rebels vs Rebels. I don't have enough rebels ships to do a battle between 2 groups but I think I do have enough Empire ships. So we might run into a situation where both players want to use the same cards.
  3. Calendyr

    Spare cards/parts

    Hey guys, I am wondering how I could get spare parts and cards. Let's say I loose a part for exemple a ship manouver dial... is there a way to replace it? How about cards, I only have 2 ion cannon cards but if I decided to equip all my ships with it how would I go about it? Is it allowed to photocopy upgrade cards and use them? If not is there a way to get more from FFG? Lastly, what about those small plastic sticks that link the ships to the bases... they look really flimsy to me and I am always afraid I will break one when I take the bases and ships appart. Some are really hard to remove, seems I should lube them somehow but I am afraid they won't stay in place if I do. Anyway, if I break one, is there a way to get a replacement?
  4. Ok guys, last game we played I decided to give secondary weapons a try. We had never used them before. So I load up my Tie Bomber with 1 Advanced and 1 regular proton torpedo. I figured this would let me fire at any range on my first shot. So I get in range, read the card and it says to remove the target lock to fire the weapon... Now I am totally confused... Does the target lock apply to the roll for the weapon or not? If it doesn't I don't understand why I would pay 4 points to get a weapon that has 1 attack dice more than the basic attack but loose the ability to reroll my misses. The defending player was adamant that I had discarded the target lock to fire the weapon so I could not use it's ability. On my side I said it made no sense, secondary weapons are super expensive and not being able to use the target lock made them worse than a basic attack with target lock... So who was right?
  5. Calendyr

    Played a 4 person (2v2) game at 100 points a person

    That's how we play. 100 point per team. We pick team members by die roll. We have played 2 vs 2 and 2 vs 1 so far. Great fun. I just wish I could get my hands on the ships I am still missing (Tie Advanced, Y-Wing and A-Wing).
  6. Hello guys, just a quick question about droid cards. Can a droid do a second action for the ship it's in or does the action it does replace the one from the pilot? I can't find anything in the rules regarding this. To me it would make sense the droid can do things on it's own on top of the pilot doing it's own action but I hate not knowing.