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  1. I think an Eldar game could work better than a human game. For the first time ever having players try to game the system is just them showing how long sighted they are. I get that some of the stuff power gamers might do is hard to justify but the Eldar path system explains it better than being human could.
  2. Fatigue is a good idea. We just need to make it make sense so you don't get it for small stuff.
  3. or let players pick from the aptitudes their backgrounds unlock. I still think we need new aptitudes and not copy/paste.
  4. Aptitudes are a step up from what we had before and FFG tried somthing else with beta 1 and it didn't take so it looks like the system has peeked.
  5. May all your bad dice rolls be funny and improve the game. Also I hope you have a great Holiday
  6. We could give +5 per DoS or per Skill bonus (Characteristic bonus would get odd).
  7. My RT group may not know how dodge works by RAW, I had one of them queston me in OW when I was GMing and used RAW not DoS. Dispite this falling we somehow still have fun.
  8. Feels odd. If half the group on a beer run the odds of passing a test lower than 50% go up.
  9. I know my players enough to screw over their characters without upsetting them. As everyone had a good time I'm calling this a win but for those who want to know how I let this happen I work on the "All the rope you need" school of GMing and my players are what you see above. Before anyone asks, yes they knew they could be looking at a TPK and were ready to roll up new characters at the start of the game and would have needed to if that was the way the game went. I was hoping to have somone else play the Damon Prince so DP and LoC would be able to surprise each other but he changed his mind.
  10. I've been thinking how great it could be if we got a d5 woundless system or found some other way to keep it to one or two pages (at the back of the book so it's easy to find) using the TB per wound level system that popped up afew times after the first beta.
  11. Mostly by not double ckecking the rules as he made it I'm afraid. I'll blame LoC and screw him over later. And it was a Multi-Melta with a Flamer of Tzeench in it.
  12. Can we have action points back now?
  13. OK so DP goes by the name of Vevzar and had WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel Inf PR 65 60 50 60 60 60 60 70 75 130 6 Demonic 3, Wings etc. Group landed (1 reroll used) and set out to find the book. A good roll to navigate got them overlooking a large(ish) room that looked like it was used for demon binding and Magos sensing DPs aproch went down, Renegade hides and PP drinks and does drugs (then rolls stupidly good on toughness and stays upright). DP shows up and attacks Magos (who dodges), Renegade shoots DP ( I used DoS vs DoS as DP had a dodge of 110 when all's said and done) and 9 damage - 6 TB - 3 Demonic = ping! Magos hit with his Multi-Melta for 20 damage and PP used the stun rules to show that cheep tricks work. Next round Magos is oneshoted into crit by Hellish Blast, DP takes more Multi-Melta damage and then moves the wall to keep PP and Renegade out of the fight. LoC shows up and Magos attacks it, as does DP. DP had set up this room as a trap for LoC and used the book and the room to start binding him, says to Magos "Keep him here and you will live" and flys up, brings a sword down into LoC and starts binding him into it. The others to try to send a call to the demon they have the Dark Patronage with and offer the number of souls Dr Evil would want for an exit and pass a -10 infamy test (I would have said -20 but a number that high has it's own power). More rolls than I would call fun later (not too many it was just the same 3 things being rolled 7 turns in a row) and DP with the help of Magos have bound LoC in 3 swords that occupy the same place and just how ready DP was for this is seen (the sword went into the floor and more binding happened) and DP took Magos somewhere he couldn't make trouble, got the other two and explained that the demon they had Dark Patronage with was paying for their release and dropped them off by their ship so they could see that he had given it to the Word Bearers. PP (who wanted to start a new character as he hes lost his ship) started shooting and died. DP took 50 damage, used 4 rerolls and I forgot to use his Fear rules. Thank for all your help guys.
  14. I'm starting in about one hour. Just need to stat DP and let RIP! I'll post how it goes for you all.
  15. DPs unaligned and the highest infamy player is in the 60s so their not random dudes. I think I know how this will go down. 29 hours till I find out for sure.
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