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  1. They actually released this image when they did the Fit for Royalty article. I missed this until just seeing the picture above!
  2. Mine arrived today.... but at a friend's place in the States to get free shipping. Looks so good 😍
  3. mrkyle

    Happy Friday

    Dang.... that is glorious
  4. Just remember to try spinning..... that's a good trick!
  5. Honestly this is all pretty bang on. this whole sentiment that Pilot X can't be with Faction Y because that is not their TRUE alignment is silly for a game. If that was a hard and fast rule Scum would have a massive advantage getting all bounty hunters and "fringe" heroes and villains because they weren't TRULY a this or a that. If we get Jango, he should be CIS. Give me a scum pilot card in the pack and boom, good enough. I would hold off myself on a CIS Firespray though until we see/get more ships for it. Likely there will not be anything else in the works that would be even close to doing what a Firespray could for the faction (even the above variations mentioned) but might as well wait and see first.
  6. Myself and 2 friends have had them shipped May 26th and are actually arriving today! We were all in the first round of codes. Hopefully they could just only ship so many a day and the rest are coming soon. Good luck to all those still waiting!
  7. Maybe.... maybe not. There is still suppose to be a points update next month. Those aren't usually just slapped together so there is still some decent effort being put in I would say.
  8. Yep, I got the e-mail as well!
  9. Haha I actually do agree with you here 100%. Ahsoka will be in season 2, I'm sure lil Baby Yoda's powers will be explained more and of course that will be tied to the Jedi and Sith. It'll get there.... but hey, we can at least enjoy nearly a full season of something different.
  10. You not watch the Mandalorian? It is not about the aforementioned concepts. It does contain some of those elements, but it's not about that. I think the synopsis explains this accurately and clearly. Synopsis. After the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior emerges in the Star Wars universe. The Mandalorian is set after the fall of the Empire and before the emergence of the First Order. The series depicts a lone bounty hunter in the outer reaches of the galaxy far from the authority of the New Republic.
  11. Lol so because a ship got barely shown on a screen (in the least successful Star Wars movies) and will likely never be shown again, it should be brought in before much more famous and popular ships. Gotcha 👌
  12. I don't think Scum or Imps NEED a new ship anytime soon. Saying we haven't seen enough of Razorcrest in the same topic about the Brute is hilarious. We've seen an awful lot more of the Mando's ship than the Brute. FFG is in a tough spot because yes, the ship could show some cool tricks in the next season they were unaware of and then the release may not be all that it could be. But hot **** it would sell if they put it out. The 4 newer factions are the factions that need ships, they are lagging way behind the original 3, but have to keep the OG players with all those old ships happy with some new content too.
  13. Lol yeah, just what we need, another Imperial TIE variant. JK.... sorta. I will concede that the Imps have the fewest ships out of the older 3 factions, and this would at least likely be fairly different being a heavier hitter. But it's not even been a prominent ship on screen on legends, don't think it has a claim to being in any sort of line.
  14. This is all irrelevant until we get the Razorcrest. That ship has much more potential and we got a full season of it (plus another on the way) which would make far more sense than a large boring ship like the Silver Angel. Heck at the rate releases are coming we could get Ahsoka in the Razorcrest expansion since she'll be in season 2!
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