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  1. mrkyle

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Sharing the appreciation back, you waited a lot longer than I but both happy with the end result. Thanks
  2. mrkyle


    PWT fatties are indeed easy-mode at the moment because its simply easier to win a game with one. That doesn't mean auto-win or unstoppable, but its a hell of a lot harder to win a tourney with 3 Interceptors or A-wings or even a swam than with a Fat Han. Win, lose, or draw, its just not fun to play against a ship you can't out-maneuver, but can easily out-maneuver you. Ever see 2 dual YT lists play? X-wing instantly becomes purely a dice game...why even bring models? Not to mention: Fat Han and Cheery are the best Arc-dodgers in the game at the moment due to having 10+ PS and being able to shoot regardless of where they end up after boosting/barrel-rolling.Think about that. Autothrusters were added to the game because even the Devs realized how ridiculous PWTs were against arc-dodgers, and PWT-reliers screamed bloody-murder when they were announced. It'll be nice to go back and laugh at these threads when PWTs inevitably get nerfed in the near future, be it by FAQ or X-Wing 2.0. Until then, Ill stick with my mantra from another thread: Best post ever
  3. mrkyle

    DIY movement templates

    How center of Canada, I'm in Sask.... you?
  4. mrkyle

    Soontir RAC build

    Good point, I agree with that
  5. mrkyle

    Soontir RAC build

    I was thinking a similar list, but I thought stealth was preferred over targeting computer. I also considered VI over Predator, but I know the value of ashtrays being able to modify offensive rolls
  6. mrkyle

    Soontir RAC build

    Hey folks. I have a buddy going to regionals and is fearing the Soontir RAC lists that will likely be there. I want to fly it against him, but since I haven't flown it before, I'm wondering what's the popular meta list for these two
  7. mrkyle

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    I know I may be dreaming but I'm looking to trade for the 2014 translucent dice. 3 if each red and green, but would negotiate for more. I have the 2015 dice I'm willing to offer up, the green and also the red acrylic range rulers, 2015 template set also available.
  8. Hey folks, I'm thinking of getting a personalized plate for my car and have up to 5 characters to put on a plate. Any suggestions?
  9. mrkyle

    Tournament scheduling app

    Hey cool, thanks guys!
  10. mrkyle

    First complete repaint: VT-49 Decimator Royal Guard

    That's beautiful, very nice work!
  11. mrkyle

    Tournament scheduling app

    Hey folks, I was at an event were the TO was using an app with people's squads loaded in, he could input the results and it would seed the next round for him. Any idea what he might have been using?
  12. mrkyle

    Decimator and Expose

    Geting the actions are not hard at all. With EI you can get your second action. Having Ysanne Issard as a crew, even if you bump, she will trigger at the start of combat and can expose off of that. As mentioned, having a Black Squad tie close with wingman allows for all this and no stress after all the fun
  13. mrkyle

    Miniature market has Outrider+Decimator combo for $35

    ****..... I'm in Canada and even paying the extra shipping it's still nearly a free YT-2400 (going off local retail)
  14. mrkyle

    EI and wingman

    Hey all, I was asked this and don't know the answer. What are you guys thinking... I can choose to use Ysanne at the start of combat, trigger interface, get stressed, then immediately knock said stress right off with Wingman right? This all happens at the start of the combat round, yes?
  15. mrkyle

    Help Me Choose A B-Wing + Gunner Build

    I'd also like to mention the use of Gunner on Keyan will be low if you are using Opportunist, throwing 4 or 5 dice with the stress you can spend as focus. Save 6 points and take Gunner off list 1