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  1. Wow. No don't have the expansion with Tori yet - sounds interesting! Thanks for the advice all. As for our losses, we lost fuel precisely because we were moving crazy slow when jumping thinking it would be 'playing it safe'. In reality, we loose the fuel on jumps and then have more opportunities for crisis cards to hit the fuel again. As for destruction of the civilian ships - I feel that was bad luck, we had pilots out, support from the galactica, but just kept pulling crisis cards with more and more fleet actions, which of course don't move us on the jump track... That didn't sink us, as I recall, but gave an oppotunity for the two cylons to screw us once we were weak enough. As for the destruction of galactica - it was a 5 player game with our only cylcon being the only person with engineering. The rest of us should have figured it out sooner and started drawing our own engineering cards at the lab, but were too paranoid to trust the others to shoot the cylons if we chose to go to the lab! Craziness! There is a lot here we don't do at all - like scouting - I don't think anyone has ever played that card in any of our games! Thanks again!
  2. Thank you both for taking the time to give such comprehensive answers! Suddenly I really want it to be the weekend again so I can play and try out some of what you've both said! With regards to JasX's questions: we're drawing skill cards correctly at the beginning of the game and thereafter. Baltar has been used once and yep we kept forgetting to draw his 5th card. As for how we loose, once the Galactica taking 6 dmg, once all civilian ships destroyed, twice ran out of fuel, once ran out of moral, once ran out of population. So, quite a spread! Skill checks are generally ok, but we do overshoot a lot and suffer later with lack of cards. I think there's a lot in both yours and Napoleon's answers to think over to help humans at least be a bit more competative! Thanks both again!
  3. Hi everyone. Have played the basic game 4 times (6 players each time), and the Pegasus expansion once (5 players), and every time the humans loose if not before the sleeper agent phase, almost immediately afterwards. Humans have never even been close to Kobol/New Caprica. Now, I'm loving the game regardless, but I think I might loose some of the people I play with if I can't figure out if we're doing something wrong to make it so difficult for the humans... Generally everyone is very suspicious of everyone which is great, and leads to a lack of team work which again I think is part of the game. What happends often is that players run out of skill cards quite quickly, and since it's usually a 6 player game it takes a long time for them to refresh their hand. Our Cylons generally aren't evil geniuses and get revealed and locked down quite quickly, but with low number of cards in everyone's hands, I don't think we've ever successfully defended a super crisis card. Character choice has been a good spread, as has to happen in large player games. I've noticed someone always chooses a support, which maybe reduces the number of 'useful' characters on the board. Then again, maybe supports are super useful themselves... In addition, we generally don't make use of our once per game character abilities, which I need to encourage when we play again. Sorry for the essay! If anyone has any ideas how to help the humans out, or things we might be doing wrong, I'd appreciate the help!
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