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  1. Thank you, I didn't want to miss any. Thanks for Tony Fanchi's name.
  2. I'm trying to collect all of the email rulings people have posted here from FFG employees, but when I try to use the search function to search for something like Todd or Paul in this forum it returns no results, and I know that is not correct. Any tips to get this forums search function working or have they already started gutting functionality ahead of the January shut down?
  3. This announcement has nothing to do with IA. IA is categorized as a board and card game on FFG’s own Products page. If you click on miniatures games category, IA does not appear.
  4. If you go to FFG's actual product page where it's sorted by category, if you click on Board and Card Games, you will find Imperial Assault, whereas if you click on miniatures games, the only Star Wars games you see are Xwing, Armada and Legion. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/#/category
  5. The cards below are cards that can be played in factions that don't have expansions that include the card, meaning players in that faction will have to buy another faction's expansion to gain access to that card for physical play. FFG told us before 2.0 came out that players would not have to buy expansions outside their faction to obtain upgrade cards like what happened in 1.0, or rebuy ships they already owned from 1.0 to get new upgrade cards. They have kept their promise with the latter, and despite some hiccups with the initial conversion kits missing cards for their factions (Maul, BT-1, 0-0-0, Barrage Rockets, Moldy Crow title), that was eventually fixed with the card packs. With the recent geyser of 2.0 expansions, we're seeing a huge influx of cards that are dual-faction or faction neutral that cannot be obtained in expansions for every faction that can play the card. Luckily, we are currently in a period where owning physical cards is not that important. And I'm sure we're all expecting FFG to announce a second round of card packs with these upgrades in them. However, an unreleased card pack does not fix anything, and we are still in a situation where there is a growing list of upgrade cards that cannot be obtained without buying out-of-faction. For those that don't play all 7 factions, does the idea of having to buy expansions outside of your faction to get upgrades you want to use bother you? If it doesn't, is that only because you're not playing physical in-person X-Wing so you don't need the physical cards right now anyway? If you needed these cards for tournament or league play and the card pack hasn't come out yet, and you had to buy outside your faction or not be able to play with new potentially critical upgrades, would that bother you?
  6. That's why I didn't call for pitchforks and torches, I was just saying that people should be aware of the reality of the situation. The reality of the situation, without making accusations about intent, is that FFG made a huge drop in points to a ship that can be spammed (aka not a unique ship like Dash) when usually they tend to drop points on generics 1-3 points at a time. As a result of that points drop, there were Nantex packs sold that would not have sold otherwise. Then once reports started coming in that stores were holding Store Championships again and there were multiple 6 Nantex lists making top cuts in these physical tournaments, FFG now had proof that people had bought into the 6 Nantex lists in physical play, and then they reversed course back to a more sensible points drop on the Nantex. And now people are celebrating like all is right with the world and all is forgiven. But when companies see that they can pull a lever to generate extra sales at the expense of competitive balance, and all will be forgiven as soon as they unpull the lever as long as they do it fast enough, it's pretty tempting to not keep pulling the money lever when there's no consequences. I'm hoping we don't see a pattern emerge with every or every other points adjustment.
  7. So I never used the word predatory, and I never said they didn't care about game balance. Don't put words in my mouth. They obviously care very much about game balance, but that doesn't mean they're above manipulating the meta to influence purchasing behavior. They have even said as much themselves, they wanted to use the points adjustments and the Hyperspace format to fluctuate different ships in and out of the competitive meta, which of course means different ships will become more or less desirable to the competitive playerbase, which will influence the purchasing patterns of those players. When 5 X-Wings suddenly becomes a viable list, a lot of people are going to go out and purchase their 4th and 5th x-wing that wouldn't have otherwise. And I already said in my post why they interrupted their normal schedule to do this. Because they probably had their ears to the ground in multiple channels and thought enough people were at their breaking point and they were in danger of losing players long term. Absolutely, and FFG probably also saw those same smoking guns that constantly go unpunished by customer bases in other games and thought "hey why not?". Although I think it's also a combination of someone at FFG having way too big of a crush on the Nantex, since this is now the 2nd time they've had to nerf the ship.
  8. Tvboy

    Heralds of Hope points

    Temmin Wexley works really well with Advanced Optics in a 4 T70 list, so that one didn't really surprise me. Nimi also doesn't surprise me, changing a blank to a hit when you have a Focus token is also really strong, and the requirement for the ability is negligible against majority of lists. Cai is also easy to trigger every turn by just doing leapfrog maneuvers with a lower init ship, though an evade is less valuable especially when you need other friendly ships to trigger it meaning it won't be there when you need it in the endgame. R6-D8 is way better than Predator, but imo it's worth 3.5 points and at 4 points it's going to scare off most people that don't understand the card or dislike bullseye abilities. The rest I mostly agree with OP. Starbird Slash needed to be undercosted to be playable on RZ-1s, but of course it just makes RZ-2s that much better. A-Wings got another cheap I5 and a bunch of other cheap pilots that they didn't need, which is annoying when A-Wings are already the darlings of the faction and RZ-1s have nothing.
  9. FFG must have sold off enough of those extra post-nerf Nantexes in the warehouse between July and now to the people whose stores have started up in-store OP again. Classic bait and switch. Create something just broken enough just long enough to make a bunch of sales on that expansion, then when people are about to reach their breaking point, they come out with a "fix" for the problem they created. A lot of other games do this too. -8 points is such an insane points drop for a spammable ship compared to everything else they've done in the past, I find it hard to believe this wasn't the effect they intended. Honestly I don't blame them, I'm sure sales are down across the board right now, and they're dealing with tariffs importing their products from China, they're getting squeezed on both ends right now. But that means we have to expect something like this to happen again now that they know there's a money lever they can pull.
  10. Would an incapacitated figure be counted for another figure's ability that isn't affecting the incapacitated figure? For example, if Fenn ends his activation next to an incapacitated Rebel, and there are no other adjacent friendly figures, could he still use Lone Wolf? Also do Incapacitated figures count for controlling objectives?
  11. https://ia-continuityproject.com/2020/10/19/deploy-the-garrison-season-4-community-voting-now-open-until-november-2nd/
  12. Any chance we can get Forms added to the card maker? Sincerely, IACP Steering Committee
  13. I thought crew Yoda looked stupid, but I think people are really short-selling Pilot Yoda. First off you get 3 force charges instead of 2, and the ability is going to be way cheaper as a pilot ability than as a crew card. What I mean by that is that the pilot ability isn't going to cost 17 points over the generic ETA II the way it costs 17 points to put Yoda on a Y-Wing or ARC or whatever, because you're not paying for 2 Force tokens on top of the ability like you are with the crew card. If Yoda pilot is costed correctly, he will be a nice little Force battery for other Force abilities in a list, especially Delta 7Bs.
  14. I know this is a bit of a stretch, but the rules aren't super clear on this. Can you use Channel the Force to search for There is Another, since it says "a card with the Force User Trait," and There is Another has the Force User trait on the card in the text box? The rulebook only says "When playing a Command card that lists a trait, figure name, and/or affiliation icon, it is used by a single figure that matches all of these restrictions", but it doesn't really say what it means to be a command card "with" a trait.
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