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  1. Can you explain this in greater detail please? Ive heard people mentioning this trick but nobody explains how to actually do it. Are you counting spaces or corners or what? And then how do you know if a number indicates line of sight or not?
  2. Unfortunately you'd have to remove the entire Jabbas Realm expansion to preclude Jabba from showing up, which removes a lot of heroes and gear as well. It's one of my main pet peeves with the app that you can't toggle specific villains on and off. I am one of the ones that always gets Jabba or Palpatine showing up in a random battle and it does kill the immersion.
  3. What are the action arrows supposed to mean? And when is the top section supposed to be happening? Are figures supposed to be spending their actions while they control a terminal to have the droid perform these attacks/moves?
  4. I am happy to announce IACommand's very first tournament kit. This is a project that I have been working on for months and after the Prime schedule was posted I was working extra hard to finish, and I am so happy it's finally ready to be revealed. The kit is designed to work with 4-16 players in a way that doesn't leave the TO holding 12 copies of the same promo that nobody wants at the end of the day. The kit can be used to support Standard play or IACP. The promos feature borderless designs over gorgeous full-size HD artworks, with elite Riot Trooper, elite Loth-cat and Hera being the prize cards for people finishing top 4 in their respective faction. These cards will have a high quality playing-card linen finish, very similar to the look and feel of real IA cards and will be much more resistant to wear and tear than the cards I've had printed in the past. There will also be a medal for the winner featuring the channel's logo and 2020, and a borderless full-art Onar Koma with brand new artwork that was commissioned by the same artist who did our very first Drokkatta alt-art for the channel. There is an extra Onar in there for the TO to keep or give away as a raffle. Please send an email to IACommand01@gmail.com if you are interested in hosting one of these tournaments (or leagues) for your community (and feel free to leave a comment here to let others know you're interested). I will need to know what city and store you plan to host at so that we can prevent overlaps. I will release a master list of everyone that has asked for a kit Then I will be shipping the kit to the store you gave me with a note including your name and what the kit is for. I am hoping that this will get people to actually interface with their LGS and discourage people from just asking for a kit and then keeping the cards for themselves. If for some reason you absolutely cannot have the kit shipped to the venue, please let me know why in your email and we can work something out. Note: I am not selling these! These are not for my personal enrichment, these are a gift from the channel back to the community. But I will need everyone who wants a kit to help me cover the cost up front, because right now I am broke AF with college debt looming and only just started a new job this week finally but way below market rate to get my foot in the door. I have estimated that with printing cost, shipping and supplies, I will need ~$20 per kit via paypal. This is just to cover the estimated cost of getting these printed and shipped. If it turns out to be much cheaper, I will try to refund people the difference, I do not want nor intend to profit off of these. I would like to get these into people's hands no later than the first week of January, so I am setting a deadline of December 1 to get your order in. F.A.Q. Q: Can I just buy one of these from you if I am a player and just want these sweet cards shipped to my house? A: No, this is not an Etsy thing, this is to give back to the community and to encourage more organized play for an FFG game at Local Game Stores. Q: I don't know who my local community or Local Game Store are or who I should contact about running one of these, help! A: Make a post here or send me an email with your general location (city) and I will try and help find and connect you with an existing IA community near you.
  5. Old side missions that have been played will start getting errors once you remove that side mission from the active side missions box at the top of the dashboard. This does not effect anything else in the sheet so you can just ignore it, it's normal.
  6. FFG gave an ETA on Twitter last week: Never. They have no plans to support epic on the official app.
  7. Which is why it should be the choice of the player that didn't break the rules. The problem with giving players a free reroll for rolling too many dice is that it rewards rolling too many dice on purpose. Roll well and hope opponent doesn't notice, or roll badly and call out your "mistake" so you can get a free reroll. Roll well and opponent notices, well you don't really lose anything. And it's impossible to prove cheating because the player can just claim they picked up too many dice by mistake. This is why sloppy play should never be rewarded, it's too easy for cheaters to hide behind sloppy play to cover their tracks.
  8. Pretty much. From page 8 of the FFG Funamdental Event Document: And from the IA Tourney Regs A TO that is acting as a marshal or head judge is the final authority in the application of game rules and regulations, which includes army building rules and components. Final authority means the buck stops with them, their word and decision stands final, not even Todd himself can override that TO's decision. If the TO wants to apply certain rules and not others, that's a right that they've been imbued with by FFG. It's a system that FFG has used for a long time to encourage and empower their TOs and it works. Again, TOs should be doing what is best for their local community. If running IACP means they get 12 players instead of 4, then that is a win/win for the players and the organizer. If the reverse is true, than obviously they should just run it as standard. And if players see that the Prime is one format or another and don't like it, they should contact that TO or LGS and let them know. Again I'm of the opinion that Primes should default to Standard, especially since IACP has already announced and distributed their own Regionals kits to run along side Primes, but it's not my call how other TOs run their events.
  9. Alright so to run with this idea, I took an elite Weequay and ran i through the formula and got 5.235 per figure. elite Weequays cost 3.5 per figure in the real game and are currently considered to be neither overpowered or underpowered. So divide 5.235 by 3.5 to get ~1.49, round up to 1.5. So now just divide whatever cost the formula spits out by 1.5 to get a more contemporary cost. If we take old CT and divide his 2015 cost of 8.7225 and divide by 1.5, we get 5.815, which feels a lot closer to his actual value in-game. This probably only works for figures that cost 4 or more though, but IME that's the range that most people create custom figures in. You're right, I was too dismissive, this 2015 formula just needed a simple 2019 modifier.
  10. Ok, I'll bite. Since you've only looked at figures that cost less than 4, let's look at something that costs a little more. CT-1701 is a figure that has been out for a year, been tested and played in tournaments, and now gets zero consideration from serious competitive players in skirmish. I figured this would be a good figure to test this formula on, since we know that he is not competitively played, but he is also from the latest batch of figures, and we can plainly see that he is just better than a figure from the Core set which used to be very competitively played is now undeniably inadequate since the power shift, Farmboy Luke. CT is also pretty straightforward as a figure as far as quantifying his abilities goes. Using the formula in the thread: 12 Health = +6 points Black defense = +0 GGB atk, surge: +1, w/ 2 surge abilities valued at 0.5 damage = +1.54 Accuracy modifier = +0.41 Barrage modifier (used same bonus as brutality): +0.7725 Pin them Down: +0 Total: 8.7225 According to this formula, CT-1701 should be undercosted at 7 points and be a major player in the Rebel faction, but he has been played a lot since he was released and been found lacking compared to other figures in his price range like Sabine and Ezra from the same wave. What this does show is that this formula is perfectly calibrated for 2015 costs. Farmboy Luke is 10 points and has just slightly better stats and abilities than CT, so in 2015 CT would have totally made sense as an 8 or 9 point figure. Interestingly, if you play with the numbers a bit and go against the Appendix by valuing his 2 non-damaging abilities as 0 instead of 0.5, his EV comes out to 7.775, closer to his printed value, but still higher, and much higher than what his real value should be, which is probably 6. Maybe there is a way to use this formula to create a balanced figure if you take a figure that we know is balanced and run it through the formula, like maybe an EWeequay, see what the formula says it should be compared to what it is, and then take that discrepancy and apply it to whatever else you run through the formula.
  11. The FFG devs have admitted in a podcast interview that they don't try to perfectly balance their campaign missions, because there's too many variables that change each time. They just try to make missions that are fun and have good "flow" and playtest them a few times and make adjustments so it feels good and to make sure there isn't anything actually broken (as-in, broken doesn't work, not like broken powerful). Playtesting really is the key. It's why I gave up trying to create a campaign from scratch.
  12. Also know that an attack can only Stun a defender if that attack deals 1 or more damage (some exceptions may apply for certain special abilities, like CT's Pin Them Down). So Vader can be very hard to stun if he gets some good defense rolls.
  13. Created in 2015, so it will probably not work for the current power curve of IA, which was raised pretty significantly with the release of Jabbas Realm. For me, the rough starting formula would be to take a figures cost, multiply by 1.7 rounded up to get its health, then give it the ability to deal max damage in a round equal to its cost +2. This counts abilities too. Then tweak from there.
  14. I am of the opinion that Primes should be standard FFG format, BUT it is ultimately the TOs choice, and I also believe that the TO should do whatever it takes to maximize attendance, especially when each Prime kit costs the organizer >$100, so maybe this TO knows that their community would rather have IACP. As for qualifying for Worlds, many X-Wing players qualified for their Worlds by winning Hyperspace events and Worlds was extended, so it doesn't seem like a huge issue to me. SFFG (standard FFG) and IACP are different formats but they are still the same game with the same rules and the same play skills.
  15. I would like to take this opportunity to let everyone know that there is active, constructive, intelligent, good faith, non-troll IA skirmish discussion happening every day over on the Zions Finest slack channel, and also a lot of people playing online skirmish games everyday that are finding matches in the slack channel. Send an email to zionsfinestia@gmail.com if you would like to be elevated out of the forums and into an active and friendly community.
  16. Tvboy

    Huge Ships in App?

    I'm with FFG on this one. If you're still for some reason using the official app, you're just doing it wrong. FFG is trying to tell all of you to get with the program and use the excellent 3rd party apps without explicitly putting it into writing.
  17. So we played a 10 player Aces High game at the the shop at the end of the night last night. I suggested splitting up into 2 groups of 5, but the majority voted to have 1 large group instead because it would be more fun to have everyone playing together, which was fair. Pilots used were Wedge, Luke, Vader, Whisper, Kylo, Wulfwarro, Vynder, Wolffe, Latts Razi and Heff Tober. We played on a single 3x3 mat, which worked out well and kept the engagement level consistently high. We handled the initiative issue by basically having all the matching pilots high roll to determine what order they activated in, and then writing everyone's ship down in order. Ships would then activate according to the normal rules, so low I pilots move first, matching I pilots move according to the predetermined order, and same thing for shooting but with higher initiative shooting first and "first player" within an initiative bracket shooting first. Personally I think this is the way to go because otherwise choosing your maneuver during the planning phase will be very annoying when the order in which ships are activating is constantly changing from turn to turn. When I was setting my dial as Wolffe, I knew that Wulfwarro and all the I3s and I2s would be moving before me and everyone else was moving after me and thus I could setup my activations to block or avoid blocks with confidence. We had one player volunteer to call out activations and keep score and that helped a lot with keeping up the pace of play and reducing the amount of downtime each player had to wait through. The game was quite fun, although I think the players that were flying the more maneuverable and higher initiative ships were having more fun than the rest of us. Nobody had bombs, Deadman's switch or Carge chutes so we didn't have to deal with anything crazy like that. The only ship present that was able to self-damage to deny points was Wulfwarro with Saw Gerrara, but that meant the I5s and I6s could still take the first blood point off of him before he attacked. A lot of people started resorting to flying over asteroids after they respawned to deny other players points, which I thought was interesting. Because there were 10 of us around the table, we all had to deploy fairly close together which created some awkward turn 1 maneuvers and combats where people were already getting flanked and attacked from the get-go. There was some politicing that went on with the Latts Razi player and 000, but other than that people were just kind of playing their own game and not making any deals or anything. Wedge with Outmaneuver afterburners and torpedoes was very strong and ended up winning the game. Being able to shoot first each combat is super powerful in this format because that player gets first crack at whatever ships are going to actually give up points when you attack them, and moving after other ships is also quite powerful, not so much because you get to arc-dodge but because you get to position yourself to have an attack on a ship that's actually worth attacking. Wolffe and Wulfwarro also did quite well because we were throwing heavily modified attacks out of multiple/wide arcs. Wolffe had 3po, ahsoka, lone wolf and R4-P17, and Wulfwarro had Saw, Magva, Hull and Trick Shot. And that gets me into the main problem I had with the format, which was the disincentive to attack otherwise healthy ships that are only slightly damaged. Once the I6s and I5s have activated and gotten all the first-blood points available on the table, the mid to low initiative pilots basically only get to shoot at ships that are slightly damaged but not damaged enough to be taken out in one shot. But the problem is that if you do decide to just take a shot at somebody that doesn't kill them, you're just helping the I5 and I6 players kill that ship on the next round and score 2 points. This creates 2 problems. First is a balance problem where getting to shoot first is a huge advantage. But more importantly is a fun factor problem, where players are discouraged from performing an action that they otherwise want to do and is fun to do, which is attacking. Playing an I4 pilot on a table with 6 other ships shooting before me, I felt like got harshly punished for attacking a ship and not killing it when another player got to reap my reward, and realized for the rest of the game that if I couldn't attack a ship that was at full health or 3 health, I just shouldn't attack at all, which kind of sucked when you're in a target rich environment and everyone else is attacking and scoring points. I realize that some of this might just be because we had so many players in our pod and maybe the average pod won't have so many I6s and I5s, but I still feel that the current rules disencentivize attacking and are too rewarding to I6s (and Heightened Perception) that can shoot first. I heard a lot of people saying that that is the reason to not follow printed initiative on the ships but do some kind of rotating initiative, but I think for one thing that makes it really hard to keep track of which ships are activating in which order when you are trying to set your dial and will lead to feel bad moments when you get blocked by a ship that you thought was going after you, and that also doesn't fix the problem where the people who are shooting last in the turn feel like they are going to get punished if they shoot at someone that they can't actually destroy. I think the much easier solution is to just add a rule that says you also score a point if a ship is at half or more health after you attack it. Everyone has already been using the half-points system for over a year now, it just feels natural to score something after you take a ship over the half-damage threshold. Also I think its stupid that you don't get points from dealing damage with bombs, since it's easy to say "that's my bomb, so my point", makes them kind of pointless except to damage yourself, which I don't like, but that was a secondary issue.
  18. The problem with most force upgrades is that they were poorly designed, and basically FFG failed to give them effects that were better than "change 1 eyeball". If a raw force charge is better than whatever effect I'm spending that charge for, it makes no sense to spend that charge rather than just keep it to modify dice. So now FFG is costing these upgrades that give you a force charge and an ability that requires you to spend that charge, and they are costing these cards as if you are getting both, but really you are just getting a force charge and the option to trade that force charge for a weaker effect. The majority of these cards should be costed just as upgrades that give you a force charge and no more. Obviously there are exceptions whose abilities are much stronger than a single force charge, like Luke gunner and Vader crew. I'm talking about things like Ezra gunner, Ahsoka gunner, senator palp crew, Dooku crew, etc.
  19. $$$ Pretty obvious answer. They want you to buy more. Pretty much repeating what happened with the first 3 faction conversion kits.
  20. Whether or not a ship is in arc to be attacked seems like not a little detail. An extra attack or skipped attack is a huge deal in a game. Things like arc-checks and bumps are where you should be having your 2nd step in to keep things on the level and create the perception of an unbiased judgment.
  21. I would have pushed the base token within the base so that it was lined up flush and parallel with the side of the plastic ship base. Also you should have gotten a third player to make the ruling, and this is why you should always assign a player to be your secondary judge to rule in games you are playing so that your opponent doesn't feel like you are abusing your authority to gain an advantage.
  22. Every example listed has ion cannons as their weapons, and assuming ions work the same way in epic as they do Everywhere else, then that is a glaring weakness. 1 damage cap per attack is a huge drawback in a 400 point game, especially for a 60+ point ship. Also these are only legal in epic format, so they should be priced to move. Why have them suck when they can only be played in non-competitive formats?
  23. You need food, water, healthcare, education, and sufficient income to have a decent living. You don't need a stripey spaceship toy to live. Parallel broken. By comparing your plight of not having the cool shiny toys that the other kids got, to real issues that people in a developed nation are facing of not having access to basic human resources because of government corruption and corporate greed and exploitation, you are actually seriously undermining the real problems that people are facing.
  24. Have you read the skirmish guide in the core box and played the demo scenario in that guide? It gives you premade lists and command card decks to play with in the booklet.
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