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  1. Okay that make sense then to have all the x-2s qualify for a day 2 elimination round. Assuming the top 10 players were X-1 or better, that makes it a lot less arbitrary then, although it would suck if there were an odd number of x-2s and an x-1 was forced to play for the spot in the top 16.
  2. I had to google what a "pea-counter" is. Nothing. Did you just make that up?
  3. Rereading your post, I think you may have missed the "Redouble our Efforts" card, which lets you place power tokens onto deployment cards in your hand.
  4. I was super confused by this too, but it looks like the deck uses power tokens as markers to let you designate certain deployment cards in your hand for other abilities. If you look at the 4xp card, it lets you replace an attacking figure's attack dice with the attack pool from a group in your hand that has a power token on it. Important to note is that they have not shown us the 0xp card for this class deck, so we don't know that the starting ability is yet.
  5. Tvboy

    not available?

    I like these threads because it means new people are still buying in. But yeah it would be sad if there are a bunch of other players who don't buy the game because they just see it not available and never bother to follow up. FFG really needs to just replace "not available" with "retail only" or something like that.
  6. Tvboy

    4 Player Skirmish Qs

    Our group prefers the FFA variant so we don't have to worry about balancing teams and quarterbacking, since we usually do multiplayer games on the fly when we have enough people and everyone's tired of playing 1v1. 2v2 can feel like a bigger version of 1v1, whereas FFA feels very different from that. I also enjoy the politics that come with true multiplayer games, convincing someone that somebody else on the table is a bigger threat or manipulating two players into fighting so I can sneak in and grab some objectives is very fun and not available in 1v1 or 2v2 games. The JR and HOTE maps are good at punishing players who choose to ignore 1 of their fronts to try to gang up on just one of their neighbors, that usually means conceding a ton of objective points to the neighbor that you decide not to attack. Looking at the RtH map, it looks like that maps objectives actually reward going all in on one player and ignoring your other neighbor, so yeah I'd avoid playing FFA on that map.
  7. Ok, so basically you had 6 fishtail matches to get into the top 16 unless you were top 10. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. Why top 22 instead of top 24 with top 8 locked and bottom 16 playing off for the other 8 spots in top 16? The 10-12 split seems kind of odd to me. How did you seed the top 16 matches? Did any of the #11-16 players after Swiss complain about having to fight to keep their spot in the top 16? Seems like it could be a potential feel bad to find out you made top 16 in Swiss and then get booted out of the actual top 16 due to a bad matchup/luck in the playoff round.
  8. As far as I can find after a bit of digging, it's a copyright issue, not a patent or trademark. You can view WOTC's official copyright claim on Netrunner here. I actually couldn't find a patent specifically for Netrunner's game system. By comparison, the MTG patent can be found here, and I think may have been seen at the time as a catch-all for all of WotC's TCGs, hence why there's no patent on the Netrunner game itself. BTW, that patent has expired because patents still only last 20 years (while copyright duration keeps being extended into perpetuity thanks to Disney & co). However, the copyright is enough to shut FFG down because they chose to release the game with the Netrunner branding and trappings, including original terminology unique to the original Netrunner game like Rez, Run, Stack, Ice, etc. Had FFG chosen to release a copycat game without putting the name Netrunner all over the packaging and with new original game terminology, they probably would have been in the clear. But the Netrunner name, as I understand it, was critical to the success of the reboot based on the nostalgia of customers who had enjoyed the game in early 2000s. They could create their own game that functions very close to Netrunner, but all of the product they've created so far with the Netrunner name is now untouchable to them. Also there is an unwritten code of honor between the established game publishers not to rip off each other's games systems without obtaining a license because it's so difficult to protect game mechanics without a huge legal team, so blatant theft and copying of other developer's games systems just hurts everyone in the industry.
  9. Tvboy

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    I’m playing my First Order ships, specifically double silencers, before they get tempbanned for x months.
  10. I heard that there was an extra round before the top 16 on day 2 at European Nats on the Boardwars podcast, can somebody explain how this works?
  11. Tvboy

    Giving away 3 Conversion Kits before GenCon

    When combined with all the other stuff that has been leaked without FFG telling us themselves, including the shortage of generic pilots in the conversion kits compared to what was initially suggested, the reintroduction of a 1.0 turret mechanic and an action bomb (competitive or not), it undermines our confidence to take FFG at their word, which should cause players to take pause and actually exercise their brains instead of just burying their heads in the sand and throwing money at FFG on launch day. That tells FFG we're overjoyed when they tell us one thing and do something else. If all that stuff doesn't bother you, then just continue being excited for 2.0. Nothing wrong with that. But you don't have to defend FFG when they screw up, or rationalize their mistakes, to continue to be excited for 2.0. That should be the FFG marketing team's job. If they have a Maul promo card coming out, then let FFG announce it. But if you don't recall, the 3PO promo came out almost 2 years after the Tantive came out (May 2014//Spring 2016). Just enough time to get all the tournament players to buy a $90 Tantive if they wanted that one card to compete, then use the promo to get everyone else to show up for the next year's tournaments. I'm hoping those kind of scumbag business tactics aren't going to be continuing into 2.0, but I'm not reassured by FFG's current conduct. I feel like we need more critical thinking and less blind brand loyalty in this increasingly corporatized world.
  12. Tvboy

    Giving away 3 Conversion Kits before GenCon

    So we went from "players won't have to buy multiple factions" to "players are expected to buy into all factions". FFG should hire you to stand next to them every time they make promises like "players won't ever have to buy outside their faction for upgrade cards" so you can translate for us what they're actually trying to say. Also I love how the players that are insisting that you only need 1 of each kit are the same people claiming there will be a ton of duplicate Mauls floating around. The only way there will be duplicate Mauls is if everyone is buying 2 Scum kits. Seems like a contradiction to me.
  13. Tvboy

    Getting Caught Up

    I haven't touched the game since I played in Store Champs last season. I did pretty well with a Rieekan squadrons list. I haven't bought anything that came out after the Pelta. I'm thinking of maybe fitting an Armada Store Championship into my busy tournament season this summer to see if I can get lucky again. Can you guys catch me up on what changes I need to know about in the competitive scene? Are Hammerheads or MC75s mandatory for a successful Rebel list? Are Rebel squadron lists still viable? I was thinking of bringing a Yavaris bomber list again with Dodonna instead of Rieekan. I heard flotillas got nerfed though, is 3 GR-75s and 2 carriers still viable?
  14. They always give you the mission cards for the people who might buy these maps for organized play in lieu of buying a big box + figure.
  15. Tvboy

    Anybody play on TTS?

    Hey, first I want to say, thank you for all your hard work on allowing people to play the game online for free. I am glad to hear that you are listening to feedback on the module and trying to optimize it to the best of your ability. I would like you to know that I have been using the IA vassal mod since 2016, mostly to practice my opening setups and round 1 maneuvers. I have certainly given it a chance. In fact I just played a game on it this morning. As you said, if I want to get practice games in online before Store Champs, I don't really have a choice. This thread was not and is not intended to be a "dump on the Vassal mod" thread. This thread wasn't supposed to be about Vassal at all, but DT decided this was supposed to become the "defend Vassal thread". Again, this thread is not an attack on the Vassal module. This isn't a TTS vs Vassal comparison thread. I wish I hadn't fallen into the trap of engaging with DT and saying why I have issues with Vassal, because that's not what this thread is about. At all. If you guys want to talk about the pros and cons of Vassal, maybe you should go make your own thread about it instead of hijacking this one? I'd be happy to give even more feedback on how I think the Vassal module could be improved in a more appropriate channel. I hope I'm not coming off as hostile, it's just frustrating because I made this thread to talk about TTS, because I really like TTS and wanted to see if there were other players who liked it too. If somebody made a thread about how much they liked the campaign, you wouldn't start making posts in their thread about how skirmish is better and they should wise up and play skirmish instead and stop playing campaign.