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  1. Tvboy

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    I think meta-wing allowed people to see what the successful lists that were just below the dominating lists, the underdog lists that had a fighting chance but were underperforming, and then those people could sort of focus the power of the aggregate on those lists and playtest and tweak them together as a hivemind to bring them up to the level of the stuff that was obviously powerful. An example that comes to my mind was the Quick Draw + Analysts lists that started doing well in Opens. IIRC, a few players noticed this list quietly doing well in smaller tournaments and started talking about it on the forums and sharing strategies and eventually it became a niche player in the meta. Stuff like that is going to be harder without the results reporting from Juggler and meta-wing. PM'd you about Rising Sun.
  2. Tvboy

    XwingV2 jousting values

    Wut? I have not heard of anyone have their quote button privileges revoked for quoting long posts.
  3. Tvboy

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    We're still going to have the data on the OP/broken lists though, people are going to post the lists that top at high profile tournaments through sites like these and Reddit and Facebook and podcasts. What we're not going to have is the interesting borderline lists that are almost there but need just a few more players to pick them up to break through. Those lists are going to fall through the cracks, and players are just going to play either the obviously dominating lists that immediately rise to the top or their own janky rogue lists that crash and burn under the weight of the established meta titans. Restricting data flow without being able to completely cut it off doesn't improve innovation, it stifles it.
  4. Tvboy

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    Might be a good idea to not use labels to create strawman and paint broad strokes on people you don't agree with. You filthy casual.
  5. Tvboy

    Elusive as Lightweigt frame 2.0?

    Elusive is not close to LWF. LWF: Procs on every 3 dice attack, doesn't have to reload with a red maneuver. Elusive: No attack/defense dice restriction, effectively limited to once per turn, requires a red maneuver (that doesn't bump) to recharge.
  6. Tvboy

    XwingV2 jousting values

    That's the point, it's not supposed to show you that because those are going to be different depending on the players and the match up. They are intangible and variable. The things that stay the same regardless of player skill and matchup is the base stats that each ship brings to the game and the minimum number of points it costs to bring those stats into a list.
  7. Parting Shot was errata'd to include the "then you are defeated" line specifically to prevent people from using the Parting Shot attack to recover damage and keep the figure alive indefinitely in campaign with something like Imperial Industry on a Hired Gun group.
  8. Tvboy

    Kill Vader first?

    I like it when my opponent spreads out when I play Unshakeable Vader Jets. Makes it easy to pick off their isolated figures before they activate without exposing my units to a massive counter attack. Unless you’re playing Hunters and have drawn at least 2 of the good cards (Assassinate, Tools, Reflexes, Primary Target), or you’re playing a Rebel box (Han+Drokkatta), you should probably not be shooting at Vader.
  9. Lothal will be legal for Store Champs and kit tournaments on the day it drops.
  10. Tvboy

    X-Wing 2.0 and ListJuggler Announcement

    This is the internet age, top lists are still going to rise to the top without meta-wing, just like they did before meta-wing was around. This just means that information will be harder to get and there will be a greater information gap between the hardcore players and the less invested ones on what the current trends are. It could also lead to more meta stagnation, as only the very best lists will be known to people and it will be much harder for players to see which lists are just on the cusp and poised for a breakthrough. The meta will also feel less diverse because we will only hear about the lists that completely dominate and the more interesting lists that occassionally top will get lost in the noise. The shuttering of list juggler doesn’t mean information about the meta on the internet is going to completely stop, it just means we lose that level of granularity.
  11. Tvboy

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    It goes off printed dice pool, so tools for the job and focus doesn’t affect it.
  12. Something I didn’t notice about the movies until IA made me notice, Jedi Luke’s costume from the Sarlacc scene is different from the one he confronts the Emperor in. Noticed the difference when I started painting Luke was trying to use his card art as reference.
  13. Tvboy

    Thrawn Cards Revealed on FB

    I just see more options for Unshakable Vader players.
  14. I agree, especially with the unpainted figures. I actually had a hard time figure out who was who even while I was editing. There's one more video coming out with this elevated angle, but then all the other videos I've recorded should go back to the lower angle.
  15. The clawdites have an interesting ability in the app in theory, but in practice it's never actually done its thing whenever I encountered them, either the conditions weren't right for the ability to trigger, or I just killed the Clawdite or the other relevant group of figures on the next round before they got a chance to use the ability.