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  1. Tvboy

    X-Wing Battlereport Archive (XBA) v1.0 released

    This is amazing. Makes finding videos with ships that I'm interested in so easy to find. Any chance of being able to search by players?
  2. Tvboy

    The new lock system

    Colonel Jendon would like a word with you soldier.
  3. Tvboy

    Z-95 Macross Missile Massacre

    It's based on the initiative of the boosting pilot, but they resolve sequentially and you get to determine the order they resolve, so you just resolve the highest initiative pilot's swarm tactics first and then go down the line from there. It's not based on the printed initiative value either, so you use whatever the pilot's modified initiative value is. Swarm tactics does not interact with abilities like Roark that changes what initiative your pilot engages at without actually changing its initiative value. Pretty much every list that I've tried that is able to Swarm Tactics 4 or more ships up to I6 or I5 has been very strong so far so long as they're mostly rolling 3+ dice, so I'm not surprised you did well with that list, and I like the synergy with tractor and HLC.
  4. Darth Vader's costs and upgrade slots are not tied to the generic TIE Adv. They can make the generic TIE Adv cheaper or give it more upgrade slots without changing Vader at all.
  5. Tvboy

    The new lock system

    No way, as long as it's clear which of your ships are corresponding to each of your pilot cards (so that it's clear which ship has taken damage), you'll be fine. Even if you are forced by an overzealous TO to ID all your ships, you're still allowed by the rules to use lock tokens other than the 2.0 ones as long as they can be clearly understood which ship is locking which.
  6. Tvboy

    The new lock system

    Putting ID tokens on unique pilots is redundant unless you don't own the old style of target lock tokens. The base tile with the unique pilot card name that matches its corresponding unique pilot card is sufficient to identify which ship matches my pilot cards, thus I only use ID tokens when I have multiples of the same generic pilot in the squad. If a TO tells me I have to put redundant ID markers on my ships I will comply, but I doubt that will ever happen unless an opponent is just trying to stall for time with a frivolous judge call.
  7. Tvboy

    The new lock system

    Nope, the only time I forget is when I consider taking a target lock action but then when I'm looking at my potential targets before announcing the action, I notice the red number marker sitting there on their ship and remember I'm already locked and just take a different action instead. Same thing happens when I go to attack them, I look at their ships and notice the token there. But you can always just go back to the old token system of blue and red tokens. I only use the new lock system when I'm forced to put ID tags on my ships due to having multiple of the same generic.
  8. Like I said, just give it access to barrage rockets, 3-dice on the approach with a focus and 3-4 dice while fighting in-close with a lock. You'd just have to make barrages cheaper and TIE bombers more expensive.
  9. They could fix the TIE Adv without allowing 5 in a squad or errata'ing the ship's stats by adding a 2nd missile slot, making Barrage missiles 2 points cheaper, and increasing the points of TIE Bombers and TIE Punishers. It would still be mostly worse than an X-Wing, but I think that's FFG's way of hinting that you're putting the iconic starfighter that was exclusive to Darth Vader on the table, they want Vader to be in it and not some mook.
  10. Tvboy

    Large Ships for the Galactic Republic

    I wonder if Republic is actually going to be synergy based though. I don't see why they would, I feel like the Republic hews closer to the Empire than the Rebellion in terms of faction identity, maintaining the focus on shields and survivability while maintaining a structured formalized military doctrine, with ace heroes (mostly Jedi) scattered about here and there.
  11. Tvboy

    Large Ships for the Galactic Republic

    Oh you're right, which actually makes it shorter than the ARC-170 is wide. So maybe they would both be medium base ships. At 26m wide, I feel like the V-19 Torrent could possibly qualify as a large base.
  12. Tvboy

    Rebel Team Composition for Bespin

    Bespin Gambit gives you 3xp from the start and 2xp after the first mission, she could have LftF by the 2nd mission.
  13. Tvboy

    Chaff/Flare Device Speculation

    You can rig a crago chute to release chaff, which I would argue is exactly what the RGC debris token is, if you look at it it's a bunch of bits of metal, not cargo crates. The RGC debris token increases your defense by obstructing the opponent's attack. Yes the defensive effect is small, but it perfectly fits what the OP was describing both mechanically (an object dropped like a device that increases defense) and thematically.
  14. Tvboy

    Large Ships for the Galactic Republic

    The LAAT is 28 m long according to the wiki, longer than the Lambda and the Jumpmaster, it should easily qualify as a large ship. Not sure how you could have the ARC-170 and the LAAT both be medium ships.
  15. Tvboy

    2.0 Defenders

    Free action is no longer a phrase that is used anywhere in 2nd edition. If an ability tells you to perform an action, it is a bonus action, not a restriction on what action you can perform during the perform action step.