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    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    I get what you're saying, it sucks when FFG releases new faction-neutral upgrades and only makes them available in a single faction expansion pack. But at the same time, I think you're framing this as an either/or issue when it doesn't need to be a dichotomy. FFG should be able to find otherways to make these new upgrades available without forcing people to either buy ships they already own or buying outside of their chosen faction. In this specific case the former option just looks more appealing because the B-Wing is getting a fancy new model and paint job, but it would suck just as bad if they rereleased a stock rebel Z-95 that had the new killer missile card in it that worked really well with Rebel Zs and A-Wings. FFG could solve this issue by just releasing a small conversion kit with each wave that contain 1 or 2 of each new upgrade released in that wave, but it probably didn't show enough profits on a cost/benefit analysis or something.
  2. Tvboy

    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    Yeah, that's the promise that I wish FFG had stuck to. But not enough players seem to care enough.
  3. Tvboy

    I'm a bit confused about upcoming Wave content...

    The promise was that people who owned ships from 1.0 wouldn't have to rebuy those ships to get new content if they bought the conversion kits. I'm glad FFG is at least sticking to that promise so far.
  4. Tvboy

    How to get started?

    If you know for an absolute fact that X-Wing is only ever going to be a kitchen table game and you're never going to join the larger community ever, and ALSO that you are never going to have any interest in playing with Prequel ships, I would say just go with whatever's cheaper or more accessible. For people that aren't interested in competitive balance and just treating this like a board game, the bulk of the improvements from 1.0 to 2.0 were "quality of life" changes that don't affect gameplay that much and actually a big change to the game (no printed points/slots) arguably hurt the game for "out of the box" play for people that don't like to be limited by quick builds but also don't like to build lists while the game's not out on the table. People forget that X-Wing was a strong game built on a strong foundation. 2.0 was needed not because X-Wing 1.0 was fundamentally broken, it was needed to fix all the terrible decisions and balancing oversights that the 2nd wave of designers brought into the game in the years after its release.
  5. You should definitely be trying to fit 2 T-65s in there. I've been doing well with this list in initial testing. The T-65s soak up a ton of damage before they die thanks to Biggs/Sefless while Han flanks and cleans up in the end game. Agile gunner has been really good in testing, allowing Han to switch gears without giving up those precious focus, boost and cargo chute actions, even while he's stressed. Han Solo (82) Trick Shot (2) Agile Gunner (8) Leia Organa (2) R2-D2 (Crew) (8) Rigged Cargo Chute (4) Biggs Darklighter (48) Servomotor S-foils (0) Red Squadron Veteran (43) Selfless (3) Servomotor S-foils (0) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0
  6. FFG just needs to update their ruling to be less useless. Yes FFG, we can clearly see that the ship is overlapping the debris, but does it suffer the effects that are normally reserved only for ships that are moving?
  7. Tvboy

    A Few wave 4 Abilities I've managed to translate.

    Don't the majority of players use straight line laser markers to judge arc at this point? I think it's been years since I've been to an X-Wing night where nobody had a laser to help us check arc.
  8. Tvboy

    Post points change- E-wing swarm?

    Gavin wants big attacks to push those crits through defense dice, not lots of weak attackers that give the opponent extra defense dice to dodge those crits. Most successful Gavin lists pair him with 2 other 3+ dice attackers.
  9. Tvboy

    "limited edition" ships?

    Yeah they're rewarding the players that put down the dollars in plane tickets, hotel costs and event fees to show up and support these events and FFG OP that have basically zero value in prize support, over the players that can barely even be bothered to show up to their local events, with a crappy looking alternate paint scheme on a ship that only fraction of the player base is even going to play. What a horrible travesty of injustice this is, what an incredible gift FFG has given the hardcore tournament players who spent hundreds on airfare and hotels and have to pay $35 just to get into the event on top of $30 tourney entry fees all for the chance to win an amazing $0 in prizes, the amazing gift of being able to pay $20 for a ship that has no objective added value over the stock shelf version (beige vs copper, who's to say which color is truly uglier?), which is likely to sell out before most of those players even arrive for the System Open which is happening the day after these little things go on sale. None of these are being reserved for tournament players as far as I heard, it's going to be first come first serve come Thursday, and if you're arriving Thursday night for the System Open on Friday and they're all gone, too bad.
  10. Tvboy

    "limited edition" ships?

    FFG has been doing this for years, it's just paint on plastic this time instead of paint on a card. And unlike card promos, most game stores will happily sell you the supplies and teach you the skills you need to just make this on your own. It's not a very difficult paint job to reproduce, there's no intricate pattern or decals here. This is not Wizkids making overpowered event-only pilots and upgrades that break the game and can only be played by a small number of people or WOTC/Konami putting tournament staples in randomized boosters in teeny tiny quantities.
  11. Tvboy


    Alternate paint schemes on otherwise identical models are perfectly legal for tournament play. It's when the models are different (like the different satellite dish on the 3 falcons) that things start to get tricky.
  12. Tvboy

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    This is no different from the alt-arts FFG has been doing for years, it's just alt-paintjob, purely aesthetic, no gameplay benefit for those that get it. FFG has been doing this for years at specific events like Worlds only promos.
  13. Tvboy

    Standing out from the Swarm Article

    Anybody know what one has to do at Adepticon to pick these up? I'm gonna be there but I'll be pretty busy playing in tournaments all weekend. Also quantity limitation?
  14. Outer Rim is 100% absolutely a board game. It says so right on the headline of FFG's announcement article. Zrob has decided that he's more intelligent than all of us and above rumor mongering of any sort without FFG Hasbro and LFL divulging all of their confidential business contracts to the general public, nothing short of that is going to budge him so please stop antagonizing him. That kind of facts based realism is admirable in other more professional fields, but this is just a hobby and I will shamelessly rumor monger about my hobby until the cows come home.
  15. Tvboy

    Republic Upgrades Article

    I have a feeling battle meditation is going to be very pricEy to equip to a I5+.