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  1. How Do You Flank?

    Flanking is most effective when you have higher priority targets to take down. You have some here but they are also so beastly that your opponent might try to just go up on points and take Karsabi out first and hopefully have a full squad before taking on the other two. Flanking is a great maneuver to pull but also allows you to be outflanked. Can you still win if the flanker gets blown away before contributing? If you can't, flanking should not be your game plan. My most effective flankers have been something like Backstabber, an alpha interceptor, N'dru... something that is both tempting to take out but not critical to the rest of the list. If my opponent focuses on the flanker they can either goosechase or just take the shots if the rest of my list can capitalize. If they do not take out the flanker, all of their special abilities make them punch much higher than their points allow. Both are good things for me and bad for my opponent.
  2. New preview: save the dream

    You are clearly confused... the rebellion, scum, syndicates, and pirates are all dirty bad guys. The Bounty Hunters are at least effective in doing sometimes dirty work for the empire. The Empire are the good guys. Don't let those rebel propaganda films fool you.
  3. Why Are You Bad At X-Wing?

    Because I only fly for the glory of the EMPIRE!!! And I like to fly casual, non meta, what I love... If that makes me bad... I don't want to be good. And lack of practice rounds lately...
  4. How Do You Build Oicunn?

    Full big o deathrolll! Daredevil+ gunner + Vader+ IR + EU and dauntless... Pretty much autokills anything with 5hp or less that you can ram. Ram 1 Daredevil 2 Att: hit or crit 3+ Vader for 4... or misses: Vader, att again Vader + any hits/crits With the big base and EU there really isn't anywhere they can go to get out of range 3 so you can just Vader them again My record for ram damage in a single game is 16.
  5. Fear the Reaper?

    It's going to have to be sub-20pts on the generic to make it work out well enough me thinks. I fly a lot of shuttle. After you learn to utilize the bigger footprint it's more of a bonus than a penalty. For a difference in mobility to matter it would have to be so good that it can avoid an extra round of fire that the shuttle can't. Even on a smaller base that dial is going to have to be MUCH better to accomplish that and now we're only "equal" to the lambda. Aerilons is likely to make it unable to go slow...that is also giving up a lot. No cannon, no systems to boot and 3 dice primary unmodified because you're jamming... I think it would work at 18 so that with LWF it's a support gunboat and close enough to the lambda to matter.
  6. Director Krennic

    Ole buzzsaw whisper just got nastier. What can you pair with her that can contribute and carry him? If it's a reaper at ~25pts you've got room for another ace...but you probably want Krennic on that other ace just as badly. At least on the VT-49, with Jerrard , Krennic counts as a shield and 2 halfs. But at 7pts total there should be more on Krennic's card.
  7. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    Point fortresses are easily addressed by rules changes. Krennic is a great example of how things can be done. The empire needs more and cheaper shuttles if that's the route they are going to go though.
  8. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    Oh it certainly can be, just isn't using the current rules. Imperial officers that don't have to be included in ships and can award conditions would be a lovely imperial only mechanic. It's just not happening right now.
  9. Lack of Imperial flavor?

    I've been flying the grey and and blue since day 1... the empire's flavor is everything they have superiority in the rebels and scum will get it and better. We used to at least have 7-8 ship swarms, but force of numbers was determined to be too strong, then countered easily, now it just doesn't make sense since generics are mostly DOA. As already noted, there are tons of imperial officers and crew in STAR WARS but hardly any in Xwing. The ships that can carry them for the empire is small in number and all of them are at the bottom of the heap as far as efficiency or too expensive to run with any force in a 100pt game. The scope of Xwing doesn't fit the Empire's canonical value.
  10. Which preview will be out today?

    Whut? edit- that makes way more sense...
  11. Which preview will be out today?

    70 days of no real news and 170+ of no "new content" goes from feeling like "kinda nice to have a lull" to "is the game dead and no one told us?" pretty fast...especially on the internet...forums... Even a "We're taking a step back because" announcement would be something. Or "Here are the missing SKUs and even though they'll never be (or here's where they could be in the future)" would acknowledge that the game has a future.
  12. The big Clone Wars thread.

    Followed up by wonky Clone call signs... [Here]
  13. The big Clone Wars thread.

    Insert 10 random alpha numeric codes for droid pilots: [HERE}
  14. Next TIE and Why?

    Tie Droid for the return of the swarm (and the images are just a really cool tie) Tie Predator because, again, it looks awesome and would be a tech/sensors futuristic tie Tie Hunter because it's classic and in some of the source material.
  15. Metagame article!

    Without the anecdotes the article basically boils down to: This is what a Meta is, your group has a meta, all other groups have a meta, neither of those metas will be the worlds meta, fly accordingly. I didn't mind the article but when it's instead of an xwing announcement, and dated, and meant for new players... there is only so much enjoyment I can get from it.