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  1. It was never an actual thing anyway. We've had tons of ships outside that timeline.
  2. What is it?!?!? It's acceptance of those rebel propaganda films as history! Don't believe the hype!!!
  3. So happy I have a custom painted deci and 2 strikers to start with... hopefully the list can really work in 2.0.
  4. It is the way the game was meant to be played after all.
  5. With a game that has such low granularity (stats 1-3, only so many moves, so many slots, finite amount of true variety) the ability to make a ship Wide or Long in addition to big square and little square would have made the ships really different- Flight and arcs. Firespray/Kwing on a 2 wise base flies significantly different than the hwk/ywing on a long base vs. a tie/Xwing on a medium and a lambda/YT on a large...or Uwing as a long with wide gunner door arcs... Pretty simple thing that could have added a lot of variety.
  6. For the glory of the Empire! You’re either with us or against us.
  7. It’ll change things up but I would have preferred “wide” and “long” rectangular bases instead of just a scaled up/down square.
  8. Really big missed opportunity again then...
  9. Are medium still square or are they 1x1 small bases? I hope they decide to do that so they can also make “long” bases. Not that I’ve been suggesting that since wave 2 or anything... it would make flying really really interesting and ship mastery a real skills achievement.
  10. Yep the empires workhorse does less work again... let’s take that FS-31 away too... no need for that now that we’ve improved upon it. Pay extra for converting on top of it since we give you less... well they have the coffers... swarms are a thing of the past, totally not in faction theme... The Imperials continue to get less, lose identity, and pay more. 2.0 did not do away with this. Couple with the price tag and you can begin to understand why imperialists at least, CONTINUE to be upset.
  11. I can fly it now without spending $$$ and know exactly how underwhelming it is. When the Xwing fixes were announced I posted the idea that we measure lists by the number of basic ties it would take to beat them in the 1 hour death match. Iconic list. Powerful out of the box. Almost unstoppable when mastered. Maybe. We’ll have to see- doesn’t look supported yet price or updates. $100 more and bringing my count to 16 and still not having the components to put them all on the table sounds like they might not be supporting swarmlife. That and not updating the dial. That is definitely unforeseen and, again, not really looking like it’s a supported archetype.
  12. $100 to be able to fly a tie swarm in 2.0 is a really tough sell. $50 and I can’t even use all my old in faction ships and am getting less than the other factions is starting to sound familiar...at least we know one thing they didn’t change in 2.0- 2 actually.
  13. 4+2= 8? Math? I have 12 ties and 4 Xwings. Not uncommon numbers for many players I’m sure.
  14. It’s always been Imperial and should still be. The game just got really expensive again and many will only be able to stick with 1 faction. I’ve always been a 1 faction player with just enough of the other ships to fill a few lists. Now my faction lost a ship I’ve been playing since I started this game (about 2 weeks befor wave 2 dropped) while getting less bang for my buck out of the conversion kit already.
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