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  1. 3/3/3/0 with boost and bR hasn’t been good in a long time, especially with dial creep. FOs have it better. Soonts held on Mightily for as long as he could with one of the best pilot skills in the game. He’s almost laughable these days. 3/2/4/1 with an illicit slot, 3 free points, and 3 mods at “17” points is probably better and probably still not good enough but getting there.
  2. But the more serious answer: SFs Defenders Omega Leader Inquisitor is still fun.
  3. And cookies... and gunboat... + VADER!
  4. I read this as Scarlet Cow Girl And got excited...
  5. yah. Or defenders when they dropped. Some people made them work but they don’t inherently WORK. It often speaks more to the player but they didn’t really win big ones.
  6. It was a contender in wave 2. 3 FS or 2 + howlrunner we’re both regularly seen then.
  7. They didn’t fear Bots...they just wanted to make sure the Glorious HIppoShuttlebus didn’t rise again! Or the Firespray... rerolls for two of the games least powerful large bases (and, know, original ships, and, well sure, they are imperial) who don’t actually use the cannon slot most of the time would be too good. I think it would have helped all of those ships find new life... not convinced it would have put the bots over the top either.
  8. If you know you’re wrong, why is that “your opinion”? Its like global warming... or the last development team interview. “Feels” don’t get you far when your house went from prime beach front to ocean bottom. But at least you’ll have the memories right?
  9. Old English? Middle English? or Modern? If you offer me enough I will personally create Post-Modern English (equipped with emoji’s and stickers) even though it’s already so last year.
  10. To improve the game.
  11. They put things in boxes all the time that don’t work with the things in the box. This is the first time that it is not equipable and in the same box though.
  12. That sir(or Madame), is a great idea.
  13. And I would say it is unfair for them to continue to churn out substandard product (now with some willful ignorance) and expect the consumer to keep buying and increase the cost of doing so WHILE devaluing prior purchases. It’s hard to convince others to play “alternate formats” when they just spent $$$ on the dominant format. Even harder when they are new and don’t have access to all the “fun” cards from prior waves because they specifically didn’t buy it because it’s obselete. Also, FUN for me is a balanced game. Xwing is not there right now.
  14. It wasn’t meant as a complaint, but with the admission that the development team doesn’t care if swarms are hurt more because they aren’t viable, it probably should have been. It could be a financial decision but it would be an ill thought out one I think (if they are not wanting swarms update to make more money).
  15. I though about somthing like this the other day too. LW Vess is great. Flechette Cannon not stacking has been a huge drawback for a long time. Imagine if it could. Or the damage cap was lifted if they were already stressed. Stress control would have been a great counter to so much before everything got 6 green moves and stressed actions anyway.