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  1. I tend to agree, but we will have to wait and see as the news comes out. We were not fans of Harbringer and we tend to not play that at all now, so fingers crossed it is not too linked with that theme. I am also hoping it doesn't add too much to the playtime of the game.
  2. Not to mention if you happen to be the Alchemist you have a massive head start on your competition. I find it hard to get the gold for the powerful items with most characters though, a trip to the highlands usually helps out there. The assassin is so cheap, you can kill players too easily without challenge which effectively just drags the game on.
  3. Completely agree. Sometimes You don't even need to bother with City if luck goes your way
  4. rfisha

    Opinion so far

    I too am new to Runebound. Overall its a good game, but I agree that dice would have been a lot better than tokens and attribute tests with cards. Not only is it a wear-and-tear issue, but I find the tokens slow down the sequence of play. My kids are of different ages and the combat system is a bit too complicated for the younger one (bad decision making). This would have also been a great solo game and the tokens take away a little from it as well, but can still be enjoyed. It also makes it harder to add your own content, which is one aspect I love about FFG games.
  5. Hey mate, I think you are aware of this one, but currently we have play out all the open Rumour Quests before we proceed to ACT 1 interlude, which is not in the rules. Open Act 1 rumour quests are discarded if they have not been played by the time the Interlude quests has been selected. I managed to fudge around it this time. All the best and keep up the great work, Richard
  6. It's all good Atom4geVampire, I believe the problem was between my keyboard and the chair
  7. Tried that, I couldn't see any selections pop up. I'll try again after the next quest.
  8. How do I play Rumour quests? I am in the middle of Heirs of Blood (Baron Will Tell) and I can only seem to select 'A Dangerous Path'. Feel free to look at my account 'rfisha' and you can see for youself
  9. Just my 2 cents, if the overlord is crushing the heroes, you can always randomize monster choices... it adds a different dimension of fun (trying out new content/ combos etc) while potentially handicapping the overlord. You can also randomize the overlord card choice at the start of the game (I will playing Warlord for the whole game). Adding a random element to the heroes is also fun too, to stop abusive combinations and likewise trying out new content and combos.
  10. I managed to kill the master troll to stop the fatigue flow, but eventually they went down to the beast men open group and with knock back creating some space, it wasn't too hard for the OL to get his reinforced troll back in the block hole. Win to OL!
  11. Bugs: *When deleting a quest and re-submitting, if an agent was declared as defeated the first time around, there is no option to change that. i.e. I accidentally declared the agent dead, so I deleted the quest, and re-entered the details. The agent defeat status cannot be undone. *When deleting a rumour quest, there is no options to re-select it. *It would be nice to have the ability to edit the status of the quest, i.e I accidentally marked the heroes as winning the quest instead of the overlord. Without deleting the quest and starting a new, there is no way to edit this. Ultimately, I deleted the rumour to start again, and the above bug showed itself - I cannot re-enter the rumour. Hope these suggestions help! I'll let you know of any others I find
  12. That statement is how I understand it and is the clearest way to answer the question.
  13. I was planning to add something like this to my campaign tracker (but your version is clearly better than what I had in mind). I've sent you a pm. Please do. I would like to use it more of a guide as to highlight how quests were won and highlights of what happened. 'Notes' if you will
  14. not so easy, for example, Splig has his skill changer from "upgrade" to "get them" True, but you could just replace the abilities accordingly. If you were to make you own quest, you could simply state use the abilities as listed on the lieutenant card, with the following adjustments (replace with health and armor rolls form plot card). It would only be hard if they replaced an X value ability with an alternative like 'Sorcery 3'. You would never know what the ACT II version should be. I think we are safe for the case of MoB though, I can;t see any of those type of abilities.
  15. We play with the heroes knowing what purchases were made (otherwise the OL could cheat), but the hand played remains a mystery
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