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  1. i asked about them doing rulings here on the site, and they said no and they have no intention of doing so, there is a link you can use to asked the questions.
  2. i think the thing thats important here is that Breakthrough is giving you your second opportunity to take your second conflict before your opponent can declare their first. Its a reaction that says after your first so its not with in the first conflict at all any more.
  3. seems really silly that it wouldnt work, the card its self even says each glory count.
  4. We are stating the same thing, your saying he cannot do his action cause he has to "Choose" him self which is exactly why he cannot do his action when hes already at the battlefield. My bullet point i posted from the rules reference is stating exactly that. He cannot do his effect because he him self cannot be moved. Since When an entity moves, it cannot move to its same (current) placement. If there is no valid destination for a move, the move attempt cannot be made. Shinjo Tatsuo's ability cannot be used if he is already participating in a conflict. The targering requirement is to choose himself and another character, but targets are only eligible if they can be affected by the ability's effects; since Shinjo Tatsuo cannot affect himself, he cannot choose himself as a target, which means that you cannot satisfy targeting requirements, so you cannot attempt to initiate the ability at all. heres the card ruling. What your saying is that because he cannot target himself he cannot do it, im saying he cannot target him self because he cannot move. Also any effect that would move him with out targeting himself still wouldnt work because of the above bullet point
  5. Shinjo Tetsuo's ability not being able to be used isnt because of a gamestate change, like you mentioned he is changing the game state, it cannot be used because one of the two targets isnt being moved, and the rules state that if something cannot be moved the action cannot happen. RR Page 11 When an entity moves, it cannot move to its same (current) placement. If there is no valid destination for a move, the move attempt cannot be made.
  6. People are passionate about the game, so they will always throw what they want and how they feel in alot of their posts. Its tough to like certain aspects of a clan and then not see them show up in the card game, or even have your clan not really show which direction it is going so it feels like its pulling in many directions. I think the thing people need to realize the most is that in O5R most of the core sets (the first set of a new edition) they were 400+ cards, while this games core set is roughly 220 and thats including provinces and role cards. Im sure these posts your upset about will slowly dissipate as more sets come out and they devs get a stronger hold on the game.
  7. so your saying a card that makes you lose an honor for choosing to do nothing to your own guy is devastating to your clan? keep in mind the cards allows both players to send a guy home, if they do they gain an honor, if they do not they owe the other clan an honor. This is much less powerful then leve, or backhanded compliment, or really any ability that causes an honor loss. Not trying to poke holes in your comment but maybe you can share some examples, cause im not seeing how the option to send a dude home bowed, and gaining an honor, or leaving him there and losing an honor is gonna hurt you, especially with cards like jade finger.
  8. due to our box movement the Unicorn are destine to be lack luster in my opinion. Being able to move in bowed guys and use their abilities can be DEVASTATING. With that said they have to be extra careful not to give us any crazy awesome stuff that allows us to send a bowed guy in and win a fight. I would have liked to see more reactions to movement. My box is mostly used to move a bowed guy to a fight to avoid honor loss. It does seem tho we were hit very hard by the stronghold nerf, late in the design which didnt allow for enough time to go back and change alot of our guys. All that aside i feel the issues we face as a clan are the increase in people with out cav, 3 new people that have 0/- on political skill, and our crane rivaling glory numbers. With no additional cards to honor our guys, we have all the same or less ways to honor our guys as other clans (ring of fire,Shameful, and court games.)With a card like way of the crane being able to honor on a military battle, would be devastating. Side note i love your changes, but i agree that moving home guys is SUPER STRONG. Only change id make to testuo would be his skills, id make him a 4/3 or a 4/2.
  9. the cost isnt to flip a card up, so long as there is a card to put into play to change the game state i would think it wouldnt matter if the card is face up or down. All costs would still be paid and the effects would change game state so long as something enters play.
  10. i didnt read much of the o5r fictions, but i wanna read these ones, are these in the order in which i should start them?
  11. is this a conflict character or a dynasty character? Also are drinks on my opponent?
  12. sucks then you cannot dump it to use up kisada's cancel
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