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  1. That list seems like it's stretching the points too thin, I'd say. If you drop Fenn Rau down to Old Teroch, you can do whatever full loadout you want for Boba. For example: Boba + Fearless + IG-88D + Marauder + Han Solo Old Teroch + Fearless Zealous Recruit is 197 points..
  2. Well, A's ability is kind of the whole point of the list - to move calculate tokens around. So that the ship which needs it the most can have 1-2 extra calculate tokens. Also taking Guri instead of another IG means more points for the third ship, so it can actually contribute to the combat as wel..
  3. I think the 'Droidattani' will be a big archetype in 2.0. My take on it is currently this: Guri (62) + Predator (2) + Advanced Sensors (8) = 72 IG-88 A (70) + Predator (2) + Advanced Sensors (8) = 80 Spice Runner (32) + IG88D (4) + Moldy Crow (12) = 48 [200] But I think this will definitely require a lot of search to find the optimal build..
  4. Thanks for the catch, I got Fenn's cost wrong. I think you don't need to push Han's attack to 5-6 really. 4-5 is good enough for me, and leaves more points for other ships..
  5. Gunboats seem to be pretty great value in 2.0. Looking forward to put them into play. I'll definitely start with the much discussed Ion Cannon / Proton Rockets combo. After a first pass at deckbuilding with the new point costs, I'm pleased that my favourite "Ace + Gunboat Ace + Gunboat Generic" list seems pretty usable in 2.0: Nu (35) + XG-1 (0) + Ion Cannon (5) + Proton Rockets (7) + Advanced Slam (3) = 50 Major Vynder (41) + XG-1 (0) + Ion Cannon (5) + Proton Rockets (7) + Advanced Slam (3) + Predator (2) = 58 Rexler Brath (84) + Juke (4) + Fire Control System (3) = 91 [199] List has maneuverability/speed, control, burst damage and a late-game monster Ace. Should be fun
  6. Not sure about Manaroo in 2.0. But with how undercosted Scum Falcon seems to be, you can fit these 3 free bad boys into one list: Good Guys Scum: Fenn Rau (64) + Fearless (3) = 67 Old Teroch (56) + Fearless (3) = 59 Han Solo (54) + Trick Shot (1) + Perceptive Copilot (10) + Qi'ra (2) + BT-1 (2) + Rigged Cargo Chute (4) = 73 [199]
  7. 1.0 obstacles should be tournament legal in 2.0.
  8. Heh, you guys should look into current Hearthstone if you want to see some truly broken designs. Their approach seems to be to create broken random things, and then create some more broken random things for the other side, to make it "balanced". X-Wing (even in 1.0) is a shining example of designer restrain and balance compared to that.. And 2.0 doesn't even live in the same universe..
  9. The toxic people on this forum (including You) have made this an awful, terrible place, and have driven most of the veteran players and insightful commentators away. Don't look for any appreciation here, you will not get it.
  10. TIE Defender > Vader Vader might be more flashy with all his shenanigans, but he'll be no match against the pure brutal efficiency of the Defender platform. Unless there will be some specific meta reasons to play Vader, I'll take the TIE/d over him every time. Thinking about it now, it's probably TIE Defender > any 2.0 ship.. Of course Defenders will also be very expensive, but I expect that fully loaded Vader will be even more so..
  11. It's worth noting that in 2.0 there will be much more self-induced stress when compared to 1.0. Red actions (linked or not), various good upgrades giving you stress, etc.. So chances are Death Troopers will be useful in almost every game..
  12. I had a great deal of fun with this squad in 1.0: Major Vynder + Veteran Instincts + Harpoons + OS-1 title + Advanced Slam Rho Squadron + Deadeye + Harpoon + Guidance Chips Soontir Fell + PTL + title + Autothrusters + Stealth Device The usual start was all 3 ships spread across the board. The one ship which opponent focused on was the baiter, and the other 2 were flanking. With constant slamming the boats are indeed super fast and can outmaneuver pretty much any opposing ships. Star of the list is of course Vynder, who is so much fun with the Advanced Slam (slam + lock + fire rockets, next turn slam + reload, then repeat). Soontir was chosen because I wanted to have an end-game ship, but one which could keep up the pace with the boats. I think a similar squad could be pretty good in 2.0, but I would go for the new cannon title instead of ordnance one. Ion Cannons + Proton rockets look like an amazing combination, as was already discussed above..
  13. Hmm, I think that 5 forward is actually quite classic move against missile carriers (jump from just outside of range 3 into range 1 in 1 turn). The more unexpected is that coordinated escape route which Corran had available for turn 2 (but didn't need to use). But thinking some more about it, the only realistic target for alpha strike in Nathan's list is probably Lowhrick (Fenn moves last and Corran is too slippery). I believe if Brandon focused completely on getting the alpha on Lowhrick, he should be able to do that.. Of course it is a question if that would be sufficient to win the game for him, but at least he would utilize his ordnance..
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