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  1. Just a random thought but it would be interesting if a black crusade came barreling out of the Pandemonium in the Askellon sector.
  2. Great work and inspiration. Look forward to seeing more.
  3. Also, feel free to let the players suffer the consequences of their actions. It may lead to other adventures. Another consequence may be that the local authorities refuse or make the player's lives miserable due to their allegations of the local authorities being lazy and not doing their jobs. Any consequences good or bad teaches the players that they do have a potentially large impact on many levels.
  4. My fiance is the only female in my group and plays a Hospitaller Sororitas. I like having females in the group for their unique perspective and to also balance out the extreme amout of testosterone that the other male players like to flaunt.
  5. Im not suggesting changing the way things are as I don't really have a solid solution to the issue. Im just putting it out there. Ive had a far harder time pitching a game of Dark Heresy or DW to females than any other game and was pondering why this was the case.
  6. Nobody has a problem with the fluff. Im only relating how the game system alienates female players. While this may or may not be an issue for ffg, it is for some of the female audience.
  7. A Sister's stats are never going to exceed 65 or 70 and a marine's stats start at that value. I personally don't have a problem with it but female players made this an issue in the past mostly in regards to DW campaigns.
  8. They still don't hold a candle to a Space Marine though. They are not equals.
  9. As far as the genders go, from my experience trying to get more women to play, women seem to be turned off by how grimdark the 40k setting is. Also, the setting is highly masculine. The question I get is, why isn't there any female space marines or at least an equivalent? Personally, I have in the works, a plan to make one of the lost SM legions all female and living in exile until it is the right time to come forth. Emperor orders them to become exiled having forseen the future and knowing that they will be needed in the distant future.
  10. I still at think that the first 2nd Edition had a lot of promise but oh well. It is what it is. I use a homebrew of the 1st beta.
  11. Look, the reload time for pistols is not much of an issue considering it can be done pretty quick. Heavy weapons can take a significant amount of time to reload hence the backpack ammo supply. Plus, one rarely runs out of ammo for pistols considering their low RoF unlike heavy weapons that go through several rounds per trigger pull.
  12. The amount of ammo in the backpack should probably also be balanced against the lethality of the weapon as well.
  13. An ammo backpack supply is really only relevant to heavy weapons and maybe las guns. Pistols and so forth just aren't large enough to be belt fed ammo. In this case it wouldn't take a very large list to create weapon specific backpacks.
  14. Since all 40k fluff is supposedly subjective based upon various perspectives, history, lies, etc; we really don't know that THE END means utter and complete destruction of the Imperium. It could mean the end of its current incarnation or a change that is coming that will forever change the Imperium forever such as the death of the Emperor or his reawakening, maybe a lost primarch returns or some other event. Prophecy is usually quite vague and subject to interpretation.
  15. The characters start in the distant past when the Emperor still ruled over men. They live and fight through the ending stages of the Hours Heresy. As they look to defend the Imperial Palace, the Golden Throne becomes damaged. In the time it takes Malcador to temporarily get it under control, the Warp does what it does best, react randomly. The characters awaken from ancient archeotech cryogenic units. They spill from their pods disoriented and confused. Looking around, they conclude that they must be aboard some type of space vessel but it is completely unrecognizable. Little do they know, they are in modern times and aboard a ship (space hulk or recently attacked vessel). The lights are flickering and the crew has been violently murdered by who knows what. Details are up to the GM.
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