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  1. Question1 "Response: After you lose a challenge as the defender, kneel 2 influence to cancel the claim effect of that challenge. Then, choose an opponent to satisfy the claim of that challenge as if he or she had lost the challenge as the defender." Does the defender have to declare a participating character for the challenge, for this card to work? Question 2. Can a lone character with a strength of 0, initiate an attack , or participate in a defence if he has the appropriate icons?
  2. Thank you Ktom for your response! I just have one last question on this subject. If you win total initiative, can you defer to be the second player?
  3. Thank you. I was just curious about if you flip your plot and have already resolved who goes first, then flip another plot if then initiative would resolve again?
  4. If I change my plots with a card anytime after the plot phase, how does it work with gold, initiative, and claim. Since you already decided those factors during the plot phase?
  5. I know this should go in the Draft section of the game. I love playing the draft format with friends but playing it to many times seems to dull it out. Is there anyone here that can suggest a new constructed draft with cards from the GOT universe. I ran into a wall on how to setup a new deck of 19 cards and 50 card drafts.
  6. What does it mean when you have this type of card? If you are playing this house and have something out of house, can you use that something on the out of house "X"
  7. I started added some other cards to the draft stock and taking some out. It is very hard in my opinion which one to take out and what to put in to keep Houses equal in cards. Question 5. Can a character hold unlimited attachments?
  8. Will there be anymore expansions for the draft format?
  9. 1.Is there any sort of summoning sickness on anything you play? 2. What happens when you draw your last card from your library? Do you lose? 3. Some Army cards say no attachments except siege? What are some of these attachments called? 4. Can you pay for a land ex: any land that decreases cost: then knell that land to reduce the cost on something else during the marshaling phase?
  10. Long Shot,, but seeing if anyone else out there plays in my neck of the woods.
  11. Thank you dcdennis for your helpful information.
  12. Thank you, but as I said earlier I'am confused with all the products Game of thrones has to offer. I found the products on amazon, this is what I was referring to. http://www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-Collectible-Edition-Premium/dp/158994285X/ref=sr_1_7?s=toys-and-games&ie=UTF8&qid=1383356331&sr=1-7&keywords=a+game+of+thrones+winter+edition http://www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-Winter-Edition-Booster/dp/1589942647/ref=pd_sim_sbs_t_1 http://www.amazon.com/Game-Thrones-Song-Night-Booster/dp/1589942876/ref=pd_bxgy_t_text_y Was curious if this was an earlier set that could be played with the LCG, not much information was posted on it.
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