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  1. Depends on how long the next release is after the burst. If they have the standard cycle time, but release them all up front, you can always buy based on need and spread the cost out over the 6 month cycle duration.
  2. By the same token, going tall makes certain card effects much better for you. In Lion, a Sashimono gets you a little more usage out of what is likely a cheap spud with little fate. In Dragon, the bulk of your force is now at every military conflict. The same can be said for any unbow effect. Yes there are weaknesses to it, but they can also be strengths, especially given the nature of the fate system.
  3. I'd give you a blue ribbon, but I don't think I could push a safety pin through all that plot armor.
  4. Kuroda of arcs, hah! Savage, but true. Back when Ivory was coming out, I recall talking up L5R a lot to a friend. It's my favorite game, you have to try it, that sort of thing. One slow Sunday afternoon, we wandered up to a game store and dug into the learn to play set for Ivory, as I didn't have any of my old cards around. Imagine my disappointment. Gold float completely ruined the flow of the game, and the "+2f, -2f, +3f, pass" battles were very bland and uninteresting. I don't think we touched it again.
  5. My MC30s all sit well, but both both of mine (a Sullust and one I got yesterday) came with a shield dial that has a slightly too large center hole. It just spins freely. I put a little PVA on the inside to keep it from moving, strange they both were like that though.
  6. Is there a wash on it? It doesn't look like it from the pic so the vibrant colors are glowing to us(me). I'd wash it with a dark black, then after it dries, add some details touch ups to some areas (windows, weapons, drives, etc). Right now it looks just a little too mono colored to me. Not being jerky, just some subjctive constructive critisim. It's also posted as the third comment in someone else's painting thread. Hijacking is generally frowned upon. *Edit* To add a little content to this post, I do love OP's destroyers. I'm a sucker for the OG light grey look, and the Gladiator is a good match. I'll have to keep your method in mind when I finally get around to working on mine. I couldn't think of a good idea on how to get the hard-line effect, differing the panels like that is a great idea.
  7. Thanks for all the hard work! I love messing around with lists on my lunch hour, and scribe has by far the best interface of all the builders.
  8. I flew one of each rebel ship, 3 As and 3Bs to second place twice, out of 9 on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. In most games, the Bs did a majority of the damage. Most lists had at least a few fighters, with many running 4+. The gencon special and 2 AF 2 vette lists made an appearance both days, but I don't think either placed particularly high.
  9. Way to post this on a Friday night. Who listens to podcasts about a Star Wars themed miniature game on a Friday night? Oh wait. I guess me. (No but seriously looking forward to it.)
  10. I've never been attracted to the idea of the Nebulon as a line ship. It's strengths and weaknesses have already been discussed at length, and combined they just don't provide a package that I want to spam more than one of. It requires too much babysitting to keep aggressive ships off the sides, or to attempt to make a full 180 to keep its front arc bearing. Even the films only take one Nebulon. The real strength of the Nebulon is in its titles. As we move up into the higher points bracket, I think we'll start to see Nebulons used as more of a fleet multiplier, as a one off support ship. Yavaris has seen a lot of buzz lately, and is amazing with squadrons. Raymus can get you that coveted third activation every turn, with a slight increase in survivability when it comes tune to move a few shields around. I think a support Redemption will go a long way in an a MC30/80 heavy fleet. We saw how integral engineering commands were to the Gencon Special list. Salvation has been used as a cheap source of long range fire, not that rebels are in dire need of that, but a lot of the new upgrades enhance that even further. Most of these ships, save Yavaris, will be only a secondary target in a larger fleet as well, so should be able to do their job without being mobbed. I've been using a sort of "banana peel" tactic to screen my Yavaris from any gladiators in a being list I'm currently using, and it's allowed Yavaris to live through every game. Using a MKIIB to intercept the gladiators on whichever side they are on, and bodyblock while the AF and B-wings line up the kill has been working beautifully. Having more points for ships to cover both sides may be excellent, but it does force you into a symmetrical plan which may or may not be exploitable by an opponent.
  11. Dreilide


    I don't think so. What are the average damage of those ships at long range and optimal range? I don't think it beats 15. 10 damage would be sufficient enough to 1 shot it without the multiple redirect title. An ISD at Blue dice range could easily do that, and a VSD or GSD could easily kill it with double arc. Easily seems like a stretch. Even at blue dice range, you'd have to throw all doubles on reds, and 2 damage 2 accuracy on blues to guarantee the one shot, or throw two doubles two damage reds and all damage on blues, and just make the Evade reroll come up the same. Double arcing gets more common, but even still I wouldn't say it is likely. This thing isn't leaving home without the title or Advanced Projectors though. With that many shields and that little hull, it just doesn't make sense not to. Overall it's a little higher costed than I'd like, but I can't wait to throw a couple on the table. I think this is the single most interesting group of upgrades we've had spoiled as well, there are so many offensive and defensive options here.
  12. I feel like Haven will become more of an escort than a carrier with the powerhouse carrier capabilities of the MC 80 available. If you are not having to rely on the Haven itself for commands, it'll be more apt to wade into the enemy, keeping your fighters safe and spamming engineering commands. Switch to the MK1 for the extra anti squadron, add in a redundant shielding and a Ruthless Strategists and you're getting back 3 shields a turn while decimating enemy squads. Every health you save is an extra damage to be done with Ruthless. If you're worried about your own squadrons health, a vanilla YT-1300 gets you a cheap 7 health escort with counter 1. Having the extra points seems like it will open up possibilities for support ships like the above. Where currently you'd be solely reliant on a Nebulon, maybe two, to command in the Haven's stead, the extra options allow it to be a front line for your MC80 and Yavaris.
  13. You already have the Gladiator, which fills the hyper aggressive role very well. The Raider will be more of a fighter support/hunting ship, or a good flank protector for those that don't want to drop the points on a Victory. If you attempt to use the Raider in the same way Gladiators get used now, by getting it stuck in the middle of the enemy fleet and pounding away with black dice, it will fall apart quickly. It will be used more from the outsides, similar to the CR90 but closer.
  14. I can only see this being useful if no squad builds continue to be very strong, if only as a counter to the one or two Rogue Bombers they bring to top them off points wise. As it stands, if I have any sort of squadron capability what-so-ever, I feel like I might as well spend double points to get a fighter that can shoot every turn.
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