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  1. Actually, you were wrong in the "Os-1 Arsenal loadout and blinded pilot" as well. You agreed with option c). It doesn't need a legal way to fire its ordnance or a valid target. It just needs torpedoes or missile in order to give it an opportunity to attack. Read the Damage card.
  2. You want examples? Well, there's plenty in this thread for a start. As well as the Setup Question thread. A few months back, there was the fruitless attempt to explain to you how nested actions work and have always worked which you just wouldn't accept regardless of the number of members that tried to explain it. But you continually stick to your weird and invariably incorrect logic, which has been proven wrong on numerous occasions, and will not accept that it might possibly be you that's wrong.
  3. Os-1 Arsenal loadout and blinded pilot

    The damage card states "After your next opportunity to attack (even if there was no target for an attack), flip this card facedown." So you activate during the Combat phase, and thanks to the title, the weapons disabled token means you actually now have an opportunity to attack with torpedoes or missiles, but the damage card prevents this. Flip the Damage card, end of activation. There's nothing there requiring that you have to have a valid target, or a target lock to fire your torpedoes or missiles. You just need the opportunity to attack. If you didn't have any torpedoes or missiles, the title wouldn't trigger and the weapons disabled token would deny you the opportunity to attack, and therefore you would be unable to flip the damage card.
  4. Where was the insult? I was merely stating the facts. Every time you state a "point", it's categorically wrong.
  5. Once again SkullNBones has dredged through the rules and cards in an attempt to find an interpretation that he (and only he) asserts is correct, and everyone else in the world is wrong. The premise that it's "promoting discussion" is quite moot, as he refuses to accept the fact that once again, he's wrong, and despite the many, many answers that contradict his "logic" he still refuses to accept it. There's really nothing to discuss, because there's no real point. The cards, rules and FAQ in this scenario are crystal clear. His "logic" is not. It was stated further up this thread that the Rules Sub-Forum is designed as a "question and answer" forum, not a "what-if debate" forum. Ask a question, get an answer. Simple as that. @SkullNBones, dude just stick to the main forum, because you've demonstrated in multiple threads that you're well out of your depth in the Rules Sub-forum! I'm not saying we're all experts here. But at least we know how the game works.
  6. Final Table and players won't play

    Absolutey, @Dr Zoidberg! No final should EVER be decided by a single dice roll instead of playing. If they played to the time limit and discovered they had a draw, then the dice roll is fine. I'm about to TO an upcoming tournament and if I hear two players making a decision to decide a game with a dice roll instead of playing it, I'm going to DQ them on the spot!
  7. Final Table and players won't play

    I'd get brutal and DQ the pair of them, and promote the next pair to play for the final.
  8. Setup Question

    There really is no point arguing about this one, because SkullNBones will just agree then disagree repeatedly until everyone else gets pissed off. There's only two ways to measure anything within Range 1 of the edge of the play area and no further into the play area, and that's either with two thirds of the standard range ruler hanging off the play area, or with a short Range 1 ruler. Laying the whole ruler down in the play area is measuring beyond range 1, and therefore not allowed. It's not RAI versus RAW, it's simply the way it works.
  9. Setup Question

    Also, page 17 of the Rules Reference, under Setup:
  10. Quickdraw’s Ability Destroys a Ship

    It's not Quickdraw's pilot skill that's used in this instance. The ability triggers when Quickdraw loses a shield, regardless of what PS step is currently being resolved.
  11. Quickdraw’s Ability Destroys a Ship

    Yes, Ship B should have had it's opportunity to attack after being destroyed. It's covered under the Simultaneous Attack rule on page 17. The active ship was Ship A, and Quickdraw triggers during Step 9 of Ship A's attack, so B would still get to attack before being removed.
  12. Harpoons, again

    Note the difference in the texts. Both attack using the normal procedure up to and including Step 6 "Compare Results". If the Ion Pulse Missiles hit, then the damage listed on the card is applied instead of Step 7 and all dice results are canceled. If the Harpoon Missiles or Ion Torpedoes hit, there's no mention of cancelling any results, so they are processed in Step 7 in the normal fashion, and then you assign the condition card or splash some ion tokens. A more interesting discussion is if the damage from the HM attack destroys the ship, does the condition card still get assigned if the destroyed ship is kept in play due to the Simultaneous Attack rule?
  13. Nien Nunb + Opportunist

    Page 8 of the rulebook under Card Abilities: If the defender has no focus or evade tokens, you'll get one extra attack die from Opportunist, then dump the stress. It's pretty much a freebie attack die for Nien.
  14. Sensor Jammer

    Yeah, wouldn't that make amusing reading?
  15. Docked Ship and Range 1

    Not quite "removed" as that would infer it was there to begin with. Technically, the ship and any upgrades equipped don't exist until it is deployed.
  16. Rules question, scum nym.

    It's just one. If it was one per token, it would specifically state that on the card.
  17. Major Stridan and Death Troopers

    This one is is pretty black and white, just as @thespaceinvader has said. What's the logic behind his argument against it working? We'd all love to know.
  18. Huge Ship and equipment

    The answers you seek are likely to be found here.
  19. Quickdraw does not interrupt the attack at the moment of losing the shield, but triggers after the initial attack has been resolved but before any destroyed ships are removed.
  20. Omega Lannister?

    Correct. OL blocks the condition card's modifying effect. OL's "cannot" trumps everything.
  21. PSA: C-3PO does not work on rerolls

    Most of us don't bite.
  22. PSA: C-3PO does not work on rerolls

    No one is going to take you seriously if you answer questions based on a gut feeling. And although it's called "common sense", sometimes it's not that common. Especially when some of FFG's rule interactions completely defy common sense.
  23. PSA: C-3PO does not work on rerolls

    And any shred of credibility suddenly vanishes... But I had a gutfeeling that was going to happen.
  24. Torani Kulda - Pilot Ability

    All the steps for the attack are unchanged. The defender gets to his modify steps, and if he's in your bullseye arc, he can still modify as long as it doesn't involve spending focus or evade tokens. Resolve the attack as normal, then when you get to Step 8, Torani's ability triggers and he strips any focus and evade tokens, or forces the defender to suffer a single damage.
  25. What cards say versus rules.

    And much like the Rules Reference, in need of an overhaul to include the changes of the last few years.