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  1. WAVE X UPDATE NOW OUT - 11 MARCH 2017 Tired of searching for that pesky reference card when trying to use an upgrade when you can't quite remember it's details? Well here's the only Reference Cards you need. The BIG Reference Card is a collection of directly quoted text from the many reference cards that come with various upgrades. It is in A4 format but users have informed me that printing it to US Letter format is perfectly fine also. Just print page it double sided, and you've got everything at your finger tips. Please note, I have had offers of payment, but I cannot accept these because that would create a breach of FFG copyright. So this is available absolutely FREE! (BIG Reference Card IX shown) Included by popular request are the manoeuvre charts for all the small and large ships in the game on pages 3, 4 and 5. This is available as a pdf file that includes all five pages that's only 560kb. Just message me if you want a copy and I'll happily email it to you, and don't forget to include your email address and (your proper name would be nice too - just for my email records, no one else). Some of you may find these action tokens helpful to keep track of those actions that don't have a token. I'll also add your email address to an update list so that whenever I do an update (for any new FAQ releases or new ships) you'll get a new pdf version sent to you. This item is absolutely FREE OF CHARGE (mainly because it's covered by FFG copyright).
  2. Just a question for you, but have you got/read the rules insert that came with the Ghost?
  3. It's unusual that the card doesn't state "up to your maximum" like others that are similar. But this is also covered on page 17 of the rules.
  4. Because it says you can perform that red maneuver. By discarding CC and receiving it's stress, you can now ignore the "revealing a red maneuver while stressed" rule, as well as the "you cannot perform actions while stressed" rule, for the round. That's the entire purpose of the card.
  5. Fair comment @DR4CO, but it seems a precedent has been set that when a card is discarded, other cards or abilities that were granted by that card are not discarded. Integrated Astromech or Boba Fett can remove R2-D6 but it doesn't remove any EPT that was equipped. Boba Fett removing Royal Guard TIE doesn't remove the second Modification. Boba Fett removing the Mist Hunter title doesn't remove the Tractor Beam One could extrapolate, the same logic may apply to munition or illicit tokens. Once could also be wrong here as well, but stranger things have happened in this game.
  6. Why would you want to discard the card before the token? Anyway, I think this would apply.
  7. The token stays on the flipped card. It's already in the FAQ.
  8. The only problem I can see is if you decide to allow only one Scum ship, it could easily end up being half the squad. Especially if it's one of the large ships. I would suggest something along the lines of as many Scum ships as you can/like for one third of the squad's total points. If you're playing 100 points, 33 points would be for Scum. That way the Empire/Alliance would still outnumber the Scum should they decide to change allegiance. Which could also bring up another option: if the main squad is losing badly, should the Scum ships stick around or save their own skins and abandon the fight? I think the inclusion of Scum in a Rebel or Imperial squad could be a lot of fun, but should have a certain amount of unpredictability with it also. Good luck.
  9. I think you'll find that equipping the Phantom title card and having the Phantom still docked allows the Ghost to make the additional turret attack, not the Phantom. It doesn't say anywhere that the Phantom is making the additional attack. If it were referring to the Phantom being able to attack, it would say "you may perform an attack with an equipped (turret)" instead of "it may perform an additional attack with an equipped (turret)".
  10. Acrylic MODEL paints. not art supplies stuff. Try the Citadel range.
  11. It appears from some of the pics that you're using gloss paints. Try using matte paints and thin them down to the consistency of milk. You'll get a more even coat, but you may have to do more than one coat to get the coverage. You will find it will go on easier and faster though. Anything that you specifically want to have a shiny finish, use a gloss varnish instead of a gloss colour. The only thing that I paint with a gloss is cockpit glazing. On models so small, a gloss creates too much shine and hides any detail.
  12. Well, considering a SLAM is a maneuver and it must be the same speed as the maneuver you just executed from your dial, then it's quite easily either of them.
  13. They've always worked together, and probably always will. There's nothing wrong with the interaction that I can see that would cause any change to them.
  14. There's nothing stopping you from performing a focus action when Jan is within the right range to change it to an evade token. It might be more problematic when she's out of range, because you cannot perform a focus action without assigning another focus token, which Advanced Optics prohibits.
  15. Considering you can place the bomb template anywhere around your ship that's still touching your base, I would consider the 1-straight template to be redundant if you're using the ability. It is an optional ability, so if you don't use it, the normal bomb placement rules would apply.
  16. At the time it was written, it worked fine. It's the rule change when the TFA rulebook came out that broke it.
  17. There's currently no game mechanic that allows you to reinstate used or discarded ordnance tokens.
  18. You actually have a very defined timing window with Push the Limit, that being immediately after you perform an action. If you performed your Advanced Sensors action, then executed your maneuver, you have now passed the timing trigger of being able to use Push the Limit. The ideal situation is: Plan a green maneuver Trigger Advanced Sensors for a free action Which in turn triggers Push the Limit for another free action Gain the stress from Push the Limit Execute the green maneuver you planned Remove the stress you just gained from Push the Limit
  19. I'm assuming you're suggesting Youngster with Expose, in which case any TIE Fighters within Range 1-3 would have declared that as their action, and that ability remains active for them. Youngster's destruction won't change their actions in the same round, but it will mean they cannot use Youngster's Expose in following rounds.
  20. The missions are generally intended as an introduction to new game mechanics or concepts and are quite often not entirely balanced. I don't know of any instance where they've been used in a tournament setting.
  21. Remember, you cannot perform the same action more than once during a single round, even if one or more of the actions are free actions. And you cannot perform actions while stressed. Other than that, you're good to go if you have boost and barrel roll on your action bar.
  22. The correct sequence would be: Execute maneuver "Perform Action" Step - SLAM and receive weapons disabled token (as apart of the SLAM) Trigger Karsabi's ability and receive stress to remove weapons disable token. Trigger for Advanced SLAM, but you're unable to resolve because you're stressed.
  23. But if you equip Youngster with an elite upgrade that doesn't have the "Action:" header, no one else can utilize it, and his ability is wasted.
  24. The large base is NOT the same as a straight-2 template, especially when you take the guides into account. This is a common misconception. Stand a large base on its edge, on the guides, and place a straight-2 template against it. You will find the template will be shorter. The same applies to small bases and the straight-1 template. When you're nose-to-nose with a large ship, it is impossible to make a straight-2 or 2 K-turn and clear the large ship. When the B-wing attempts to move, it's not going to make it to the other end, so it will move backward along the template until it no longer overlaps the other ship, which will bring it back to it's starting point. So the end result is: The B-wing has overlapped another ship and is now "touching" and because it is touching that ship, it cannot attack that ship. It attempted a red K-turn but couldn't complete it, so will not turn around (page 6) but will get a stress token. It will skip its "Perform Action" step this round (even if the chosen maneuver wasn't red). See "Overlapping Ships" on page 15, and "Touching" on page 19.
  25. Rex's ability doesn't have a "may" option for him, so when he attacks, he must assign the Suppressive Fire condition card to the defender. If he shoots at Ship A in round 2, he assigns it to Ship A. If he shoots at Ship B in round 3, then he must move it from Ship A to Ship B.