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  1. Harpoons, again

    Note the difference in the texts. Both attack using the normal procedure up to and including Step 6 "Compare Results". If the Ion Pulse Missiles hit, then the damage listed on the card is applied instead of Step 7 and all dice results are canceled. If the Harpoon Missiles or Ion Torpedoes hit, there's no mention of cancelling any results, so they are processed in Step 7 in the normal fashion, and then you assign the condition card or splash some ion tokens. A more interesting discussion is if the damage from the HM attack destroys the ship, does the condition card still get assigned if the destroyed ship is kept in play due to the Simultaneous Attack rule?
  2. Nien Nunb + Opportunist

    Page 8 of the rulebook under Card Abilities: If the defender has no focus or evade tokens, you'll get one extra attack die from Opportunist, then dump the stress. It's pretty much a freebie attack die for Nien.
  3. Sensor Jammer

    Yeah, wouldn't that make amusing reading?
  4. Docked Ship and Range 1

    Not quite "removed" as that would infer it was there to begin with. Technically, the ship and any upgrades equipped don't exist until it is deployed.
  5. Rules question, scum nym.

    It's just one. If it was one per token, it would specifically state that on the card.
  6. Major Stridan and Death Troopers

    This one is is pretty black and white, just as @thespaceinvader has said. What's the logic behind his argument against it working? We'd all love to know.
  7. Huge Ship and equipment

    The answers you seek are likely to be found here.
  8. Quickdraw does not interrupt the attack at the moment of losing the shield, but triggers after the initial attack has been resolved but before any destroyed ships are removed.
  9. Omega Lannister?

    Correct. OL blocks the condition card's modifying effect. OL's "cannot" trumps everything.
  10. PSA: C-3PO does not work on rerolls

    Most of us don't bite.
  11. PSA: C-3PO does not work on rerolls

    No one is going to take you seriously if you answer questions based on a gut feeling. And although it's called "common sense", sometimes it's not that common. Especially when some of FFG's rule interactions completely defy common sense.
  12. PSA: C-3PO does not work on rerolls

    And any shred of credibility suddenly vanishes... But I had a gutfeeling that was going to happen.
  13. Torani Kulda - Pilot Ability

    All the steps for the attack are unchanged. The defender gets to his modify steps, and if he's in your bullseye arc, he can still modify as long as it doesn't involve spending focus or evade tokens. Resolve the attack as normal, then when you get to Step 8, Torani's ability triggers and he strips any focus and evade tokens, or forces the defender to suffer a single damage.
  14. What cards say versus rules.

    And much like the Rules Reference, in need of an overhaul to include the changes of the last few years.
  15. Dial-less

    Rulebook, Page 15 ... and page 4 It's like this for a reason, and that's because this way, everyone knows exactly what's going on. Otherwise, you'll get things being done out of order, missed opportunities, etc. As far as I'm concerned, it doesn't matter how intense the furball might get, this is still the easiest way to keep track of it. It's really not that hard, guys.