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  1. Follow thespaceinvader's link (above) and you'll find it. It's also worth downloading the pdf of the Rules Reference as well, as you can search it by keywords and quickly find specific rules you're after.
  2. But at this time, the ONLY Rebel ship would be Captain Nym's Scurrg H-6 Bomber with the Havoc title.
  3. Is this even a question yet?
  4. It sounds like another one of those games that just really came down to the wire. The victory conditions were still met, even if the winner really didn't have a chance of continuing the fight. Sometimes when you're battling a mighty empire, you can beat them with an incredible amount of luck and a lucky shot at a 2m exhaust port.
  5. Sensor Jammer cannot be used against bombs because bombs don't make an Attack, and you aren't "defending" against them. You can use focus and evade tokens only when defending against an attack, but not when you're hit by a bomb/mine. As for Snap Shot, that's actually making an attack outside the Combat phase in much the same way Corrin Horn does in the End phase. And because it's an attack, you roll defense dice and are allowed to spend tokens when defending as normal. As per the card text, it's the attacker that can't modify his attack dice when making a Snap Shot attack. There's nothing on the card that prohibits the defender from modifying.
  6. Another small but valid point. While there's no range bonus on secondary weapon attacks, if they're shooting at you through an asteroid or debris field, you still gain a die for the obstruction. Obstructed attacks have nothing to do with range bonuses. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.
  7. You've only been doing it wrong if you've KEPT the stress token after the green manoeuvre. You still apply the stress token, but you get to clear it immediately after the green manoeuvre. It still has to be assigned in case there's another ability that may trigger from "receiving or assigning a stress token".
  8. Indeed you can, and it's awesome fun.
  9. Hence the second line of my post.
  10. "Immediately" means you should do this first, but then other things can immediately trigger before the "immediately" that you're trying to resolve. Unfortunately, someone at FFG clarified that "immediately" doesn't hold much weight when trying to establish timings. It should be read as "do X as soon as you can, but other things can interrupt you".
  11. Unguided Rockets can only be modified by spending a focus token for its standard effect (as per the text on the card), so that rules out a Guidance Chips modification.
  12. Bombs are NOT secondary weapons and you do NOT perform attacks with them. Secondary weapons are upgrades that feature the “Attack:” header in their card text. The ability to be able to attack twice during a round does NOT give you the ability to drop a bomb twice.
  13. The TIE/D title and Quickdraw both trigger during Step 9 of the attack, so you get to choose which one goes first. Or, like thespaceinvader stated, if they're opponents then it's down to initiative.
  14. It would seem that R2-D2 is the precedent, and based on that, the Construction Droid and Repair Droid would be confined to the section they are equipped to.