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  1. Speaking of this weekend... It's KublaCon weekend here in the Bay Area. I'll be running "Echoes of the Past" once again, Saturday at 10AM. So, if you're going to the con, sign up and have some Star Wars fun!
  2. I just got the book today, so yeah, if you have the adversaries, it would save me a lot of time. I still have to get through Cyphers and Masks.
  3. Double-whammy It has the correct optional mod now. The silhouette mod was actually increasing by encumbrance capacity, not silhouette. Fixed that too. They'll both be in the next release.
  4. I had restructured and simplified the code that modifies the standard unarmed "weapon". Unfortunately, I didn't do it quite right and left something out. It'll work in the next release.
  5. I still see them. Maybe the filter is turned off, or you have a custom data issue.
  6. This will be fixed in the upcoming release. It's not an issue with Tinkerer per se, but rather the routine that displays talent descriptions. For any talent that adds HP to something, the description method was assuming the talent was coming from a character, rather than an adversary. So when displaying an adversary with Tinkerer, the character reference is null, hence the error.
  7. Unlimited Power is in the current version. I'm working on Cyphers and Masks right now. Still have Droids and Vehicles to go, then I should be ready.
  8. You can do it. First, add a talent: <Talent> <Key>CLEVERNEG</Key> <Name>Clever Negotiators</Name> <Description> Please see page xx of the Allies and Adversaries Sourcebook for details. </Description> <Source Page="xx">Allies and Adversaries</Source> <Ranked>false</Ranked> <ActivationValue>taPassive</ActivationValue> <SkillChars> <SkillChar> <SkillKey>NEG</SkillKey> <CharKey>CUN</CharKey> </SkillChar> </SkillChars> </Talent> Then add the talent to your Jawa species. You'll need to choose Cunning using the "Talent Choices" button on the Species pane.
  9. Ah... your character probably has the Defensive Training talent.
  10. Not the layout, but you can change the skin and change the font size. Long nemeses should probably use a small font size. Since it's an image, you can also cut the image into smaller chunks and arrange them side-by-side.
  11. Very strange... for some reason, the talent editor did not update the talent at all. This'll be fixed.
  12. I fixed it. The new calls in my base form class were being called out of order, but just in that dialog.
  13. Yeah, the only way for this to happen is if they're added to the career. Universal specs should not be added to individual careers, as they can't be starting specs.
  14. Oh, I don't have Allies and Adversaries yet, but just reading up on it, it looks like there's something like 130 adversaries in it. It'll take me forever to enter those in, so anyone interested in helping out? We could divide it out and everyone take like 5 or 10 of them, something like that. I can then include them in the next release, along with whatever else is in Allies and Adversaries (I'm assuming it'll have more than just NPC's).
  15. I was about to say... universal specs should not be showing up as starting specs, and if you want to add one, you can select the universal spec radio button to only view universal specs. It's already doing all of this.
  16. Email me exports of the two adversaries (or copies out of the Adversaries directory if you get an error) and I'll see what the problem is. oggdude42@gmail.com
  17. The code is expecting that at least one craft improvement exists, but you've both apparently unchecked all the books with crafting. Just go into C:\Users\<your login>\AppData\Roaming\SWCharGen and delete the "Settings.xml" file. Then after that, make sure you have at least one source checked that includes crafting, such as Special Modifications or Keeping the Peace.
  18. Make sure C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\clr.dll exists on your computer. If it doesn't, re-install the latest .NET framework. All the apps are compiled using framework 4.5. You can also try moving the install out of your Downloads directory. And I'm assuming you un-ZIPped the entire archive to that folder? It needs everything to run properly.
  19. Here are the lightsaber templates and the types of lightsabers that can be created with them: Standard Lightsaber - lightsaber Precision Lightsaber - shoto, dagger lightsaber, and lightfoil Defensive Lightsaber - guard shoto Double-Bladed Lightsaber - double-bladed lightsaber and Temple Guard lightsaber pike Pole Lightsaber - lightsaber pike and long-handle lightsaber These are all in Endless Vigil. Remember, they're templates, and templates are generalized so you can create different variations depending on how you spend your rolls. Unless I'm missing something, there're no templates for specific lightsabers types, just these generalized categories. Cal Alsen is included as "ISB Supervisor Cal Alsen". Liers Ossnan might be mentioned, but I can't include an adversary of him if I don't have his stats If you need him as part of an encounter, then just make something up, use a stock adversary, or make a copy of Cal. And all the racers on pages 45-47 (Gerrol Hunn, Chara Tull, The Carbine, and Garulo) are also included. Again, if others are mentioned elsewhere, but don't have a stat block, then I can't make adversaries out of them.
  20. It looks like you have an issue with a weapon that you created or edited. Rename Weapons.xml in your custom data directory and see if the error goes away.
  21. Base data comes with the application and may change each time there's an update. Custom data is found in your custom data directory. It is not touched when you update. Custom data is merged with base data to get a final data result. There's basically three types of custom data: DescOnly - Same as the base data, but with your own descriptions and, optionally, names. CustomItem - Overwrites an existing item so you can change what an existing item does or how it works. This includes the item itself, as well as description if that changes. AddedItem - A new item. There's actually two levels of organization for custom data. The first is the "default" data set, which consists of files in the custom data directory. The second is your own named data sets, which reside in folders within the custom data directory. All of these things can be backed up, and custom data sets can be exported so that other people can use them. Base data should not be touched. If you want to make changes to your data, use the Data Editor, which only modifies data in the custom data directory (or data set subdirectories).
  22. The pre-release seemed pretty stable, so here's the official release (Manual Install and Web Install). My new copies of Cyphers and Masks and Dawn of Rebellion just came in the mail yesterday, so I'll be working on those for 2.3.3. Here's the 2.3.2 release notes: Release New/Changed Data: Added all new information from "Knights of Fate", including species, specializations, talents, equipment and vehicles, motivations, backgrounds, signature abilities, droids, attachments, etc. In crafting, maximum speed by silhouette rules are now enforced only if using an engine template. If modifying a custom vehicle without changing out the engine, it will no longer top out the speed using the rules if the base speed of the custom vehicle is higher. New Features/Enhancements: Added rewards to the character generator. Rewards can cost XP, but can also grant talents, skill ranks, and die modifiers to skills. The following reward types are supported (found in various sourcebooks): Ally, Apprentice, Battle Scar, Campaign Medal or Ribbon, Follower, Honored Title, Maker's Mark, Medal of Honor, Military or Civilian Decoration, Proven Expertise, Reputation, and School. Rewards are not tied to any specific career in order to provide flexibility to the GM. In crafting, a character with the Maker's Mark reward will have the Advantage cost of a chosen improvement lowered by one. Added a Rewards editor to the Data Editor. Modified editors in the Data Editor to add a standard description based on the name and source information for the item being added. Armor, weapons, gear, and vehicles will use Header 3 for the title, while other items will use Header 4, as is the current standard. Modified the skills pane. The rank sources have been removed and columns re-spaced to be less cluttered. A complete list of rank sources will now appear in a tool tip when you hover over a skill. Restricted ships will now display the restricted symbol after the cost/rarity on the printed sheet. In the Data Editor, the Force Ability editor now supports innate weapons. Innate weapons configured in this way will show up in a character's weapon inventory when the Force ability is selected. When the Conjure basic Force power ability is selected, two innate weapons will be added to the weapon equipment list: a Basic Conjured Brawl Weapon and a Basic Conjured Melee Weapon. They can be selected to show on the first page of the character sheet as a reference when a character has the Conjure Force power. Bug Fixes: Innate Brawl weapons (such as from a species, gear, or an attachment) were not getting properly combined with the default Unarmed attack. They now will. When new innate weapons were being added, there was a chance that the "Show" flag would not get properly set on existing innate weapons, or get set on the new innate weapon. Innate weapon keys are now calculated differently, which should eliminate this issue. Ad hoc (innate) vehicle weapons would be displayed as using personal scale if they were set to planetary scale. Planetary scale ad hoc weapons will no longer display as personal, while personal ad hoc weapons will continue to properly display as personal. In GM Tools, adversaries with the Flyer ability were always being classified as mounts and being given the mount Flyer talent instead. This will now only happen if other mount abilities are found, as non-mount adversaries may have the Flyer ability as well. For vehicle weapons, changed weapon descriptions to use proper hyphenated grammar for mounted weapons (i.e., "Forward-Mounted" instead of "Forward Mounted"). When crafting vehicles, if a new vehicle was selected, it's assembly template would not be updated until the assembly was selected from the drop down. Because of this, the crafting costs were calculated using the previous frame's assembly template. Now, the assembly is automatically updated when the crafted vehicle is being created without having to first select the assembly template (there can only ever be one assembly template based upon silhouette). When crafting vehicles, the value of a custom vehicle only considered the cost of crafting it. It will now also include the original cost of the vehicle, as well as additional crafting costs. In crafting, the Craft Summary sheet had some formatting issues with vehicles if the template names exceeded the size of the label. These have been fixed. In crafting, the Craft Summary sheet would crash if you removed the hull or engine from a custom vehicle. This will now work properly. In many screens and printouts, fixed minor formatting and spacing issues such as centering, font sizes, etc.
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