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  1. Are you on Windows 10 with ClearType turned on? It actually looks fine on Windows 7. Not sure what the problem is there.
  2. I'm still here I don't have DoH yet, but I have made some changes based on what everyone's been posting. I'd like to do an interim release with these changes. I'm posting what I've done so far below. If you don't see a change that's related to your issue, please let me know. When printing a group sheet from GM Tools, selecting or deselecting a character from the group in the initial print dialog did nothing. It will now properly select or deselect characters. When career/specialization was changed in the generator, it would not update the species non-career grid (if human). This could caused incorrect skills to be listed in the non-career grid. The species panel is now updated whenever the career/specialization is changed. All changes to items from talents are now applied to all appropriate items, regardless of whether or not they are held or equipped. This is so you can show unequipped or even unheld weapons on the front of the character sheet and they'll be fully modded. Low-Friction Coating attachment had the wrong price and rarity. This has been fixed. On group sheets, lists that continued onto a new page would sometimes get their labels and text reset. For instance, a duty chart, continued onto another page, would have an "Obligation" header instead. This was due to initializing the control before adding it to the print form. These controls are now initialized after adding them to the print form. The Reconstruct the Scene talent was marked as a Force talent. Since it appears in a new Bounty Hunter specialization, this is incorrect. It is no longer a Force talent. Fixed an issue in adversaries where a skill bonus added by an item would cause a crash if the adversary does not have that skill. The bonus will be ignored until the adversary is given the skill. Armored Robes had incorrect encumbrance. It is now 5. When printing group sheets from GM Tools, in certain situations, pages were not being added. This has been fixed. When printing vehicle sheets from GM Tools, in certain situations, pages were not being added. This has been fixed. If a character is granted a free unranked talent through GM Grants, and then the talent comes up in a specialization, the spec talent is correctly auto-selected, but it costs XP. It will now check to see if a free talent already exists, and if so, it will no longer deduct XP for the auto-selection. In the Data Editor, when editing specializations, changes to career skills did not always work. This has been fixed. Added the "Portable Gunnery" category to the following weapons: Heavy Repeating Blaster, HOB Heavy Repeating Blaster, VX "Sidewinder" Repeating Blaster, and CZ-28 Flamestrike. In the Crafting dialog, the Blunt Weapon template was incorrectly set to using the Brawl skill. It is now correctly set to Melee. Stun Baton was incorrectly set to 2 damage. It is now set to +2 damage. Removed the Linked quality from the Reciprocating Quad Blaster Cannon. If a Force specialization was purchased and a lightsaber technique selected, the "Choose Skill Char" button appears at the top. However, if the specialization is removed, the button was still being displayed. I now check for this condition when a specialization changes, rather than just a talent change, so the button will properly disappear. There were a couple of places in code where [REMTHREAT] was being used instead of the proper [CANTHREAT]. This has been fixed. In the Data Editor, the right-side help list had a couple of incorrect tags. These have been fixed. Adversaries can now use weapons that are built-into other items. In the Crafting dialog, if an improvement added a mod, it would normally add the mod count to the item, or increase it by 1 if the mod already existed. When adding weapon qualities in this way (such as with Awkward Grip and Unwieldy), it would not find the existing quality because it only looked in base mods. If the item is a weapon and a mod can't be found in base mods, it will now also look in the existing qualities list as well. Modified the Mk III Modular Backpack attachment to add 1 encumbrance for its base mod (1 pouch), plus 5 optional +1 encumbrance mods. This can give a total of +8 encumbrance. For Reports in GM Tools, due to the complexities of some of the objects, a property could possibly be an descentant of itself. This would cause a circular reference which would, in turn, cause the application to freeze and eventually get a "stack overflow" or "out of memory" error. The property generator will now check for circular references and, if found, will end the tree at the descendant. For Reports in GM Tools, fixed an issue that could arise where columns on page 2 would not find their property in the property combo box. This was due to multiple instances of the same type being in the property list. Now, only the proper types are used to define the columns. Fixed some issues with the Racer specialization.
  3. You can create actual adversaries using GM Tools. Once you add an adversary, you can either get a stat block for it, or (preferably) use the adversary in an encounter. The encounter sheets not only give you the adversary's stats, skills, and equipment, but also have areas to keep track of wound, strain, and conditions. So, create your NPC as an adversary and print out encounter sheets as needed. Incidentally, the app comes with adversaries and encounters for just about every published adventure. That's well over 600 adversaries that you can just import into your system. Also, bases use adversaries for NPCs, and you can import and create adversaries for PC "companions", such as droids, pets, siblings, friends, or whatever.
  4. I just tried it and it's showing up as 6 damage (Hired Gun/Marauder with 2 ranks in Feral Strength and Brawn of 4).
  5. The arm needs to be equipped before the weapon will appear.
  6. Here's a list of all the supported tags for description text. Tags (full and short) and end tags should be inside square brackets ([<tag>]). Symbols don't require end tags, but fonts, styles, formatting, etc., require them if you want to end the style. You can combine tags to format your text how you like it. You can also add HTML to descriptions, such as for unordered lists, tables, or whatever.
  7. The descriptions are basically for fluff, not for going into detail about mechanics. To do what you're looking for, add a Base Mod to the attachment, then type in the mechanical effects into the ad hoc text box. You can use tags for dice and other symbols, too, such as [SE] for a setback die. Also, some of those attachments sound like they might be able to use standard mods. For instance, I'm not sure what "Abysmal Handling" does, but if it changes the handling of the ship, then there's a mod for that. Just look in the mod drop down at the top left. You can also filter by "Other" to not display mods for talents, characteristics, skills, etc. When adding a standard mod, don't put anything into the ad hoc description; they have their own descriptions.
  8. For some reason, my CellClick event on the grid wasn't set. It was in the code, it just wasn't being used. It's now working again.
  9. I'm now checking to see whether or not free, unranked talents are being marked because of a "free" grant talent. If so, the talent is now marked as "free" as well, so it doesn't take XP.
  10. That was a bug related to the new way I'm doing printing. it's been fixed.
  11. They never make it easy, do they? DoH might take a bit longer to get out than I was thinking...
  12. I'll have to take a look at it. If it's the same sort of thing as inquisitors, where you choose skill packages, characteristics, etc., then yeah, it'll probably have a step-by-step dialog for creating them. But again, I'll need to take a look at how it's supposed to work.
  13. It was a bug. It wasn't supposed to work like that. I fixed it so that it will now save "all sources" if that was the last one selected.
  14. I did my best to make this work with Mono, but after installing the PC version, I realized that I'd have to make a ton of changes to get it to work. As you see, it doesn't support fonts as resources, and it also doesn't support SQL CE databases. There's probably a bunch more that Mono doesn't currently support. And I'm not even sure that, if I did go through all of my code and remove an non-Mono reference, that it would even work the same. So, at this time, I'm not making any more Mono changes. Hopefully, Mono (at least the Mac version) will someday become more enhanced and support more features of the MS .NET framework to the point where modifying the code will become feasible.
  15. What I attempted to do is create an unmodded version of the ship, add the mods that make it look like what was in the book, then make sure the leftover HP's matched the book. Since the book didn't say what an unmodded version would look like, I just added what I thought was appropriate, based on the descriptions of the mods made. The stock vehicle version should match the HP's in the book. Of course, there's a number of different ways this can be done, what what's in the data is my interpretation of it. If at some other time, an actual unmodded version of the ship shows up in an official publication, I'll replace my version with it.