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  1. A new feature in item attachments was causing a crash in the Data Editor when a new attachment was added. This has been fixed. So, next release, it'll go away.
  2. Also, in the FAQ, question 2.3 (should be last question on page 5) gives basic instructions on how to do this.
  3. By the way, while I haven't added anything new to the generator in awhile, I have fixed a number of bugs since the last release. So, when I get the time, I'll go over everything and do another bug release. As far as new features go, the only one I've been pondering is the new mentor rules. The way they're set up, there's no easy way of doing them, so I'll research this some more and try to figure out the best way of implementing them. Some people have had questions about a Genesys char gen. Assuming I had the rulebook (which I don't), my guess right now is that the two games probably share maybe 75% of the same concepts. There'd obviously be text changes and image changes, plus the addition of... whatever the "setting" package would contain (like "spells" instead of "Force powers"). The generator can probably be used right now with different data to give you at least a usable character sheet, but I really don't know enough about the game yet to understand all of the nuances. At any rate, since Genesys is FFG's own game, I don't think there's a "digital game" issue like there is with SW (if that's a real thing). That means that they can create their own generator if they like. If this is something they're looking into, I'd be more than happy to talk to them about using my current generator as the basis of a new one for Genesys. It would probably need to be ported to the web, which would require all new GUI, but the inner-workings would remain the same. I've been working on this since 2013, so it's pretty thoroughly tested and robust.
  4. Unfortunately, I'm using a ClickOnce install, which has very limited customization. I'm basically stuck with the way Microsoft thinks it should work, and I doubt they had cloud data limits in mind when they created it Deleting and installing won't work at any rate, since it still wouldn't be able to be downloaded until traffic goes below the limit.
  5. The pCloud package I bought (with generous donations from a number of folks) has a 500gb data limit per month. The good news is that it uses a "scrolling buffer" type of approach to figure this out, so a "month" is figured for the current day, going back a month, rather than, say, from the 1st to the 30th. This means that if a day or two has a lot of traffic and the current "month" goes over the data limit, it'll only restrict downloads until enough days have gone by so that the total bytes goes back under 500gb. It won't restrict downloads until the end of the month. In other words, you'll need to wait a day or two so that the total for the current "month" goes back below 500gb. The site will normally handle a reasonable amount of downloads at any one time, but there's been a few times where the limit has been reached. If this keeps happening on a regular basis, I'll look at enhancing my package to 1tb.
  6. Yeah, sorry, this has been fixed and will work in the next release.
  7. The proper die modifiers were not present for the Overwhelm Emotions talent. I've added them, so this should work properly in the next release.
  8. There were higher than normal downloads for the past few days (about 1.5 to 2 times normal), which caused the bandwidth to become exceeded. It should be up and running in a day or two. To get around this for the web install, just do a search for the file "SWCharGenLauncher.exe" and create a shortcut to it on your desktop. That'll skip the update check and just run the app. If you find more than one, they could be different versions, or you may have a mix of web and manual installs.
  9. It's like how the Force Powers and Morality buttons won't show up until you have a Force rating, or how individual Force powers won't appear in the drop down unless you have the requisite Force rating for them. As soon as you have the bottom row talents that match at least one of the two signature ability's requirements, the button will appear on the left.
  10. I first had to find where Sense Advantage was, since FSE only had Sense Emotion Found it in the Aggressor tree. Yeah, sure enough, only the first one was found. What I did was add an "enable" check after selecting the first one, which will enable any new nodes due to the selection. Now it works. I'm also going to go through the entire tree again after anything is auto-selected, just to make sure it finds nodes that become enabled, but were already checked.
  11. L Master List

    Actually, nobody asked me to remove anything from my generator, I just did it preemptively to avoid problems. I've never had any contact with anyone from FFG, other than Sam Stewart answering a couple of dev questions The generator's been out since 2013 and has been downloaded well over 250,000 times, and FFG hasn't blinked an eye yet. So I really don't know what their criteria is for what constitutes "crossing the line".
  12. Don't be surprised if you can't download the app today. For some weird reason, I'm seeing over 1500 downloads of the ZIP file for today. I'm suspicious because I normally get about 200 downloads of it a day. The three days a couple of weeks ago when bandwidth was last exceeded was due to getting 400+ for each of those days. Anyway... I'd rather not up my plan for a couple of anomalous spikes, and, of course, I have no idea why 1500 manual installs were suddenly downloaded today. Just thought I'd warn everyone.
  13. It's created on-the-fly for each character based on the species and other stuff. It's not an actual piece of equipment and isn't saved with your character.
  14. Next version. There is a way of sort of fixing it now, but unfortunately, the talent editor doesn't have a way of editing item changes. In fact, I'm going to have to redesign the form eventually because it's already too jam packed with options. If you're comfortable in XML, you can try removing the current ItemChange element from Iron Body (Talents.xml): <ItemChange> <UnarmedOnly>true</UnarmedOnly> <CritChange>-1</CritChange> </ItemChange> And use this one instead: <ItemChange> <SkillKeys> <Key>BRAWL</Key> </SkillKeys> <CritChange>-1</CritChange> </ItemChange>
  15. First, it's not an Excel spreadsheet, but a full-blown app (multiple apps, actually) Also, this applies to non-ranked talents. I tried this and it works fine. Basically, choose Anatomy Lessons from the first tree. In the second tree, select talents until Anatomy Lessons becomes available. When this happens, Anatomy Lessons will automatically become selected without you having to select it. It will cost no extra XP, and you can't deselect it unless you deselect the talents leading up to it. In other words, you don't just automatically get the talent when it shows up in another tree. You have to purchase talents up to it so that it can be selected. When this happens, selection is automatic with no XP cost.