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  1. It does use a HP, but it also increases max HP by 1 like it's supposed to, so it's a wash. The description is misleading. Cargo Pods x 2 still increases by silhouette. However, if the frame is a Freighter, it increases by silhouette x 4, rather than x 2. Yeah, those are now removed from general circulation and are not allowed to be chosen after creation. I hadn't thought about it, but yeah, half again of 0 is still 0 Fixed, and changed the name to "Lightly" rather than "Light" Fixed. And changed cowlings to podracer-only.
  2. When selecting sources, you have to have at least one "Core" source selected. Core sources are the core rulebooks for EotE, AoR, and FaD. So, even with your custom data, you'd still need to have one of them selected. There's a way around this, of course. You'd need to have a custom CoreSources.xml file in your DataCustom directory. This file would add your Firelfy source as a core source. There's no editor for this file, but you can create it yourself. Once it shows up as a core source, you can deselect the other three and just have your Firefly source enabled The main caveat is that the core sources are "core" for a reason. The generator has to have SOMETHING in almost all of the data files for it to work properly, and by selecting one of the three core source, this requirement is fulfilled. If you want to make another core source, just make sure you have your bases covered.
  3. The defense thing is a bug. I tried to simplify the calculation, which works for everything but weapons. Weapons can have modifications from talents, while other item types don't. Anyway, got it working. I want to accumulate some more bugs before doing a bug fix release.
  4. I changed how I keep track of sources, so I can now automatically include new sources that aren't currently in the list. I know it was annoying having to go into Options and select new sources when a new release came out.
  5. Congratulations, you found a bug If you had two or more pieces of gear with built-in weapons, all the weapons would get the same key, so the others' "show" state would keep getting reverted back to the first one in the list.
  6. I can't find Dawn of Rebellion anywhere. I think Ghosts was the first to come out, so I'll probably do that one next. I do have the other two FaD books, so I'll do those after Ghosts.
  7. The Engineer's Hammer is gear that adds a weapon profile. First, equip the hammer under "Gear". Equipping will create a weapon profile that will show up under "Weapons". Go to "Weapons" and click "Show"
  8. OK, here's the "official" release, along with all recent changes. Release New/Changed Data: Added all new information from "Fully Operational", including species, specializations, talents, equipment and vehicles, motivations, backgrounds, signature abilities, attachments, etc. Added all new droids from "Fully Operational", both as adversaries and as gear, which can be used to create companions. Added new vehicle attachments explicitly for use with vehicle crafting. Added "Forged in Battle" as a source for the Heavy specialization. Added "Age of Rebellion" as a source for the Forager talent. The Raquor'Daan Beastmaster adversary has been added to the "Lords of Nal Hutta" Import folder. Removed "Sealable" from the combat armor template in the Crafting dialog, since "Sealable" can be purchased as an option. Fixed formatting and spelling issue with BR-219 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Modified Integrated Holsters attachment to use the new storage item feature. Added the Pistol and Ranged categories to the SE-14c Blaster Pistol Underslung Scattergun attachment now lists the weapon's critical rating correctly as 5. Changed "Podracer Engine" to "Podracer Engines (pair)". The talent "Shortcut (Improved)" now takes an incidental action to perform. The talent "Invigorate" now takes an incidental out-of-turn action to perform. Changed the Bantha importable adversary from "Stay on Target" to have a silhouette of 2 instead of 3. The Darvo-Class Light Freighter's sensor range has been increased to medium. As the Gravity Belt is no longer an official item due to errata, this is noted in its default description. Sorosuub "Persuader" Shock Prod now correctly has Slowfiring 1. Added the Chameleon Droid and Stone Guardian from "Nexus of Power" as companion-creating gear that can be purchased in the equipment pane. Krash from "Mask of the Pirate Queen" now has Leadership 1. Fleet Officer from "Mask of the Pirate Queen" now has Ranged Light 2. Saboteur Lift Loader from "Dead in the Water" is now a minion. The Unmatched Survivability signature ability was misspelled. It is now spelled correctly. In vehicle crafting, the hull improvement Integrated System was incorrectly set to allow only a single purchase. It can now be purchased as often as you like. The Inferior quality was being inconsistantly applied to armor and weapons. It should now be applied correctly to both, including changes to threat, damage, encumbrance, defense, and soak. Since Inferior and Superior makes different changes to armor, if both are present, for whatever reason, the effects cancel out, rather than become cumulative. Added a "Reverse Engineering" attachment for armor, weapons, gear, and vehicles to use for the "Reverse Engineering" result from the table on page 71 of "Fully Operational". This attachment allows you to add a hard point to any piece of equipment or vehicle. The "Ex-Military" background hook listed a source as "Dangerous Covenants" in the description, but it was not in the hook itself. It is now a source. New Features/Enhancements: Added support for vehicle crafting from "Fully Operational". A vehicle is made up of four templates: frame, engine, hull, and assembly. Each can be selected from the drop-downs on page 1 and 2. Due to the errata of 11/17, the default defense calculation and alternate have been swapped. So, the old way of doing it is now the default. The only difference is that there is now a defense limit of 4. Defense limit may be changed in GM Grants. When purchasing attachments, the number of HP the attachment takes up is now displayed in the grid. If you have a talent such as Resolve that allows you to suffer less strain, you are now reminded of this on the character sheet under the "Strain" box. In the weapon editor, added support for vehicle weapons that may not be used to upgrade existing weapons. This is to accomodate the new vehicle weapons in "Fully Operational". Added support for weapon scale. Non-vehicle weapons displayed in vehicles will say that they're personal scale. Scale can also be specified explicitly for weapons and weapon modifiers as personal, planetary, personal damage/planetary range, or planetary damage/personal range, as well as not-specified. Any weapon with an explicit scale value not the norm for the weapon type will include the scale description near the name or in the description. Built-in vehicle attachments may now have optional mods and save their settings with the vehicle. Changed the way source filtering is done. Now, when new sources are added to data, they are automatically added to the filter as selected. You no longer have to select them when you first install a new version. In the crafting "Print Summary" report, the die roll results, as well as the used pip results, are now shown below the template and item. If more than one template is involved with the crafting (such as for droids or vehicles), all die results and used pips are displayed, along with the name of the template. When printing encounter sheets, if an adversary has the "Adversary" talent, its rank is now shown to the right of the name on the encounter sheet as a reminder. In the talent editor, you can now assign conflict to a non-Force talent. In the crafting dialog, attachment improvements (Integral Attachment, etc.) will allow a vehicle to also add a weapon system. Additionally, the previously-selected attachments or weapons will be remembered the next time the Choose button is clicked. Increased the size of the Craft Item dialog. The description text at the bottom is now larger for droids and items, while fortifications and vehicles display as a vehicle stat block. Bug Fixes: A new feature in item attachments was causing a crash in the Data Editor when a new attachment was added. This has been fixed. The Talent Item Change feature was incorrectly applying UnarmedOnly item changes (such as from the Iron Body talent) to all weapons, instead of just unarmed. This has been fixed. In cases where a pre-existing unranked talent becomes available in a talent tree, and the selection of that talent causes another pre-existing unranked talent to become available, only the first unranked talent was automatically selected. Now, all such talents should be automatically selected, as each selection will now check to see if other talents become available for selection. Also, in cases where auto-selection causes a talent to become available that has already been checked (and, therefore, won't be checked again), the entire tree is now re-scanned whenever a talent is auto-selected. The Overwhelm Emotion talent was not adding Force dice to the Charm, Coercion, or Deception skills. It now does this. The Stun Pulse attachment was set to work with all melee weapons. It now only works with weapons in the Bludgeoning Brawl and Bludgeoning Melee categories. In the vehicle editor, when non-vehicle Gunnery weapons were selected for the vehicle (such as repeating blasters), you'd get a warning that the silhouette was out of range if either value was 0. It now checks for 0 limits and does not display the dialog. When crafting items, if you changed the item type from the drop-down, then immediately went to page 2, an exception was generated. This no longer happens. When printing sheets using full-color (with the datapad background), page numbers were not moved up and appeared in the border of the datapad. They now appear properly. In the crafting "Print Summary" dialog, if you changed printing styles (say, from full-color to simplified), the display for the template and the item would no longer appear. This has been fixed.
  9. I can't limit the selections of improvements based upon final result because I don't have a final result until the improvements are selected (chicken and egg). That's why you can select as many as you want, but it will only apply what is correct. This is the way it's worked right along. Just stop selecting when it stops having an affect As for Elegant Design and Larger Scope, improvements are independent and aren't based on other improvements being selected or unselected. If someone wants to waste pips by choosing both, then they can. Other than that, I think I have everything fixed.
  10. Actually, I'm not sure why it's happening. I can log into pCloud and see my stuff, but the public direct links seem to be hosed. Error 500 can mean anything, so most likely, their public servers are just down.
  11. This would be more complex than it sounds. I could look into its feasibility, though.
  12. Look for 'Upgrade Weapons" at the end of the vehicle attachment section of any of the core rulebooks. Replacing an existing weapon does not cost an HP, but adding a weapon does. Note you can combine as many weapons of the same type as you want to to form a "weapon system" (like "5 forward mounted medium laser cannons" or "6 starboard mounted quad medium turbo lasers") for 1 HP, even if it replaces an existing weapon system.
  13. Mentoring and career rewards are two of the main features I haven't implemented yet.
  14. I fixed that. You should still be able to do it. You just need to select another template, then select the one you want again. Then it should work. The problem was that it wasn't immediately initializing the template when you changed item types. Now it does.
  15. Where is this, and what is this?