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  1. Yeah, it doesn't look like a hard, fast rule unfortunately. Could be 10, could be 20, or maybe add a few here and there, etc. I guess I could have it as an option (None, 10:1 or 20:1), something like that, if anyone is interested. If not, I won't bother 🙂
  2. Can you give me a book and page number for that rule?
  3. This wasn't intentional. I had cleaned up creation of innate weapons and unfortunately had left out the creation of additional lightsaber profiles. I added them back in and secondary profiles for multiple crystals are now showing up again. Good catch!
  4. The problem is that Defensive and Deflection are tagged as Weapon qualities. I did check, and both are looked for and used when calculating melee and ranged defense for armor. What I'll do is remove the Weapon designator so they'll show up for both weapons and armor. I haven't gotten to attachments in CotR, which is why I didn't catch this one yet 🙂 Edit: Actually, only Defensive was tagged as a Weapon-only quality. Deflection wasn't.
  5. Equip the item, then check your weapons. The flamethrower will be added to your weapon list. This only happens when you equip the item.
  6. So some vehicles are displaying descriptions, while some are not. This makes sense because each vehicle is a separate xml file. For something like weapons, which are all in a single file, it would make sense for NONE of them to be displayed. As for why... there has to be something wrong with the file. For instance, the YT-2000 has to have a problem with it. What you can do is send me a few vehicle files that you know don't work and I'll see if I can find the issue.
  7. Look in this directory: C:\Users\<Windows Login>\AppData\Roaming\SWCharGen There's a file in there called Settings.xml. Try removing it or renaming it and see if things improve. If your data folder is somewhere other than the default, you'll need to choose it again. But... before doing that, try copying your custom data into the default directory and see if things improve. If they do, then there's probably some sort of a permission or sharing issue. Edit: Make that the default DataCustom directory 🙂
  8. As you've been doing this for awhile... when did this problem start? Do you remember doing anything (installing new software, changing Windows versions, etc) around the same time? If it used to work, then something's changed. I have both the default (DataCustom) custom data, as well as different datasets, and they all play nicely with one another.
  9. Could be a Windows permission problem. Try running the generator as an Administrator and see if the problem goes away.
  10. Is everything in DataCustom, or do you have it in a data set? Or a mixture of both?
  11. Also verify that your data folder is what you think it is. It might not be finding anything because it's in another directory.
  12. I replied in email. Basically, your character had two user-defined specializations and one of them was no longer available. It's supposed to handle this without crashing, but there was a bug (so, yay, another bug fixed).
  13. When you go to print, it shows a list of everyone in your group. You need to select the members that you want in your group sheet, as not everyone in the group is necessarily at every game session. You can select them individually by checking the box next to them, or click the "Select All" button. Also, check all the options you want on the sheet. The obligation, duty/contribution, and morality boxes should all be checked. You might also want to check the "Show Member Detail" button if you want to see a summary of each selected character, including stats and ranked/common skills. The Obligation/Duty tab is for group obligation and duty; that is, obligation and duty assigned to the group as a whole, rather than to individual PCs. The obligation and duty displayed on the sheet will be a combination of individual and group duty.
  14. They're there basically to fill out partial pages so they don't look funny. Due to the dynamic nature of the character sheet, each page can take up either less than the page, or may extend to another page or pages. Because of that, you can end up with extra space at the bottom. The "Notes" sections are just added to fill in the space, if needed, and do not correspond to any sort of "notes" entered in the generator. When using your sheet, they come in handy for jotting down plot points, found equipment, temporary conditions, etc. At the end of the session, you can use the notes to update your character.
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