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  1. ...need 8 more Interceptors, 38 more Fighters, 8 Bombers and 7 Lambdas to finish outfitting the Star Destroyer. Maybe I 'll just get 6 boxes and make them all Royal guards, sent to protect the derelict vessel until it is operational again.
  2. Has anyone tried using Great Stuff (or similar product) to make their own form fitting containers? Just curious. As for the small cards I bought baseball card sheets, fit for cards from the 1950's, each slot is 2.5" high x 4" wide, perfect for 2 Upgrade cards. I run a little glue down the middle of each slot to give each card its own pocket. (16 pockets per sheet when done like that). I also have some sheets that I only glued about half of the pockets, I put my Pilot cards in the unglued ones and the Damage cards right next to them, in the glued slots. (It's difficult to explain but it keeps things organized better in the game, for me anyway - I have a touch of OCD) Oh, and the small base pilot templates fit well in the glued compartments, also.
  3. Proton bombs deal 1 Face up card to a ship, technically not damage; meaning you can't cancel it with a Shield. The actual damage is dependent on the card dealt. Bombs also usually trigger before the actual Combat phase, making them a sort of preemptive strike.
  4. Orien45

    Emperor Palpatine

    Very nice cards, however I would really reconsider having the FFG© LFL© on there.
  5. Bombs are not obstacles, according to FAQ/Errata. Bombs are just... bombs.
  6. The official tournament rules fixed this, both sides use the same template. Only one set is 'on the board'.
  7. I would like to mention, as I did not see it corrected in this thread, that the movement guides on a bomb/mine template *are* factored into figuring overlap. (as per FAQ/Errata page 2)
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