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I'm a nerd. Specifically, a Star Wars nerd. If I had to choose between saving the world and living in the Star Wars universe, I'd probably choose... the world. But that doesn't mean it'd be an easy choice!


I tend to have a sarcastic sense of humor (see: my choice to save the world or live in Star Wars, above), but don't let that get in the way of my friendly, helpful nature. What will get in the way is my stubbornness, my want to make sure everyone knows the truth, and my overly competitive nature (and my use of parentheses).


All in all, I try to be helpful, and since I don't usually show my poor traits (aside from parentheses; darn you, parentheses!), we should get along just fine... unless you dis Star Wars. Then you have to die.


(Yes, I was being sarcastic: I'll just break your legs... not really.)

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