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  1. Amazing work! Those bases are especially stunning. Can't wait to see more from you.
  2. Hey there! I'm still a bit new myself, but a good rule of thumb is to get the Starter Box. Gives you all the cards and whatsits you need to play the game, as well as gives some core units for a good price. Plenty of folks buy two and split with a friend, which when getting it on Amazon comes to $60 for 4 Rebel Troopers, 2 AT-RTs, Luke Skywalker (with an extra for modification), and all your essential pieces. Best of luck!
  3. Great work! Could we possibly get some close ups?
  4. I've only ever done a solo game with LotA, but I really enjoy Murne and Davith, for story purposes more than gameplay really. I like to imagine them as an unlikely duo, paired together out of need more than preference, but bonding together over the course of their missions and becoming a tight-working machine. I dunno, I just think they make a nice dynamic duo.
  5. To be fair to FFG, this is one of their first forays into miniature wargaming (keep in kind, FFG is a boardgaming powerhouse, which is an entirely different field of production than wargaming). They're taking their time to flesh out their lines, because this is new to them. Big companies like GW can be releasing new models every other week or so because they've been in this for decades. As well, Warhammer is so big in great part because it sells. They reason they have approximately three million factions, and even encourage players to design their own sects of each faction (like customizing your own Imperial Guard legion), is because a) it means you'll buy more of their toys and b) they have the liberty to design the setting to fit the game. Same goes for other big miniatures waragames like Infinity, Malifaux, etc.; they have a lot of factions because it's a good idea to have choices in a wargame. Star Wars is different. Star Wars was designed to sell toys, sure, but it was good enough to have the Big Bad and the Dashing Heroes. Most folks looking in can recognize the two big factions from the three trilogies; beyond that, most minor factions don't quite suffice to build their own independent faction (they'd be far more suited for sub-factions). Sure, if you go digging deep you might find some obscure military force that operated in some obscure battle, but to me a lot of them would feel forced. Heck, even the current modeled can feel weird sometimes; having an army of Stormtroopers designed for three different environment types in the same battle just feels weird to me, and don't get me started on playing between war periods (nothing ruins immersion like seeing General Ob-Wan Kenobi fighting against Luke Skywalker). Still, that's just my take. The Sequels still remain a viable source for FFG to draw from in the future, though I agree with others that the factions may be a bit too close to OT factions. I wouldn't play them myself, but it certainly sounds like there are people who would love to.
  6. I believe someone made a Lothal campaign a while back (may have been what Gengisharn was referring too, though maybe they meant something else). It looks like it does have some rudimentary rules for upgrades; I've had it in the back of my mind as I prepare to get into Clone Wars (would really like to run a campaign set on my custom world). Hopefully that helps; it looks fun, and should be easy enough to convert to a different world. Changing from Galactic Civil War to Clone Wars might be tricky (if that's your fancy), but I'm sure it's doable, and the rules present likely serve as a good foundation for fair modification.
  7. Looks like a lot of fun! I'm definitely a fan of keeping the battlefield exciting and interesting, and having a bunch of Tusken Raiders running amok sounds like a barrel of fun. I think I agree with Fistofriles that it seems like they ought to attack whoever moves in their space, but then there's the issue of if they're in combat and someone moves into range. Do they just ignore their old target and attack the new guy? Maybe if they only focused on whoever's closest to them; that way if a unit engages with them, everyone else is essentially free to run around them, while the engaged unit has to deal with them if they want to get moving again. Still, tricky business. Very nice! I can spot a couple of minor grammatical errors, but it has a nice three-part structure (narrative blurb, contents, how to use models for them), and has an overall professional tone.
  8. Finally got around to painting my core set of Imperial Assault a few weeks ago. There's still a couple more touch ups I need to get around to (cleaning up the bases, finish some details on the Nexus and Vader, etc.), but overall I'm very happy with how they've turned out. Not gonna win any awards, but very pretty to look at all bundled together. The whole set together, along with some paper terrain too keep them from looking totally barren on my desk. Luke Skywalker. I used the same two paints to get his skin, shirt, pants, and boots; lots and lots of blending. Jyn, Gaarkhan, and Diala. The heroes were definitely my favorite to paint up. I gave them all a matching paint scheme, to try and make them feel like a cohesive unit. In hindsight, it kinda makes them feel less unique, but I still think they all look cool together. I mixed a lot of paints together to get Diala; I imagine it's the sort of thing most experienced painters are used to, but I hadn't done any mixing before this project. As such, I'm really proud of the colors I got on her. Mak, Fenn, and Gideon. I really like how Mak's skin came out, plus Fenn and Gideon just look cool. I realized after painting Gideon's coat that I'd used the color I usually use when painting dark skin. Had a fun time figuring out how in the heck I was gonna get his skin right without looking like the coat or being too light/dark. Vader. Pretty simple, really; half-and-half black and gunmetal for the chestpiece, then just gloss for the shiny bits and a red saber. He still needs the colored lights/buttons on his chest and belt (something my sister pointed out, and she's not even a Star Wars person). Royal Guard. I painted these guys last, so their simplicity was a huge relief. Red base, black wash (with gloss on the helmets and gloves), then black and silver weapons. Stormtroopers. I did all my Stormtroopers first thing, so they're some of the shoddiest painting; the white I have is atrociously thick, and I had to lay down a heavy wash to get them looking anything like clean. Still, they were some of the easiest to paint, and they still look decent. E-Web Engineer. At first I was loathing to have to paint these guys, then I realized I could do just the white armor and leave the rest black. I plan to go over the gun with at least a metallic drybrush, maybe some glossy bits, but still. Stormboys are delightfully easy for how bothersome the paint I use for them is. Officers. Did some research for these guys; turns out the grey is the Navy uniform, while black is for Stormtrooper officers. I really like how the Elite turned out; simple, but effective. I would have considered trying white, but a) that would be ISB, and b) atrocious paint. These are the guys I did my first skin-tone tests on. Probe Droids. Another wonderfully easy group; black base, metallic drybrush, glossy eyes. Trandoshan Hunters. Basic is in Yellow, Elite in Red. These were some of the earlier guys I painted, and they're probably my favorite. Admittedly they had a bit too much wash pooling, but I really like how much they pop with color. I really need to invest in a wider range of paints so I can get more colorful models like this on the table. The Nexu. The one on the left is the traditional style (minus the stripes; can't be bothered just yet), while the one on the right is meant to be like a black-panther deal. They both still need their eyes and tongues painted, plus maybe some other greebly bits. The AT-ST! One of the most fun to paint, and one of the most satisfying results. It's so big! Back shot. Bonus Rebel Troopers. I've run a couple of solo games, and included these guys as much as I could; they kind of developed their own story, so I had to paint them up. Sergeant Billy, Private Gubbins, and Captain Philip, of the infamous B-Team (the guys you call when the A-Team can't be bothered). They may not get the job done, but they'll distract the enemy long enough that you can! Overall these guys were really fun to paint, if exhausting (I kind of spent an entire weekend painting non-stop to get them done). I plan to take the rest of my guys from the expansions much more slowly, first painting the guys I like most and getting to the less exciting characters later on. I still need to finish up everyone's bases, and while I'd really like to give them some actual flocking (I love basing minis), I still want them to work on any tile from the game (can't have a grass base in the middle of a desert!). The biggest trouble is I want them all to have the same basing, which gets awkward with Snowtroopers. Any suggestions from other painters would be appreciated. But anywho, them's my minis! Hopefully y'all enjoyed them. I'd love to paint up Murne Riin next (I love Ithorians), but I suppose we'll have to wait and see. Best wishes to you all!
  9. I heard there was a Hutt interested in buying recently, but he said he was waiting until after his latest party-barge rave to check it out. Hasn't called back in a while. Shame, too; there's a really nice place that opened up in the Dune Seas that he could've put the money towards. Lots of space, good security, Rancor pit...
  10. Nice! Are you planning to focus on Clones, or are you gonna split between both factions?
  11. Klingons? I think you mean Yuuzhan Vong. Also, fantastic work on the all your miniatures in general. I grant you the prestigious Cookie of Approval. 🍪
  12. I love it! Even what little you gave of the story behind it is so compelling, and the scene itself just comes alive. I can definitely see this as a centerpiece to the board, surrounded by jungle and crashed vehicles. Concerning the tactical use, how is the interior of the bay accessed? Is there any removeable top, or do you just slide minis in from the sides (or put 'em on top and say they're in)?
  13. Ooh, difficult terrain--fun! I have plenty of ruins, buildings, and general "wall" type terrain, but almost no terrain that could classify as Difficult Terrain (and what I do have is terribly small, and only serves as a base to bigger terrain). I'm definitely gonna go with area terrain; for the type, I'm a bit conflicted. I know I want my Legion terrain to be relatively desert-based, but at present I don't have the resources to make a dedicated board for that (my current board is for grasslands/forest/jungle, which has more application across a range of games). Basically, I can either start making desert terrain that I can eventually use, or keep making forest terrain I can use right now. Hm... Giving it a bit of thought, I think I'm gonna go with desert themed. It'll be a nice change of pace, and will mean I have a set of terrain ready-to-go as soon as I invest in a new board. As such, I'm gonna go with some wide patches of broken earth, as well as rubble piles and a dead forest. On top of that, I'm gonna try and make some more additions to my terrain from last month, with some shanty-town barricades and some more temple ruins (I'd never considered making ruins to represent area terrain before, but now it sounds very exciting).
  14. So this is an out-there idea, but I was thinking about it and $25 USD translates to about $33 CAD, just two bucks short of a visually appealing $35. Maybe there was a snafu with currency? Or maybe there was just a miscommunication between the the guys setting the prices and the guys listing the prices, either way things seem a bit amiss right now as far as cost is concerned. I agree with others: probably best to wait 'til release (or a correctional announcement) before throwing money at it and hoping for the cheaper price.
  15. There was an article just yesterday that officially announced the release for the new models, and linked to their product pages--just saw it myself. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/1/manufactured-might/
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