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  1. Got my dispatch email one hour ago from 365games. Have a player looking to get the Martial Artist specialization so we've both been waiting quite abit! Just need to wait on the special modifications reprint and I can sleep easy knowing I've all the EOTE books.... For now.
  2. I'm going to start GMing my first EOE campaign tonight. I only started GMing earlier this year and my group are just as new to tabletop RPGs so luckily they have no-one to compare me to. I'm starting off with the beginner kit but I've changed the era to just a year after KOTOR 2 as its a period my party and I are fond of and faction wise, things are alot greyer. I intend for my villain to be a republic soldier who attempted a coup d'etat during Malachor V and was written out of the history books and imprisoned for years. What I'm hoping for tips on is his method. I want him to be a star wars equivalent of a low tech terrorist as I want to avoid superweapons and the like for my villain. What I want him to do is to be able to alter a ships astrogation chart so maybe at some point, multiple refugee ships enter lightspeed and rip through coruscant. Not destroy it but serious damage done. Is theer any official way this can be done? Like an astrogation master key so ships charts can be updated without it being detected? Maybe just give him an incredibly good slicer to help? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Quite nervous. Wont be introducing any of this tonight but I want a good headstart on how to set this up
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