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  1. Poison/Knockout/Sleep Gas fills Room. Mechanic?

    To keep things interesting, I would put a Resilience check in there, invite the PCs to flip a Destiny Point to "have remembered" to bring breathing apparatus, etc. I like diabolical traps as opportunities to get the players thinking and working as a team. Had a scene on Geonosis, post "Long Arm of the Hutt" where the halls filled with Dioxis gas. PCs sent their Merc, who had sealed armor, and the droid bounty hunter out to clear out a few battle droids, then the Mechanic had to talk them through shutting down the gas and venting the halls.
  2. Bow and Arrow

    Great options! Of course, if you're doing a Star Wars incarnation of Green Arrow, you absolutely must mount a shock glove on an arrow.
  3. Using my PC's Booster Blue to initiate an adventure

    Or debt, if he's just dealing it. Given that a cargo container of 100 doses Booster Blue is 750 credits, it's not a huge deal. Yeah, it's "restricted" but for a campaign starting on Nar Shaddaa it's pretty reasonable. I'd still make the player cover the cost with starting credits, meaning he'd have to take additional obligation, and use it for credits instead of XP. Just a heads up. Insisting on getting something because it's in his backstory is a red flag for a power gamer. It's not enough to put him in the detention block, but keep a photoreceptor on him at all times.
  4. FaD Sith Holocrons

    "We wants the preciouss."
  5. Decraniated

    Actually, it turns out that's not the case. I think it was an assumption I made following a discussion on grenades and minion group. Carry on. Nothing to see here.
  6. Decraniated

    Well, those are disturbing. I can definitely see a special batch being made as guards. Perhaps even having a Comm feature (like the Gank Comm implant) Different groups might gain features from the connection, like a group of 5 having Linked 4. Maybe it lets them work as a minion group without having to be in engaged range to each other, making them immune to the Blast quality)
  7. Overloaded Background & Expectations

    I actually stopped asking for back stories because of a similar issue. The way I like to deal with it now is to tell players that with starting level characters, you don't have to write the whole Origin Story, because that's where we are starting the game.
  8. OP PCs

    I had a similar situation. I ended up finding a new group to GM. Edit, expanding on post I should mention that I first talked with the other players. They were annoyed, but didn't want to rock the boat. Since the other players were OK with it, I continued on. But eventually, it got to the point that I was tired of trying to vary encounters and give other players their opportunity, and still having the OP constantly interfere with their solutions. "When your only tool is a hammer" etc. One point to remember is that the GM is also 'playing' the game, and should be enjoying it too. If an OP player is ruining it for you, there's no reason to continue. As a side note: two players from the previous group are in my current campaign, and we are all enjoying the game much more.
  9. Consider that one of the uses of a Triumph is to Upgrade a later roll, simply "holding onto" the Triumph and adding it to a later result is a clear rule break.
  10. A-Wing and T-47 size

    Oh great. I just had an image of Chewie laying across a speederbike growling, and a subtitle reading "paint me like one of your Twi-lek girls."
  11. Jungle Felucian stats

    When I first started Edge of the Empire, I was worried that one of my d20 players would want to convert his Shi'ido shapechanger. I was simply not going to allow it. Some species have abilities that can't translate as a starting character in FFG, and really should have used a Savage Species (D&D) type level offset in d20. ^^This. A simple way to have a fitting character would be to have the species traits reflect the mundane physical and mental attributes such as characteristics, being amphibious, and skill or talent bonus. Then, since it's not an official species, the GM has freedom to say "I'll allow it, but only for F&D careers." If you need a "game rule" sounding justification, here it is. Innate Force/Force Dependency: The Force is naturally present in this species, as much a part of them as any sense or limb. While a gift, it also promotes reliance on the Force. The species may only begin with a Career that begins with Force Rating 1.
  12. What does the Empire want with Utapau?

    Responding to the intro rather than the question. I agree, this is a great reason. I had a player who chose Bothan because "they're this race that didn't even appear, and just have this one mention in Return of the Jedi." When players forego a mechanical advantage to create or play a character that is flawed and interesting, I tend to reward them with more character focus in the game. When they just want the best stats so they can kill more enemies, I just give them more enemies. It may sound petty, but I've found that it works out that everyone gets what they want.
  13. Ammonia Atmosphere Crew Quarters?

    I also don't see need to use a hardpoint, unless you want it to have more of an in-game effect, like increased Strain Threshold or faster recovery. (based on the sound system in Fly Casual) Even that would be limited to a small area, affecting only the Gand on board. Reminds me of a plan I had for an adventure. The group disbanded before I could implement it. We had a Gand pilot and I wanted to have an adventure on Gand, so that the situation flipped. Everyone but the Gand would need breathers. Ships built for Gand are going to have the appropriate life support, too, so in that system, the Rarity would be rather low.
  14. Looking for weapon options...

    I actually agree. ****, the OP raised a munchkin red flag from the phrase "Droid PC wants to add..." I just can't resist the challenge to find an in-game mechanic to represent what is being described. I thought it better to dial back auto-fire rather than ramp up a regular weapon. Using an attachment Hard Point and not having any additional mods might limit the use of the feature. It can still be munchkin-y, at least until the GM realizes that it works for NPC arsenals as well - particularly when the argument is that modern militaries favor it.
  15. Looking for weapon options...

    Well, having read some of the other suggestions and drawing on a very limited knowledge of firearms, here's what I would propose for an "in between." To make cost and other statistics easier, just start with a weapon already has autofire. Then add a limiter switch as a 1 HP attachment (50cr) replacing the simple on/off switch for autofire. The switch enables Burst fire, with options for a Burst of 5 (Original shot plus spend 2 Advantage each to add up to 4 additional hits to the same target; incurs 2 Setback penalty) OR a Burst of 3 (Original shot plus 2 Advantage each to add up to 2 additional hits to same target; incurs 1 Setback Penalty)