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  1. This has been a long time coming, honestly. I started my Starfighter Creation Thread back in October and slowly tried my hand at freighters. In that time, I've been swamped with a number of freighter requests by my players AND by the people here, and I'm very, VERY happy to oblige. I'm just sorry it's taken so many months! I blame moving, a two hour one-way commute, and getting the hang of the new job. That said, this is the Freighter Creation Thread! I'll be statting a bunch of freighters here, some favorites and some not-well-know ones. As always, I'm looking for feedback and am more than willing to take requests. Now, before I begin, here's the disclaimer on my thoughts behind the work here: Important Note: Some ships will not be statted in this work due to official stats existing elsewhere, a beta that I or my players have participated in, or the plethora of alternative stats out there. That said, if there’s a ship you REALLY want to see, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do. A Note on Encumbrance: The most difficult part of this was not scaling the Hull, System Strain and Armor, but rather determining the Encumbrance. For the most part, I’ve compared the YT-1300 (Encumbrance 165, 100 tons) to these ships. Some do not have the 1.65 ENC to ton ratio due to the size of the ship; Encumbrance covers size AND weight, after all. That said, Encumbrance is probably the part I am most uncomfortable with, and will take all criticisms there with utmost attention and a grain of salt. I should also note that a few ships in particular did not have cargo capacities listed. In these cases, I relied on sheer guesswork based off of the size of the ship and the role it plays. These are, of course, entirely up for debate. (These ships will only have Encumbrance ratings, and will not have weight listed) A Note on Silhouette: One of the challenges was determining Silhouette. My current rule of thumb has been as follows: -- If it is less than 50 meters long or wide, it counts as Silhouette 4 -- If it is smaller than 50 meters but is exceedingly bulky in some way, I made it a Silhouette 5. If you disagree but believe the ship needs to be bigger, you can do so by increasing the cargo (3-10x depending on the craft), Hull and System Strain (based on craft, of course), shields (extra facings), and sensors (often increasing from Short to Medium). Depending on the vehicle, it may take a Handling hit, but that all depends upon the vehicle. A Note on the definition of “Freighters”: For this work, a “freighter” is a vehicle that is designed primarily to carry valuable cargo, whether as passengers or items to sell. Some vehicles here can possibly be outfitted as battleships, but they remain here as they are NOT battleships in their stock configurations. Other odd ships, such as the Vanguard-class Heavy Assault Ship, the BT-7 Thunderclap and the Helix Light Interceptor, tend to blur a few lines between a freighter and a starfighter/capital ship due to capabilities or armament, but are placed here due to size and other capabilities. If you believe a ship should be categorized as another type, I would be more than happy to listen to a discussion and reconsider its location. A Note on Ships From The Old Republic MMO: The measurements of these ships should put each of them in the Silhouette 5 category, but it is believed that the measurements are off as they may have been written as meters but meant to be feet. This is also debatable, but after seeing the capabilities of the ships in game and how little space is available in the interior, they are all probably meant to be Silhouette 4. This can be edited as you see fit, of course. I wrote them as Silhouette 4 due to the combat capabilities in the game, and can’t see a Silhouette 5 capable of such things. Cost is also a bit of an issue here, so again, lots of guesswork.
  2. I've been trying my hand at designing starfighters as of late as a way to change things up for my players (as they will only want to add so many TIE fighter silhouettes to their ship), and it also gives me the inspiration as to where else I'll be sending the party. I'll be posting ships as I stat them in later posts, and would welcome others to add their own favorites to the mix. If anyone has any feedback, I would greatly appreciate hearing it! I should also note that I am not working with the AoR beta, and after seeing the discussion of the X-Wing on the AoR forums, I decided to ignore it for the time being and use the TIE, Z-95 and Y-Wing as my guides for these ships. I'm up for suggestions if anyone wants to help me tweak them. I am taking requests, and I'll do my best to stat them up. Starfighters are actually pretty easy thanks to not having to crunch how much cargo space is there and converting it to Encumbrance. Maybe I'll work on Freighters later. . . Edit 10/29: Thanks for all the feedback so far! I've made a few tweaks on some of the ships (The Manta and Toscan in particular) to make them feel like better fighters. I'm still up for suggestions on how to make them better, so keep the feedback coming! Edit 11/05: Keep the requests and feedback coming! I'm adding and tweaking as I move along, and hope to "fix" everything that was wrong. One thing I realized in my dedication to the canon was that I wasn't checking what Silhouette was required for some of the weaponry. At times, I had a Silhouette 3 ship with a Medium (or even Heavy!) Ion Cannon, which requires a Silhouette 5+ or 6+. This has been remedied in my notes (i.e. the file I'll post to GDocs once I finish the current docket), and I'll fix them here in the near future. Edit 11/18: It's gotten rather quiet, so I decided to add a few ships to put this back up to the top. I'm starting to run out of ideas of ships that will be worth statting, so if you have a request, please make it. I'm slowly working on my freighter collection, but that's going slowly as I keep running into a snag with the tons-to-encumbrance conversion. Still, keep your eyes open for it! Edit 12/19: Still going, oddly enough! I started making some final tweaks to my document, and will be converting it to a PDF in the near future. See update information here. Edit 01/12/2014: I've finally put this whole thing in as a pdf! There are a few tweaks I made before posting it. See the changes here! Edit 01/13/2014: Apparently, the link to the pdf via Google Docs wasn't agreeing with ANYONE. I've decided to move it over to Dropbox here. (EDIT: The link has both of the current chapters available. Enjoy!) Edit: 03/19/2014: Apparently no one wants to let this thread die! I've added some Uglies as well as notes as to how I determined statistics, and then added on two TIE fighter variants that were requested. They will be updated in the pdf at some point after current requests are complete. Edit 05/15/2014: We're still going, little by little. I began posting my non-Star Wars starfighters and will begin to add others in the future. I am also adding some new fighters from The Old Republic MMO, so expect them soon! The Freighters Chapter has been taking up a good bit of my time lately, so this may be an interesting time split. Edit 07/16/2014: After a large number of freighters were statted, I fleshed out two more fighters at the request of one of my players for the game I am running during 7 BBY. I should also note that for some reason, I can't add any more links, so you're all on your own to find the last few! Edit 09/21/2015: I expected this and my Freighter thread to just go out quietly, but due to frequent nods to the thread and some recent activity on the Freighter thread, I thought I'd bring them back out and let people see them/make requests again. And now a table of contents! Manta-Class Assault Starfighter Miy'til Starfighter Authority IRD Starfighter I-7 Howlrunner Zebra Starfighter StarViper Blade-32 R-41 Starchaser Alpha-class Xg-1 Star Wing Missile Boat Cutlass-9 Patrol Fighter Toscan 8-Q Vulture Droid (By Request) Droid Tri-Fighter (By Request) Gauntlet Starfighter (By Request) Helix-class Light Interceptor (By Request) Supa Fighter Drexl-Class Starfighter Preybird-Class Starfighter Miy'til Assault Bomber Razor-class Starfighter Defender starfighter (By Request) E-Wing T-Wing Belbullab-22 Dianoga-class assault starfighter TL-118 Starhammer M3-A Scyk G1-M4-C Dunelizard M12-L Kimogila Sith Fighter (Old Republic) Star Saber XC-01 starfighter (Old Republic) S-100 Stinger-class starfighter (Old Republic) Aurek-class Tactical Strikefighter (Old Republic) Davaab-type starfighter (Old Republic) Clutch "Tri-Fighter" (Ugly) Ixiyen-class fast attack craft (By Request) Kihraxz and Vaksai Assault Fighters (By Request) Rihkxyrk Assault Fighter (By Request) Scurrg H-6 Prototype Bomber (By Request) Delta-7 Aethersprite-class light interceptor Eta-2 Actis-class Interceptor N -1 Starfighter Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 Starfighter V-19 Torrent Alpha-3 Nimbus-Class V-Wing Starfighter Dagger-Class Starfighter (By Request) MorningStar Starfighters (-A/-B/-C) (By Request) Porax-38 / Rogue-Class Starfighter Sabaoth Starfighter Sabaoth Defender C-73 Tracker Starfighter (By Request) NovaSword Space Superiority Fighter (By Request) A Treatise On Uglies (Preparing for the section on Uglies) I stalled on the Uglies, but finally statted them after getting enough requests! TYE-Wing X-TIE X-ceptor Y-TIE Z'ceptor TIE Advanced x1 (by request) TIE Avenger (by request) BXY "Boxy" Ugly (by request) Amphibious Fighter Savage Star Fighter Flashfire Novadive HH-87 Starhopper Heavy-95 Jedi Scout Fighter (BY REQUEST) Non-Star Wars Ships Babylon 5: Starfury (BY REQUEST!) Battlestar Galactica: Viper Mark II Battlestar Galactica: Viper Mark III Battlestar Galactica: Viper Mark VII
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