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  1. I'm not sure how much it will help, but since Bishop69 referenced it, here's a link to my Freighter Creation Thread. I haven't done anything with EotE or related games for a while (last time I touched the game system was when I playtested the Terrinoth book, actually), so I am not as useful with this as I used to be. I started that project for the same reason you are asking for input: I had a crew of scoundrels that wanted something more than a basic YT, and I wanted my spacelanes to have more character than was available. That thread was the end result, and has nearly two years of work and conversation in it. Enjoy!
  2. As long as you're happy with what you are gaming with, have at it. Personally, I wouldn't touch it again after playing Fate, Cortex Heroic, FFG's Star Wars, and the half dozen other games I've gotten into since DC Adventures was released, but that's just my opinion. If you want to talk shop on non-Star Wars stuff, drop a PM so we don't clog things on a Star Wars forum. Otherwise, happy gaming!
  3. I had a feeling desperation was settled in. And don't feel bad about the Google-Fu; my handle here and elsewhere denotes my actual job (yes, I am a librarian), so researching is what I do. Glad to be of service, and have fun with your game! DC Adventures wasn't my bag, but I can see the appeal, but that's a conversation/rant better suited for elsewhere.
  4. I think the OP has gotten desperate enough to cross the fandom streams and hope to find someone who has that knowledge. Okay, little bits of input I can say here: 1) The White Lantern Ring is a combination of all of the other rings/emotion spectrum, making it a rather powerful tool. Statting such a thing may be beyond the scope of DC Adventures, as the points are just going to be too out of hand for a player to have and may be too powerful for an NPC versatility-wise, or it may just be a reskin of the rings. 2) It is also a MacGuffin, being used less as a power ring and more as a means of things to get rolling (i.e. Boston Brand coming back to life with it). 3) The White Lantern Ring is seen most at the tail end of Blackest Night and in the New 52 with Kyle Rayner. DC Adventures didn't even touch the New 52, and set up various events (like Blackest Night) as side things in the DC Universe book. I will note that someone did do a writeup here for a White Lantern. Just a little more versatile than the basics of any of them, but it should get you started. Good luck!
  5. Personally, I was always fond of the gunslinger. Up close and personal, tons of upfront damage, and lets you be in the center of the battle. Plus, numerous elements of the specialization are tied directly to the duel mechanics, and the Signature Abilities are also a godsend, making the Gunslinger an excellent choice for a cowboy-type character.
  6. The Omwati were known to be exceedingly intelligent but, due to their physical build, were rather frail. I'd say take the Sathari from Chronicles of the Gatekeeper and change the traits to 1 Brawn, 3 Intellect, and then grant them a perk based on their intelligence. Sorry for being vague; all of my books are still boxed so I'm going from memory.
  7. Even though the conversation seems to have been settled, I want to just toss in the following: 1) If you really want stats for the Punworrca, let me know and I'll see if I can put something together. It's an odd ship to be sure, but might be fun to work up. 2) With your character's backstory, I think EW is on the right track with suggesting the HWK or a Baudo. The Punworcca only has standing room for 10, so if you were to say engage in a bit of smuggling, people or otherwise, or if you were to engage in activities fitting to your background regarding the various colourful exploits, it's a poor choice.
  8. After FINALLY seeing the movie this weekend (a late Christmas gift from my wife), I think I have a better idea for a writeup: Era: Rise of the Empire/Rebellion Hull type: Dropship Ship Class: UT-60D (U-Wing) Manufacturer: Incom Corporation Hyperdrive: Class 2 (Backup Class 15) Navcomp: Equipped Sensor Range: Medium Ship's Complement: Pilot, Co-Pilot (Optional: Door Gunners x2; from passengers Encumbrance Capacity: 10 (not including passengers and their carried gear) Passenger Capacity: 10 Consumables: 1 month Cost/Rarity: Not Available For Sale Customization Hard Points: 3 Silhouette: 3 Speed: 4 Handling: +1 Defense: 1/1 Armor: 3 Hull Threshold: 17 System Threshold: 18 Weapons: Forward Mounted Laser Cannons (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Linked 1) Optional, dependent on loadout: 2 Door Guns (Variable based on mission. Does not require a hard point) Logic: There are ten seats in troop area (six in the middle with three facing each door, two by each door facing the middle area), so that would be the estimated number of passengers. Encumbrance is clearly a challenge, so I would estimate it as 10 after full loadout carried by the crew. As we saw some rather heavy equipment carried by the troops, giving this a set Encumbrance rating is challenging. I would say that the passengers with all of their necessary gear would fit. Essentially, suit of armor, a pair of weapons (heavy weapons at most), and a bag of gear ranging from explosives to general equipment. I would simply as "As much as needed" but, after the ship is full of passengers and gear, a 10 should fit. As the ship is a small transport to hop in, drop off, and fight as needed, I wanted it to be a slightly more competent HWK built for combat. It has slightly less HT and HP, but better armor. I also left it with fewer HP to allow for electronic countermeasures. I'd even argue to drop it down to 2 HP instead of 3, but it's hard to say.
  9. Thanks for that. I'm hoping to see the movie this week if all goes well, so I'll see if I get the chance to edit my guesswork afterward.
  10. So, basically a smaller Kom'rk class fighter/transport? https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/105837-librarianpcs-freighter-creation-thread/page-2#entry1077998 I haven't seen the movie yet (schedules, joy), but I I do say that a military vessel should have a x1 or an x2 hyperdrive. The rest I need to see the ship in action to get an idea of size.
  11. Damnit bradknowles, I've been summoned again before I even get to the topic! :-p Yes and no. As brawknowles said, I did a bit of ship statting and explained my logic. The long and short: find a ship in the same ballpark and make tweaks. It's more complex than that, but that's a good place to at least start and get your feet under you. This is a line of thought from some of the older games, honestly; ship building from start to finish should take weeks, and sometimes years. Of course, as stated here, it's really not hard to do. If the group is sticking around a specific area while a ship is being built, there's plenty for them to do, or they can borrow a ship from someone (or part of the job is to fly a specific ship), or any other number of possibilities. General rule of thumb: I'd say that it'd take about 2 weeks per Silhouette up to Silhouette 3, a month per Silhouette from 4-5, and two months per Silhouette over 5. This is just a general baseline I'm just spitballing off the top of my head with little support (and thanks to the cold meds, probably WAY out there).
  12. I have no clue what the symbols on there mean (I've avoiding the X-Wing line due to lack of funding and putting my money into the RPGs), but if it really does have torpedoes, I'm guessing it'd be one launcher with 6 torps, if that. Seems odd, but if the vessel has to be a multi-role vehicle (some combat with troop transport), then it'd make sense. Adding the launcher shouldn't impact the current setup too much.
  13. Glad to be of service! Feel free to tweak it as you see fit to work in your game; I see my stats are more of a set of guidelines to play with until FFG creates something official.
  14. This is true, but again, haven't really seen it in action outside of minor snippets, so again, guesswork. Also, the month is also just a guess, because I don't know if this is the main ship of the group (and therefore they are living on it) or if it's like a fighter: hop in and drop.
  15. I would guess it's a "small 4" as well, but it's really tough to tell as we only see it near smaller ships (x-wings), but not close enough for easy scale. Then again, Silhouettes are also extremely abstract. I went with the hull I did solely because, as you said, you don't want to knock a troop transport out of the sky. I'd be too afraid of bringing it any lower, as it'd be a slower HWK-like ship if you change too much. Personally, I'd go no lower than 18 Hull, 16 System Strain (but an argument could be made for 14). As for passengers, I have to concede the point. I'll also admit I haven't watched any of the new trailers yet (trying to not get super hyped by them), but they reminded me a great deal of the LAAT/i gunships, which carried 30 passengers (so 3 squads). If anything, I'd drop this to 2 squads at the lowest, as having a ship like this to drop a single squad in just looks like a waste. Again, this is all conjecture based on images and sporadic notes, so until we get more data, everything is pure guesswork.
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