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  1. Love the Escort Specialization! It could certainly be separate from Combat. Escort is a very different role.
  2. I thought about the hard point parallel-development idea, but it was taking too long to make it work. I'm running a game next week! I think that definitely could work, though, and would probably be better in the long run. Some vehicles would not be eligible for certain Specializations, I would think. It's a work in progress. Thanks for the feedback!
  3. What does everyone think of Specializations for vehicles? Here's my proposal. Let me know what you think! For me, the starship a group owns should be just like a character. The Millennium Falcon is not just some vehicle that gets Han and Chewie from Point A to Point B. It has character, a history, abilities, and talents. I want ships and vehicles to be like this for Edge of the Empire. To do this, I wanted to use the same mechanics that PC’s use to make themselves better: Specializations and Talents. All the same rules PC’s use apply to ships. Vehicles do not start out with a Specialization. The group must buy one with XP. The XP needed to pay for all this can be donated by any crew or party member. It is totally voluntary, of course. Vehicles do not have Ranks in skills, so these Specializations have none of the Skills that PC-oriented ones have. I tried not step on the toes of the Hard Point crowd. You can still do all that stuff too. Those cost money and hard points; these talents cost XP. Here is a draft of the Blockade Runner. It's the only one I've created thus far: https://www.dropbox.com/s/iei0l32whpeahvw/Ship%20Specializations%20-%20Blockade%20Runner.pdf I have a ton more Talent and Specialization ideas. Here's a few of the Specializations: · Combat Superiority: This vehicle is designed to excel at combat. Whether the goal is dogfighting or mobile artillery, this vehicle is all military. Most of the talents will make the vehicle Restricted, of course. · Pirate: Piracy is the design goal for this ship. Destroying or capturing enemy ships, vehicles, or cargo. Pirates must be good at a multitude of things. · Hauler: Strong, heavy, and usually slow, these vehicles are designed to carry people or cargo long distances. · Racer: This vehicle exemplifies the “Need for Speed.” Speed and sometimes maneuverability are paramount. · Patroller: These vehicles have good ability to sense their surroundings and enemy vehicles or personnel. They have good endurance and usually good speed to catch enemies. · Explorer: These highly-specialized vehicles are for exploring, both in hyperspace and realspace. Also, they can have scientific research in mind. These usually have a long endurance, but are not very combat-oriented. · Luxury: A vehicle meant for one thing: comfort.
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