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  1. Keep in mind, though, that astonishment is relative. A Hutt moving at a typical walking speed for a biped could be considered astonishing. I agree with the sentiment, though. A snail-speed Hutt would be ridiculous. I'd be happier with slowish; walking with a Hutt would be like walking with a less easily-distracted toddler.
  2. "Judging by its scales and long tongue, I'd say it's a horse."
  3. I'm going to require Hutt PCs just to spite the lot of you.
  4. Did we ever figure out what skill the fusion cutter uses? I'd vote for Ranged (Light), myself, given that it doesn't say + in the damage, and that it's not so much a weapon that you hit with as much as it's one you point with.
  5. This is definitely the system to go with, especially if you find the typical starting character to be far too competent at tasks. Did you consider maybe requiring the player to self-flagellate at different points during the game?
  6. I don't think you really have to mess with WT or ST. These are meant to be broad, abstract measures anyway, so the GM & player could describe the results of Wounds and Strain differently. For example, if the child takes a few Wounds, the GM could describe it as the child scrambling frantically out of the way of the vibro-axe as it repeatedly slams down where she just was. She's not hit (which would kill a kid) but she's running out of places to hide. Strain could be represented as the kinds of worries or stress that a kid gets, or just being really, really tired. If she hits her Strain threshold, maybe she just sits down and won't move any further until she recovers (nap-time!), rather than being knocked-out. I'd prefer this approach to handicapping the player mechanically.
  7. Depends on the campaign you're running. Right now I'm outlining a possible wild space 'homestead' campaign where using pack animals like a Taun Taun or Dewback instead of speeders could be advantageous. I mean if you're going for high space opera Star Wars, yeah beast rider isn't going to be of much use. However if you spend a lot of time slogging in rough, out of the way areas in a exploerer or homestead campaign, some one who can deal with beast and provide an alternate means of transport can be incredibly useful. Very good points. It definitely depends on the campaign.
  8. Meh. A Beast Rider spec doesn't interest me at all. It strikes me as about as fun as the Driver or Pilot spec (i.e., occasionally), with the added drawback of (usually) not even being able to take anyone else on your mount. Not a real team player.
  9. If I were the GM, and the Force-sensitive PC was constantly making NPCs do fear checks, I'd start handing out Conflict (more or less depending on the situation; i.e.,whether the NPC represents a threat or not). Go ahead, be the scariest guy in the room. Maybe start dressing in black, and paint your face with scary red & black patterns, I'll give the NPCs a setback die to their fear checks. Sure, try it out on the toll booth operator, why not? Now, roll a d10 against 17 Conflict.
  10. Check out this thread that some charismatic fellow wrote: http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/112090-brainstorming-a-colonist-campaign/ Lots of good ideas there. Also, wasn't KRKappel supposed to drop some knowledge on us re: homesteads after the book release? Spill, KR.
  11. Are there rules for monthly expenses for ships? (I was going to say there aren't, but maybe I've missed them somewhere.) One thing I liked about Shadowrun (back in 2nd & 3rd edition) were the Lifestyle rules. They abstracted the costs of day-to-day living based on the kind of life the PC led. It worked well, I thought, and I've wondered how you might apply it to EotE (or even if you'd want to).
  12. Two hilts will have to wait until we have rules for light-chuks.
  13. He's an NPC. That means he can be a cyborg, have four arms, use four lightsabers, defy gravity like Spider-Man, not have his obvious respiratory illness affect his athleticism in any way, somehow be smiultaneously terrifying & hilarious, unstoppable & incompetent, and reflect blaster bolts. "I'm Grevious, an NPC. I can put my arm back on. You can't (without spending 10K credits). So play safe."
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