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  1. Teamwork man :). You took the first brunt of questions and I helped out when I become available. I am about to go to sleep. So now my watch is ending.
  2. sil 3 has the highest speed max ( 6). Sil 4 has max speed of 4. So you would not go from 3 to4 to get higher speed. You would go from sil 2 to 3 for that though. Each base frame has a default encumbrance. For example here is Freighter Frame: Class: Freighter Silhouette: 4 HT: 35 Sensor Range: Close Crew: One pilot One co-pilot Encumbrance Capacity: 100 Passenger Capacity 4 Customization Hard Points 10. After you craft the frame you will need to craft engines and hull. Some of hull Options can give more encumbrance. For example here is Expanded-Capacity Holds Hull: Base Modifications: Changes craft's armor to 1 and handling to -2, adds 25 to both encumbrance capacity and passenger capacity Modification Options: 2 Increase armor by one mods, 10 increase encumbrance capacity by silhouette mods, 8 increase passenger capacity by silhouette mods. Hard Points required: 4 As you can see from above crafting the same hull type for a higher silhouette craft can give more encumbrance and passengers after modification options.
  3. Construction Specialist: remove one set back per rank when constructing bases/fortifications Improvised Defenses average survival check to construct cover for up to 4 characters Improvised Detonation: hard mechanics check to make a bom that deals damage equal to ranks in mechanics+intelect+number of successes (can spend triumphs to increase damage by 2) Improvised Position: hard mechanics check to create cover for group and its vehicles (sum of vehicles silhouettes must be 4 or less), can spend 2adv or triumph to increase ranged defense this cover provides by 2 Weak foundation: ones per game make hard knowledge warfare check to addautomatic 2adv or 1success on checks targeting structure
  4. Yes and the dev were stating that with original crafting rules too. All the way back to armor crafting rules release. I think that dev's idea of "really well" vastly underestimate the kind of shenanigans a motivated group of players will get to create their dream craft baby.
  5. Speaking of speeders, I just wanted to add the high-performance repulsor clusteter engine it's awesome. It has great stats but can not be mounted on star ships. And that combination is exactly what makes it awesome as there is now a reason to create a dedicated atmospheric craft.
  6. There are actually a lot of positive aspects you can get from increasing silhouette when crafting. Stat bonuses that both engine and hull template provide often depend on craft size. So Upgrading your speeder size from 2 to 3 can give you: More max speed, more HT, more ST, potentially more passengers, potentially more encumbrance. And all of that for a lot cheaper price then starting your craft attempt from size 3 frame. So it's kind of cool that both increasing and decreasing silhouette size can be positive options in right circumstances.
  7. From table 3-5 spending advantages, triumphs and so forth when crafting frames: 3 adventages (or 1 triumph) have this option Elegant Design: Reduce the craft silhouette by one (this option can only be selected one). As far as I can tell, the only thing that will change is sil size, the rest of stats will match original frame template you selected. If you really want to craft size 4 ship with speed 5-6, I recommend the following suggestion to you GM (house rule) propose an alternative to elegant design that will keep silhouette as 4 but allow to increase max speed up to 6. This is actually mechanically weaker then reducing ship size, so I would expect most GMs to agree.
  8. Khaz with one triumph on frame crafting step you can reduce silhouette of the ship by one. Turning that sil 4 freighter into sil 3 and allowing it to have speed up to 6. As an alternative (with DM approval) you can take existing sil 4 ship with high speed and swap it's hull. My impression is that master mechanics with high int, high skills and some relevant talents can craft or modify very powerful ships. Hull crafting in particular is extremely generous with how much armor you can stuff into your ship. Beginner mechanics who can not rely on getting one triumph and/or a chunk of advantages will not make an extraodinery powerfull or fast ship for it's size, but can make a decent ship for cheaper then it would take to buy comparative normal version.
  9. Shipwright: Dockyard Expertise [v] Eye For Detail [ ] Grit [ ] Creative Design [ v] Solid Repairs [^v>] Fine Tuning [<v] Eye for Detail [v>] Debilitating Shot [<^] Known Schematic [^v] Dockyard Expertise [^v>] Smart Handling [<^v>] Creative Design [<] Bought Info [^] Push the Specs [^v>] Solid Repairs [<^v>] Creative Design [<v] Dedication [>] Master Artisan [<^] Stroke of Genius [^>] Exhaust Port [<^]
  10. Construction Specialist [v] Toughened [v] Durable [ ] Grit [v] Known Schematic [^v] Contraption [^v] Construction Specialist [v>] Powerful Blast [<^] Grit [^v>] Durable [<^v>] Improvised Defenses [<^v] Powerful Blast [v] Utility Belt [^>] Strong Arm [<^>] Improvised Detonation [<^v>] Master Grenadier [<^v] Weak Foundation [>] Dedication [<>] Improvised Position [<^>] Master Demolitionist [<^]
  11. Droid Specialist Design Flaw [v] Speaks Binary [ ] Grit [v] Toughened [ ] Hidden Storage [^v] Combat Programming [v] Repair Patch*[^>] Gearhead [<v] Gearhead [^v>] Machine Mender [<^v] Hidden Storage [v>] Speaks Binary[<^v] Design Flaw [^v>] Desperate Repairs [<^v>] Machine Mender [<^v>] Grit [<^] Repair Patch* [^v>] Master Artisan [<^>] Reroute Processors [<^>] Dedication [<] Repair Patch* =Repair Patch Specialisation
  12. Ranged Energy: Arakyd LJ-40 Concussion Carbine Dam 8 Ranged Heavy (RH) Short Blast 4, concussive 1, knockdown, limited ammo BlasTech DH-17c Short Carbine Dam 4RH Medium Auto-Fire, Stun Setting Other Ranged: Czerka M9 "Boomer" heavy pistol RL Dam5 Medium Blast 5, cumbersome 2, inaccurate 1 MK VIII Gravitic Mortar Launcher Gunnery Dam 4 long, inaccurate 1, prepare 1. Used to detonate mines in minefield. There is alos a variety of grenades and an entire section on explosive compounds and devices.
  13. Yes Speeders: T2-E Petard-Class Combat Engineering Vehicle (combat engineering vehicle with emphasis on combat.) Has a turret mounted demolition gun. I am going to let that concept sink in for a while. UEV-M1 Marauder Engineer Squad Carrier. Passenger capacity: 12 combat engineers. I guess if you not an engineer you are walking. Track Vehicles: I-C4A Combat Construction Droid. Has an on-board droid programmed for construction and civil engineering. Stats are provided both for droid (rival) and combat construction vehicle itself. Vehicle can construct fortifications in the middle of battle (with dm approval). Walkers: At-CE combat excavator. Has light tracktor beam emitter that allow crew to pick up and move stuff. Weapons include Beam drill. Starships: Ainik-Class Scientific Survey Vessel (Silhouette 4 with extreme sensor range, and onboard research labs) Caisson-Class engineering Troop Carrier. Vehicle Complement: One UEV-1 Marauder Engineering Vehicle (see above) Passenger capacity 40 combat engineers. Crew list includes a comms operator. Haven-Class Mobile Space Dock. This space stationa ctually has speed of 2. MK IX Orbital Maintenance Depot. Reduces difficulty of repair and construction checks performed using this station.
  14. Ok had to wait till i get back home to double check which skills are used for ship crafting checks. Frame template are mechanics checks (from average speeder bike to for formidable space station) Engine templates are mechanic checks (from each single ion coil to daunting ion drive array) Hull template are mechanics check (go from average to hard) Assembly check (that's where you put your frame engine and hull together into functioning start ship) are mechanics check from average to formidable based on the silhouette of the ship.
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