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  1. Misfitsrun

    Podracing Minigame

    I am going to use this soon and would love to use it agine
  2. I think that is short range planetary scale.
  3. Misfitsrun

    Force Heal/Harm on Droids

    My bad, that is all true
  4. Misfitsrun

    Force Heal/Harm on Droids

    Also droids are immune to force powers
  5. Misfitsrun

    Backup Shield Generator

    Sorry if this has been asked befor. The BSG for huge ships, how many shield points can you get back at end of turn? Is it only 1 or can you get 4 back if you have 4 energy to use?
  6. Misfitsrun

    Cybernetics? No thanks!

    If I remember correctly if you have more than one cybernetic and get hit by ion a random cybernetic goes down not all of them. Also you only lose the bonus not the whole entire limb or eyes go bad
  7. Misfitsrun

    Questions about the CR90

    thanks for all the help. just need to be clear on the Targetlock
  8. Misfitsrun

    Questions about the CR90

    Just a few questions regarding the CR90. Was in a game with the Corvette and some things came up and need some clarifications on. 1)Primary Weapon: "When attacking you may spend 1 energy to roll 1 additional attack die." If I have 5 energy can I dump all energy in to the attack for 9 red dice? 2)Backup shield generators: can I spend more than 1 energy? 3)Lambda with ST-321 and Weapons engineer: can it target lock both the Fore and Aft in the same Action? 4)Proton Bombs: If this is dropped in front of the CR90 and the back is in range will it damage both parts if the Fore is in the way? What if the Fore is crippled? 5) crippled Fore: if it hits a obstacle, is the damage ignored or is it transferred to the Aft
  9. Misfitsrun

    Gila Hands Arcology

    thank you
  10. If the Runner scores GHA does he get the "clik,clik: Gain 3crdits"? or is that a corp only?
  11. not finding this file please help
  12. Misfitsrun

    Organized Play/"Living" Scenarios

    <me> "face palm" missed it like Torg
  13. Misfitsrun

    Organized Play/"Living" Scenarios

    what is OP in this thread?
  14. Misfitsrun

    Hyperdrive Q

    WEG had the Falcon at .25 for hyperdrive. and that was also the max for hyper drives.