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  1. GM Phil's Fallout Theme

    It's Genesys, you can add them yourself later?
  2. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    Thanks, @KingNova3000 - I'm going to use this rule for my modern game.
  3. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    @GM Hooly's mate GM Huzz did a sci-fi armour which, like the damned Genesys book, has no stats for a knife ( ) but which I might utterly steal some ideas from. One idea there which I thought was relevant here and good was the special condition "Click Click X", where X = the value of threat a GM can make a player spend to have the weapon run out of ammo. I can't access dropbox now because I'm at work but I am pretty sure I have the right of it and it wasn't GM spending advantage in their turn.. Anyway, the reason I tagged Hooly is because he can probably elaborate further on that. And as an alternative, I proposed giving your players a fixed number of rounds before they have to take a manoeuvre to reload. i.e. "you have a light pistol, so after 3 rounds of attacks you'll need to reload. You, other player, you have a heavy pistol so you'll reload after 4 rounds...". I really like Huzz's suggestion and will give my players the choice of that option or having fixed rounds before they should run dry so they can plan around it. But, to @eldath's comment above; "My personal preference is ammunition runs out only if important to the plot or otherwise a dramatic point" - I give an enthusiastic "strewth!" to. As GMs we should take advantage of clips on YouTube from film, television and games to show ways in which fights in a firearms era game (from pulp, Western, World War, etc to sci-fi) can be more than just a first person shooter. How melee and brawn can be used, and how advantage and the lack of an attack of opportunity can make placement critical - literally positioning yourself so other NPCs have their line of sight blocked by the guy you're engaged in fistictuffs with.
  4. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    That assumes 1 attack roll = 1 three round burst. That's not how the Force system works...
  5. Social Status and Wealth

    I don't think you can segregate wealth and status in Rome; whilst in some senses they are independent, one doesn't always lead to another. Pompey is a good example of someone who was lowborn, and though wealthy and influential he still never really held the status the nobles did. I guess I would question what they (your players) would do with the wealth, and would it impact the story? I am playing a thief called back out of retirement in EotE, and my character is independently wealthy from previous successful jobs. He runs a very profitable, lucrative artisanal business, which netted him significant credits, and he puts that on hold to go back and help a friend out. So it exists, but in agreement with the GM it doesn't impact on the story or give me a material advantage. Now, you could take a similar approach because whilst it would convey a material advantage, it really depends on the campaign itself. I sense there's more politicking going on, in which case having handfuls of sestertii to bribe would-be allies is useful and it's not just to acquire superior-quality arms and armour. If that's the case, then really the money itself is more useful as a concept than a fixed value. You could therefore, when making social combat checks, apply net totals of advantages and disadvantages to represent the income/expenses affecting the overall pool. If a negotiation came out with 3 success, 2 threat, then the PC notes -2 on their wealth pool and applies setback dice to future checks where money changes hands until they have banked enough advantage in those social combat encounters to net it out. That way you have an easy enough mechanism for measuring their "cash flow". If you want them to experience actual poverty, then maybe give despairs the chance to be used to deplete or empty their coffers?
  6. Transhuman Genesys

    If you are going to do this, you really need there to be social setbacks and penalities. I know there's details on this in the GURPS transhuman space book, but i haven't got a copy anymore so I can't look. I think a more recent example is the augmented apartheid of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. We found people would just get cybernetics in SW and get 6s in AGI or BRA but not because they needed the replacements, but because it gave them a 6. DXMD is a good source of inspiration for ways in which mechanically augmented humans are treated by non-augmented types. And like all discrimination - misogyny, racism, homophobia - it comes out of a challenge to the established quo, and their insecure reaction back against it.
  7. Ugly character sheets

    Disappointed. I came in here expecting someone had made an ugly sheet and there isn't one.
  8. Genesys: The Witcher

    I don't know that Emyr was fans of anyone, but several of the Lodge ended up on his council so I wouldn't say he hated mages per se...
  9. Genesys: The Witcher

    sure but the purge itself was Redania, not Nilfgaard...
  10. The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    @GM Hooly, the narrative dice episode was absolutely perfect and I wanted to commend you guys on it. I knew most of it from the Order 66 guys but some in my group didn't and I think it's invaluable as a resource for new players.
  11. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    I'm really preparing my players for the concept of more than just rock'em sock'em robot combat in modern, so the backup plan for me is making sure they're aware that brawl will be used a lot here and that once the guns go dry you're going to end up engaged and punchy. I think Skyfall's opening is a great example of that; Patrice expends 3 clips with full auto on his Glock and Bond, with his Walther's 2 spare clips, so they start smacking each other up on top of a train that really should have stopped when it was ripped asunder but I'm enjoying the film so whatever, and whyyyy is there a chain up there? Story Point? Fair call, play on. So I think we agree on that point about the ammo and picking up spares; I just think telling them that despairs notwithstanding they'll be out of ammo in 3-4 rounds time (which can be extended by a reload, consuming that resource) gives them time to prepare for the inevitable fist fight.
  12. Genesys: The Witcher

    Isn't the whole mage thing Radovid's doing, not Nilfgaards? Given Radovid thinks Phillippa (I think) murdered his father?
  13. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    I just think you'll destroy the flow of combat if you add in the requirement to track ammo. That's what GURPS is for, really. Firstly, a combat round where damage is inflicted in emphatically not 1 bullet fired. So you can't really be like "ok, I have an 8 round small automatic, it's round 9, I spend a manouevre to reload" because you've fired a gazbillion shots at this point. I think you just assume the reloading happens in a cinematic sense until it's dramatic for you to be out. Watch this scene, because this is the most Genesys Modern combat scene I can think of: When Wick shoots the condom full of walnuts early on, he puts about 5 rounds in him. That's 1 round of combat, but he can also achieve the same kill with 1 shot, so how do you track ammo? You don't. You can tell by the way there's no optional rules for it. Adding in GURPS level tracking will not work without changing the 1 round =/= one shot fundamenal of the game. Wick's reloading means he's carrying more ammo than you see him put on in the prep scenes before this, but that's ok because it only counts on despairs. "But I want the players to have that dramatic moment without despairs..." Then add tell them in 3 rounds they'll run out of ammo. Those who didn't bring spares are in trouble and will need to pick up a weapon (which at the end of the fight "has run dry"). Those who did will need to plan ahead to get into cover and reload. That's how I run it, and honestly, even if you have people use an iGun type app to track their shots it doesn't work. There's a reason the system is silent on reloading, and ammo capacity. It's not an oversight.
  14. Genesys: The Witcher

    Even at 65XP at creation that's strong. Nimble? Regen? Dark Vision? That's pretty powerful. The power of witchers is in their training, so honestly I think you're better taking one of the 4 human races in the book and doing Knight Level play (+150 earned XP) to make them more rounded than the average human. As a PC, with access to arcane and divine as skills, you're already pretty strong.
  15. "I'm out!" - Dealing with Ammo in Genesys

    I would put it that you reload as often as is needed for the cinematic nature of the combat. Use the John Wick nightclub scene as reference, and only require a physical item to reload (which players may not have) when the despair comes out.