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  1. Endersai

    Modern Car Chase

    I also made some stats for modern cars:
  2. Wasn't WEG Indy D10 based?
  3. Endersai

    Mad Max / Fallout / Bright setting

    If it's set in Melbourne, it'd better have a bunch of Melbournite ("Melbournian!") hipsters offering up deconstructed shotguns or it's inaccurate!
  4. Endersai

    How to resolve a failed stealth check

    I would do a fail with advantage as you didn't sneak however the target is not immediately hostile. You can still enter into social combat/social encounters to try and talk your way out of trouble.
  5. Endersai

    Starting Jedi PCs with FR of 2

    Padawan Survivor is intended to represent the basic skills being atrophied by lack of use, and a life outside the "Jedi way", so it's probably not the best buy in. There's a point at which people need to realise F&D doesn't offer Jedi so much as it offers Force users on a journey in a universe where the Jedi Order's gone. There is a beauty in that approach, and I really like how FFG have done it. But if you want to play the vapid, vacuous, one dimensional space ninjas from the prequels, then you're not going to make that happen here unless you overpower the PCs in the process. If however you want something like the KOTOR or TOR MMO gave, where there's not really any major imbalance between Force- and non-Force users, then just start them as normal without even Knight level play. Rationalise it appropriately as the awareness of the Force's potential, and how to use/unlock it, is not as advanced as it will be by the time Lucas set fire to his legacy. It's true, and probably a design feature, that F&D characters start out less powerful relative to other games' characters, but their growth and capability over time is something pretty remarkable to play out and I wouldn't recommend taking that away from a player. I got a Shien Expert to the bottom of that tree plus enough of Shadow to get FR2, and seeing it evolve makes that guy my favourite character in this system.
  6. Endersai

    Creating Chirrut Imwe

    Triumphs. That's basically triumphs at work (it's also how the devs called it in the latest Order 66).
  7. Yes but the problem with the midichlorian aspect is it that it links to something that happened to Lucas The Person since ROTJ - he stopped having a wonderous sense of his creations and got bogged down trying to rationalise it. The much maligned nuked-fridge from Crystal Skull is another aspect - in the BTS documentaries, Spielberg says Lucas had pages of research to support the idea a lead-lined fridge would survive the blast. OK but you didn't have this when Mola Ram ripped a heart out. You didn't have midichlorians explain why Yoda was a powerful master or why Luke had a destiny. Just, trust the audience will figure it out. We know why Rey is powerful now, thanks to TLJ - as Ren gets stronger, the light manifests itself in an avatar to balance him. No talk of micro-organisms needed.
  8. The issue with the midichlorians, and why they were abandoned so quickly afterwards, is that it takes the metaphysical and makes it physical. Star Wars is not science fiction, it's space fantasy. Scientific-style explanations do not enhance this genre, especially when they try to ground a form of magic in organic chemistry (essentially). Can you clone midichlorians? Experiment on them? Siphon them?
  9. I think as well the saber's intended to behave differently in this new canon than it did to the older canon, especially legends and the prequels. So parrying is more akin to the mechanics of combat in KOTOR where it was cortosis-weave sword vs saber. That is, the weapon is undamaged by contact with the saber.
  10. Some very fine arguments here, but they assume one fatal flaw - George Lucas cared about common sense when writing the prequels. See also: * Anakin made 3P0 * Midi chlorians * "She's just lost the will to live" (though to be fair, so I had by that point)
  11. Endersai

    Genesys Spycraft

    You want to avoid the trap the Snoop had in Spycraft, which was that it was pre-smart phones, drones, and ubiquitous internet and consider the way in which they could be engaged as all seeing tech gods now. To that end, the video game Watch_Dogs 2, with its drone, is a good insight and was the basis for my "greyhat" career having Operation, to control drones. A simple quadcopter can provide a team with intel, access, and oversight that just hacking CCTV cannot. Food for thought.
  12. Endersai

    The Dice Pool Podcast - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT

    Well, whose fault is that then?!
  13. Endersai

    Police/SWAT Setting?

    Or, just be as subtle as the actors in LA Noire in giving the PCs clues: If you're squinting in an exaggerated fashion and looking about shiftily, you're lying. If you look like you're trying to to defecate, then the player doubts you're being completely honest. If you're neutral/dead inside, then you're telling the truth.
  14. Endersai

    Genesys Spycraft

    Just don't carry over the languages rules from Spycraft 1.0. Daft, they were. Utterly daft.
  15. Endersai

    Genesys Spycraft

    That certainly became the trope but there are good examples of sustained use, i.e.: From Russia, With Love - the attache case was used during the train fight and to set up the sniper rifle that Kerim Bay used. Goldfinger - the DB5 is used to track Goldfinger's Rolls Royce across Switzerland, and then the smaller tracking device was used to help the CIA locate Bond in Kentucky. Thunderball - the rebreather was used a few times, as was the geiger counter Breitling. Quantum of Solace - the "smart" phone was used a few times to act as a PDA for Bond.