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  1. I think the entire... package makes people struggle to focus on shooting at Sir Sean from range.
  2. "I found a new nappy... wait, how does this give 2 soak?"
  3. Why are you not using the greatest montage music of all?
  4. I'm not sure I like it, but he wasn't wrong in that interpretation. To me it's open ended, and you can take what you want, though the author is leaning heavily in the "something something dark side" direction.
  5. "I like big Hutts and I cannot lie..."
  6. ah I found it in Bloodline, p75 - Leia dug deep to find a reserve of "pure hate". Possible she used the enhance power and a dark side pip, yes.
  7. Yes but Americans fail, always and consistently, to define socialism properly so... I mean, Bernie Sanders literally said he wants the means of production to remain in private hands, but that he's a socialist. Socialism is simply an economic model in which the means of production of a widget (a good or service) is in the hands of the state and people, not private hands. Given the happiest, most successful countries all socialise healthcare and education to much greater degrees than the US, without hindering wealth creation, you should not consider a dirty word that needs to be vented about. Also, you're talking about nationalisation of private property, which happens under right wing governments like fascists too. It's not a uniquely left wing thing, though those cheeky buggers do like OPM.
  8. Probably thanks to World of Warcraft. Mages were universally described this way.
  9. Oh that's right; she had that board with the smart wheels, that adapated to terrain. Man that book was so good.
  10. That and Reason. Everyone listens to Reason.
  11. I just love how Snow Crash had that idea of the hackers creating their community, and Hiro is the greatest swordsman ever, online (but not that useful IRL).
  12. Knowing you're from Queensland, I'd have expected the middle to include this easter egg:
  13. Except he specifically said they were asking it of new people via their FLGS, so...
  14. Have you read Snow Crash, or is this based on the self-congratulatory Ready Player One?