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  1. Endersai

    THE DICE POOL PODCAST - Episode 16 - Roulette of Terror

    A horror episode, just in time for Mark Latham's One Nation seat in NSW. Well timed!
  2. Endersai

    The Dice Pool Podcast - Episode List

    This was a fantastic episode, thanks to you and Mick. Bloody ripper.
  3. Endersai

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Ah right ok - this is not dissimilar to Star Wars, where minions like Stormtroopers are reprinted on the cards. Having said this, I would not hesitate to buy the android ones, simply because the convenience factor of having them on hand and not needing to flip through the book without losing the page the stats are on is huge.
  4. Endersai

    Mad Max verse - The Outland

    Mate to save time just say "Australia". What you say is always true; it's just the degrees that change.
  5. Endersai

    Indiana Jones

    I mean you mention Mutt (ugh) but not Sofia Hapgood? ?
  6. Endersai

    Android: Official Genesys System

    Do you mean as in they're just reskinned Star Wars adversaries?
  7. Endersai

    Genesys: The Witcher

    Isn't "hexer" a close equivalent to the original Polish term? I know the Polish TV series was called "The Hexer".
  8. Endersai

    Android: Official Genesys System

    If you had to chose between a new adversary or a teacup giraffe, you'd do the same!
  9. Endersai

    Military Vehicles?

    Handling -1 looks right. That much weight transfer forwards will cause understeer at even 60 km/h.
  10. Endersai

    Android: Official Genesys System

    The decks for adversaries were previewed on FFG's site: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/31/faces-in-the-crowd/ Computers (Hacking) and (SysOps) are separate skills, as are piloting and driving. Knowledge (Society) seems like a fairly common - and therefore important? - skill. But sod all of that, because teacup giraffes.
  11. Endersai

    Modern Car Chase

    I also made some stats for modern cars:
  12. Wasn't WEG Indy D10 based?
  13. Endersai

    Mad Max / Fallout / Bright setting

    If it's set in Melbourne, it'd better have a bunch of Melbournite ("Melbournian!") hipsters offering up deconstructed shotguns or it's inaccurate!
  14. Endersai

    How to resolve a failed stealth check

    I would do a fail with advantage as you didn't sneak however the target is not immediately hostile. You can still enter into social combat/social encounters to try and talk your way out of trouble.