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  1. the only thing we cant use is non universal jedi careers so sensitives emergents and the one from fod is ok so ill probably go sharpshooter then go assassin then I mite go into and take scout or maybe trader
  2. my gm lt m rebuild my demolitionist but i dont know exactly how i want to buid my sniper i was thinking going assassin and big game hunter or survivalist or something to make me better outside combat but i dont know maybe do legwork
  3. yea now though black suns men destroyed our ship and stranded on tatooine. 1400 km southwest from anchorhead but theres a imperial outpost another 2500 km due north west of the caves were staying in. but we gathered some info on the camp 10 infantry 3 heavy repeating blasters 2rocket men on the east and south 2 snipers to north hidden on a jut of rock less than 100 km from the camp. whats the best way to take it without blowing up the outpostand everything thats worth anything maybe?
  4. ok let me start from the begining first intels was crap bastard lied to us when I set up the docking bay the.night before I was expecting imperial battlion with a load of weapons and supplies. And yes this was complete suicide thats what the bomds were for so when the ship entered it wasnt the ship we were waiting on it was a black sun yv_929 it was one of the vigos well our wookie marshall hates black sun so after some blaster fire a couple of explosions in some very ugly corpses we have an very unsettling bounty 75,000creds for whoever brings us to him alive. so not very exciting but you get gist. who knew 4therms detonators 7 anti vechile mines in 5 moddified proton mines might beover board
  5. its not even about killing my groups assassin he laughs (its been 8 times) its more like in long arm of the hutt i blow up an entire docking station by accident but when you blow up a vigo of black suns ship and now want feed me to some angry rancors. and my bounties is worth enough itd make boba fett jump out of his boots and do the moonwalk.
  6. well what if my character just builds the bombs mines in grenades instead in add similar qualties with an adjusted price the reason i ask is the assassin in our group is a melee fighter and keeps getting caught in blast radius so im trying to adjust my bombs around him but without losing too much damage but im also trying to make more controlled explosions i find myself blowing things up that im trying not too cause the radius is too big.
  7. yea like those names better i was thinking of mods for proxmities stickies and impact mods too but still working the bugs of the wording thnaks 2p
  8. i have a chiss demo/outlaw tech i was wanting to come up with some mods for explosives like controlled explosion it gives a -1 or -2 on blas radius bt increases the damage by 1 it and big boom small package it makes the bomb or grenade smaller and addw boost die t any skullduggery or stealth check. i want opinions and ideas from everybody well thanks
  9. i was wanting know if the marshal has any offensive boosting talents or if their knowledge based like investigation i was thinking of making a mashal/soldier sniper and use pistols i thought that would be cool any help would be great.
  10. i was looking in enter the unknown and the G9-GP pulse drill has cumbersome 3 i was thinki.ng to lowe cumbersome to 1. the bow would not be as cumbersome as the pulse drill it would be made of a light composite metal for the front section and the back would be plastoid were the coreillion compound is all metal a bow maybe lighter but much longer the average crossbow is only 30-35 inches bows range 48-62 inches making much harder to carry cause of length and not well suited to confined spaces
  11. yes i would its more archery skill then archaic i would treat is a ranged(archery) and have the same rules as any ranged skill. is tjere another way to lower cumbersome other than the burly talent?
  12. yea i have a questiin why are bows and arrows have different stats do you add the damage on a sucess or is that if your using it separate from the bow?
  13. yup its burly "reduce any wielded weapons cumbersome quality and encumberance rating by a number equal to ranks in burly to a minimum of 1
  14. isnt there a talent that reduces cumbersome or is that the heavy harness only?
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