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  1. My players usually play for a solid 6-8 hours, we have the whole day set aside for RPG Day.
  2. I have the new Bespin expansion, thus the companions, and I see that the Junk Droid is used by the new Tinkerers, and the Cam Droid is only a campaign reward...I don't actually see any way to use the R5 Astromech. Is this just put in the set for future expansions that might use it?
  3. Can you put the Targeting Computer card on the Elite HK Assassin Droid? It already has an ability named that, but I don't know if attachments counted as the abilities themselves, even if they have the same name. And if you can put it on it, then it allows you to use both abilities right? But only on different dice, as I know you can only reroll a die once.
  4. Codru-ji http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Codru-Ji Just something neat about having 4 arms to wield lightsabers with.
  5. My players are around...850-ish. We've been using the same group since Edge came out, the only reason they aren't higher level is cause they keep dying. Then again, we do have some other issues on why the players keep dying, but it's something I intend to hash out today.
  6. Ungodly? Most of my Force using players have like 5-6 FR...and they aren't even that high of exp.
  7. Darth Maniacal - Sith Lord who gained immortality through essence transfer...and went crazy learning how painful dying over and over was.
  8. Also, on page 251, the table for spending advantages and triumphs has two entries related to component damage. For 3 advantage or 1 triumph, the attacker can choose a component to be temporarily damaged; or, for 2 triumphs the attacker can choose a component that is destroyed. There is no specific mention, that I have seen, that relates the ion quality to disabling a component. Ah, alright then. The upgrade just happens to lessen Ion damage as a coincidence then it seems, a general good upgrade for all ships then. Thank you for clearing that up.
  9. On page 287 of the Age of Rebellion book there is an attachment for vehicles, Hydraulic Control Circuits, and it has a mode for "1 Defender chooses ship component affected by Ion weapon quality, as opposed to attacker Mod". Now in the description for Ion weapons it talks about how they are meant to affect components, and even in Star Wars X-Wing it has some effect other than damage, so I assumed that it had some effect similar to Disruptor weapons, which cause limb damage for their crits as the lowest result.
  10. I still need to actually get into this game, it seems like a LOT of fun.
  11. Very nice, very nice. I really like the look of the dashboard sheets, classy looking.
  12. Yeah, as suggested previously, consider letting him take 2 turns per round, and also consider him bringing a small platoon of stromtroopers with him. He is an Inquisitor after all.
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