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  1. Longeing Whip costs 600 credits, the price is an absurd. . There are dozens of better Melee weapons that cost cheaper or blasters. Does anyone know if there was some kind of errata about this item?
  2. Can you apply "Creative Killer" talent on a natural weapon like Wookiees claws?
  3. One could consider knockout talent as KO in box. The target is prone and out of a combat. Optionally needs to pass a Resilience test.
  4. I also have problems with the new talents, some options do not save like force talent or that the talent grants a career skill. I would have to go to xml and edit the new talent there to have it correctly.
  5. Not sure if someone has already reported, but this is wrong: It should be Stealth vs Resilience as per newly printed books. The errata created another error...
  6. It is an old topic, but I was also fighting with the WFRP conversion and looking a lot on the web for some ideas. In the end I have asked myself a question - how many players will play a mage or a priest? Dont bother with the rules like WFRP, use basic Genesys magic and simple the mage character has to limit himself to casting spells basing on his college spells from the WFRP 1, 2 or 3. It is not so hard and this is a narrative game, and the Genesys magic system is really cool and so open. You have to know the lore and forward, only your imagination stops you. The rest can be taken from WH40 conversion which is so well done. Instead of wasting hours of creating some conversion I prefer to waste that time creating a good campaign or playing the game itself. Just my 5 cents.
  7. 2-3 BBY set in the Yavin Sector, as this is a discord game and players are coming and going in such games, I have tried sandbox with open missions as the story driven games tends to fall apart with random players, but with time I got the core group of players, but as the created PCs have little motivation to work for the rebellion what annoys the idealistic PC leader, so he wants to change the PC, the other also sees that his Jawa does not fit the rebellion and thinks about changing his PC, so I think that best would be throwing the whole rebellion away while keeping the PCs which are fun and they know each other. They are not attached and the purpose is to do the reset without resetting the PCs, do something fun and unexpected, if they like this and I think they will, the game will become story driven with the story created by their actions, if not , they can find their way back just like in that movie with that US ship. Other fun thing is that they can now meet NPCs from their times, Saw Gerrera whom they were helping, their base general, Republic ship captain who will become one of the murderes of one the PCs family...their actions will create story driven campaign. That is the idea.
  8. I am finishing 3rd season of my AoR camapign but it doesn't go so well. 3 of 4 PCs are EotE characters with less than ideal motivation for fighting for the rebellion just for sweat and tears while the idealistic leader of the group is pulling his hair off... My fault. So to bring more live and resolve the motivation problem I have decided to finish the season with the plot twist - the time travel. After or during the mission they will jump into warp hole dark hole whatever and find themselves thrown away in front of the Republic VSD ... the thing is that they are flying an old CIS shuttle. They will get boarded and stunned so fast that they will not know who hit them until they will find themselves intorregated by a Jedi Knight. The fun stuff starts, they will start telling him probably about the Empire and Jedi execution...there will be CIS spy on board who will pass info to count Dooku who will be interested to catch them....Republic will think that if they are being rescued they are really CIS spies... How can I make it even more twisted?
  9. On the last session my team got themselves into troubles...like always. One PC decided to interrogate a criminal in a back alley and it ended in killing a squad of stormtroopers in the capital city on a desert planet (but it is not Tatooine). The planet´´'s commander put a lock-down and started investigating helped by the local crimelord who likes things quiet on this planet where imperials and him lives in a peace. The planet´s commander is rather odd guy, not very anti-alien and many of his direct superiors from his service met a sorry end in the big booms as he is an odd loner, he wanted to be transferred to the Outer Rim to study alien cultures. He is odd (inspired by an imp officer from one of the SWAJ adventures), but loyal to the Empire in his own sense. The team decided to find one guy and frame him so they have killed him and the team´s "bounty hunter" brought the corpse (along with a stormtrooper helmet and a grenade that were stolen) to the imperial outpost. The base commander went out to talk with him, pointing that there was no official bounty yet and the BH has no license to murder, this was countered by the BH that there would be surely one and he just made their life easier. Cool/Negotiation check ended in 3 failures, 4 advantages and a Despair. I discarded the idea about arresting the BH, it would be so simple. I want to move the story even with the despair and always prefer to use triumphs and despairs to create an opportunity for the new missions as it is the AoR game. So what can this base commander wants? My idea is to make a proposition to the BH, which he cannot reject as he can arrest him and put a criminal record on his starship and the rest of the team and for now they have a clean record and can move freely in the sector. Since there are 4 advantages, the job although hard, unwanted, un-welcomed will have a possible payoff for them. The base commander wants to have things under control on the planet and he knows about the gunrunner coming to the local crime lord with a big delivery. He wants to find out about the deal and then kill the gunrunner framing the crime lord and stealing the cargo. This does not permits the crime lord to strengthen, ruins his reputation for the future deals with other arm dealers and keeps the order on the planet. If the despair comes up, a group of the ISB black ops will also join the run to get the weapons. But maybe someone has a better idea or hook? I want this to be a "private mission" for this base commander. Thanks in advance!
  10. I dont know how you run your games, but my NPCs always mix truth with lie and always respond in the most vague way. This way the PCs if they are suspicious and ask for the check and succeed, they are never sure what part of the info is a lie and which is not. They get feeling or maybe NPC is a bit nervous, but nothing more. Only with the adv and tr we can start talking about the details...but still not for 1 or 2 adv, maybe there is someone who can confirm this info...with triumph they overheard smth that lets them deduct which part is a lie... Setbacks. Do you give setbacks for races? A human is not so good to read from a face of a Mon Calamari. Do you give setbacks for tension? I do. Flying through an asteroid and flying through an asteroid field while being shot by a squadron of TIE fighters. Do you give setbacks for languages? I do, you may speak Huttese but no so perfect....(in my groups I always check and write down how each PC speak languages, it gives them boosts and setbacks and some flavor to the game).
  11. You could require training/successful use in a very meaningful action from which you could learn something new to increase to the 4rd rank of the skill and to find a master to learn the 5th rank.
  12. @Lagspike These are superb hooks, thank you very much. I have always a problem with coming with the hook, but once I have it, the ideas how to expand it just fly one by one. So the spice around the galaxy is indeed confiscated and kept by each local governor, moff, whoever. In our case this particular moff or governor comes with an idea to sell all the spice he has confiscated to the criminal underworld. What is a better cover than setting a big Sabacc tournament in which each participant has to pay a huge deposit which in fact is a payment for the spice, but only the winner gets it. Jabba sends Lando who is short of cash to win the tournament, if he wins and brings Jabba the spice, he gets enough money to buy himself dozes of starships. But only a fool would expect that he can just go there, win and come back with the spice with all the cut-throat competition, so Jabba also sends our heroes along, bounty hunters/mercenaries, to protect Lando and the prize. The spice is in a huge container that serves as a floor for the tournament, it is rigged with the explosives that receives a signal from a chip installed the governor's body. If someone tries to kill him, they all going to die. Crimson Dawn also plans to take the spice, but instead of sending a player, they supply mercenaries to the governor who needs to secure the tournament and cannot simply use imperial soldiers except for a dozen of his most trusted bodyguards. Once the tournament is over and all eyes will be focused on the winner who will get the cargo along with the chip, the mercenaries will turn against the governor and players taking the spice and the credits. In case of any problems, the top Crimson Dawn lieutenant is there to help the mercenaries...
  13. I need a plot hook for the session I will have with my old team next Saturday. It has to be epic, but I always have a problem with the idea. The team of experienced smugglers, bounty hunters, etc. heard about a job, big shot gangster putting together a crew....so they go to the Jabba's palace only to find Solo and Chewie walking out with that job, but nothing is lost, Jabba has something for them. Something I can run within 5 hours for a very experienced team. Or maybe Jabba wants to give us the same job, so he can find out who is the best smuggler and if Han fails, well he is indebted with Jabba... Some big Sabacc game as part of the session goes through my head, shady deal, double cross and Crimson Dawn...but I need the hook.
  14. Well in this case I think of less epic NPCs than Vader, like Saw Gerrera, who for sure has like 9999 XPs, and I really do not want to bother with detailed stats. Also I am not afraid they do something bad, they can kill him if they dare, but still I would like to have difficulty to roll against, like Vader is always 6 red, Saw Gerrera always 4 red, Cad Bane 5 red? And always 1-3 blacks just like that. They want to make a deal that will suit NPC, no need to roll, but if they want Jabba to them a favor, they really have to beat those 6 red with a string of triumphs, than Jabba maybe will show his better side and will help them but of course only if they do some job for him, this way. Or if they beat 6 red against Vader piloting that mean they have managed to survive and maybe they shot once at his TIE (with no damage whatsoever but still they can brag about it in the rebel cantina), but not beat him or anything like this. I do want to give them a feeling that they can touch those epic NPCs, just will be honest that it will be super freaky difficulty and if they roll, they accept ton of despairs that can come from those rolls against epic NPC.
  15. Did anyone come with some homerules about running epic NPCs without stats? Like the set of rules for Vader from the published FFG module. However, these only deal with combat, and I am looking for something more general.
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