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  1. Thanks a lot (Forget to check in the FAQ, sorry)
  2. Hi, I've looked in the Rulebook, but haven't found anything about my case. The team A attacks the team B. Team A loses and had to retreat to its previous location (with no other unit on it). The team A's units are now routed and are attacked. The manual say : "After retreating, all retreated units are placed on their sides to signify they are now routed. Routed units provide no Combat Strength, but still count towards a player’s supply limit." Here comes my question: Can retreated units ask for support and "fight" with a family card or is this battle is loosed by forfeit? Thanks, :oliv'
  3. The question is in the title : What happens to the president's quorum cards when he lost his title? Do he have to discard them or can he keep them? I've searched in the rulebook and in the forum but I was unable to find the answer. Hope I've looked enough. Thanks for your answers :oliv'
  4. Hello, Yes, they are affected like ground units. They have to retreat and to be routed. :oliv'
  5. Thank you for your quick and accurate answer. I could not find the information in the rulebook. Next time, I'll seek better.
  6. Hello, I have one question about support units that are defeated in a combat. - If you win or lose the combat the support units don't move. But have they to be routed if the combat they were supporting is lost? :oliv' p.s. sorry for my english
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