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  1. I have SotB in print, can’t wait to get the pdf. I would definitely appreciate Worlds of Android getting a pdf release at some point as well. (Rapidly running out of room for print books!
  2. That's correct — they did a great job, and I really don't want to have to duplicate work. Anyway, between this, and the PDFs I just got as a KS reward (not FFG related), I've got around 1100 pages of goodness to read right now, so time is also a factor.
  3. Is there any way that anyone at FFG could post the blank character sheet for this book? If the templates were also included that would be even better! TIA for your consideration!
  4. My shop's order from Alliance came today, and I got it! It's done really well, and you can clearly tell this wasn't a simple scan-and-duplicate job — all the layouts were redone to make nice sharp text. Some of the images are slightly different, and the contrast on them is not as dark, but you can clearly see the details that got lost in blackness in the originals. Super happy with it!
  5. Well if anyone lives in Henderson NV, a certain game store had a copy in when I absconded with my pre-ordered one... ..although that was about 6 pm Now I have reading material! (although I should be making a character for the 5E game my friend is starting Saturday)
  6. This is great! Would you be willing to share? (the TTF version I have has still got pentagons instead of hexagons) ;_;
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