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    theoriginalsiri reacted to Goregrimm in worlds placement/ rankings   
    It is disappointing to not see any TIE Interceptors in there. Hope to see some videos online soon.
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    theoriginalsiri reacted to Atomic Boxer in Champions at Worlds   
    Thanks for alerting the forums here about this.
    Doug, if you read this, know that you are still my X-Wing idol and that I agree whole-heartedly with Aaron that you are largely responsible for setting such a positive tone in the X-Wing community.
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    theoriginalsiri reacted to Sithborg in My Worlds Experience   
    It isn't so much as cutting the Regionals, as renaming what were this years Regionals. Those will now be the Store Championship. We should have about as many of those as we had Regionals last year. Now, the Regionals will be fewer, but with the higher reward of the Worlds bye (I presume). And with fewer, ideally more will travel to play in them. At most, I see one Regional per state. In my mind, they are putting value back into Regionals, by making them fewer, thus likely, a bit more competitive than glorified locals they were last year.
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    theoriginalsiri got a reaction from Syleh Forge in which wave 3 ship was the most disappointing?   
    I agree with SonicPara; I have had quite a bit of success with an Omnicron with a few upgrades [Most importantly vader]
    Generally, I run it with Vader & Advanced Sensors, but adding the Gunner for the extra chance to deal a crit is always awesome.
    I have flown him with 2 interceptors, so he goes in, deals the crits to mess up the ships - suicides, and gets in the way while the interceptors clean up house. 
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    theoriginalsiri reacted to Katarn007 in My Worlds Experience   
    I certainly agree, it was a tough event filled with fantastic players.  And thank you, despite not making the cut, I am very pleased with how I played, and I look forward to the next major event.
    At this point, I am questioning the decision to have that first elimination round Saturday, instead of doing it all Sunday.  Frankly, I think an earlier start across the board wouldn't hurt either.  At the same time, I don't know the reasons for those descions either.  What I do know, is that I went from exhilaration to being punched in the gut and mugged when those final standings went up.  There is a huge difference between being x-1 and thinking you are for sure in and being x-2 and knowing you are on the bubble.  I really just want to be sure that at future events, someone else doesn't go through the emotional roller coaster I did.
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    theoriginalsiri reacted to SonicPara in which wave 3 ship was the most disappointing?   
    If you aren't running Bombers then Jendon doesn't seem so worth it but that TL buffing a focused Interceptor can be nasty.
    I'm a fan of the Omicron + Vader + Gunner shuttle.  If you proc Vader and Gunner every turn it kills itself in 3 turns, removing the need for turning around.  It clocks in at 29 points so the value is questionable but it can put out some serious damage.
    Right now I'm considering the same build on Jendon to use the TL to buff allies and rely on Gunner for adding reliability to his damage.  At 34 points it is less attractive as a suicide unit but it does bring some pilot skill superiority and welcome support to a list.
    Honestly, the real thing keeping the shuttle down is the restrictive range on the support abilities.  On the flipside the massive 1-3 range for Roark and Katarn make the HWK better than anticipated.
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    theoriginalsiri reacted to Effenhoog in New Tie Interceptors Annouched "Earn Your Bloodstripes"   
    This is more exciting than wave 3 lol
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    theoriginalsiri reacted to Atomic Boxer in My Gencon Report   
    Thank you for the kind words. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a match-up or a pick-up game to work out. I agree that the results of this tournament only cement how well-designed I feel this game is.
    Hey David! Good to hear from you. I definitely give you credit for inspiring me to take up the 7-TIE mantle. Sorry that I didn't wait, but if it wasn't me, it could very likely have been someone else - maybe Lyle (Sozin), who really is impressive with a swarm and who was in the Top 4.
    I would definitely be up for a rematch
    It's Siri and I'm happy to hear that she was a friendly opponent. Congrats to you on making Top 4. See you at the World Championship Weekend?
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