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  1. I ran with TIE Interceptors at Worlds. Soontir Fel Push the Limit Stealth Device Saber Squadron Pilot Stealth Device Krassis Trelix Heavy Laser Cannon The build was very glass cannon, but I can honestly say I have the absolute MOST fun flying the interceptors. I added the big ship to help draw the threat and the fire away from my lovely interceptors. I also flipflopped with the idea of flying an Omnicron Class Shuttle with Darth Vader and Gunner, and then adding two unnamed interceptors to boot. I ended up going 2/3 at Worlds. Unfortunately the dice weren't in my favor, and as Rodent Mastermind mentioned above it really is a win big or win lose - and it's mostly on dice. Soontir Fel is really the star of my build. At range 3 he's rolling 5 die and is often loaded with two focus tokens and an evade [with push the limit and his pilot ability] - but even so, once he's hit - that's pretty much it for him. Even as a pilot who can out maneuver most ships - not all shots are avoidable and inevitably after one hit gets through and the stealth device goes down - they are incredibly vulnerable. [if the shot itself didn't one shot them entirely] Furthermore, Interceptors are very weak against anything with a 360 degree firing arc [ion Cannon Turret, Blaster Turret or Millennium Falcons]. I greatly look forward to the Imperial Aces pack, and have it pre-ordered. Hoping it will boost my build and make it more viable for next years tournament season - I had planned to keep flying my Interceptors regardless, but nonetheless - still very exciting!
  2. I can't wait to fly the new Aerial Ace pack though! As a TIE Interceptor Pilot I'm greatly looking forward to the release! Maybe next year we'll see them in the top!
  3. I certainly agree, it was a tough event filled with fantastic players. And thank you, despite not making the cut, I am very pleased with how I played, and I look forward to the next major event. At this point, I am questioning the decision to have that first elimination round Saturday, instead of doing it all Sunday. Frankly, I think an earlier start across the board wouldn't hurt either. At the same time, I don't know the reasons for those descions either. What I do know, is that I went from exhilaration to being punched in the gut and mugged when those final standings went up. There is a huge difference between being x-1 and thinking you are for sure in and being x-2 and knowing you are on the bubble. I really just want to be sure that at future events, someone else doesn't go through the emotional roller coaster I did. Hello all, First off - I had a fantastic weekend, the people in the tournament really made it for me, and it was such a pleasure to make so many new friends. I think something they could have done differently for time is: 1) To add the 6th round - which I believe should have also been scheduled - you could start the tournament prior to noon? Registration started at around 11 am, but many of us were there around 10 am in the morning. By maybe moving up the start time to 11, and then the registration time to 10 - you could easily add another round within the day. 2) Doing top 16 the next morning. Also - those start times could have been a tad bit earlier too - I'm not sure if it started at 11 am or 12 pm, but an earlier start time would mean we would get done sooner rather than later. A 10 AM start time does not seem like a lot to ask. Which is a good thing that they are dramatically cutting the amount of Regionals next year. I believe that the regional winner bye would not have been too strong if another round had been played. I also felt as if the NA championship winner, the UK championship winner, and the Nordic championship winner should have not been on equal playing terms as those who may have just won a Regionals. I understand providing people who did not have the opportunity is important as well - but I also feel like those who deserve a win - deserve some kind of reward. Furthermore, I think it is sad that they are cutting the amount of Regionals being played. Maybe perhaps cut the elevation it gives them, but I feel like Regionals really provides an opportunity for us as players to congregate and play together.
  4. I agree with SonicPara; I have had quite a bit of success with an Omnicron with a few upgrades [Most importantly vader] Generally, I run it with Vader & Advanced Sensors, but adding the Gunner for the extra chance to deal a crit is always awesome. I have flown him with 2 interceptors, so he goes in, deals the crits to mess up the ships - suicides, and gets in the way while the interceptors clean up house.
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