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  1. Would be nice if they managed an expansion in the form of a campaign system.
  2. I would be careful, throwing crystal is never going to end well.
  3. The way it comes across is that you enter an event for the two days and then if you get knocked out you just play in as many side events as you want to. Overall it sounds like it will be great fun. Beyond that we haven't really been told much or have anything concrete to offer you, we are just guessing and speculating at this time.
  4. One of the good things about this announcement is it was early enough to have players prepare for it. If you are of the opinion that the rotation is a bad thing for you, it is much better to figure that out now that in a years time.
  5. The mat is just the base surface, many games clubs use green sheets over a 6x4 table, you then throw or place your terrain down on this. I built a table to a railroad quality, and while I loved playing on it it was very expensive and awkward to store. The mats in other games are a great surface for X-Wing and Armada where a good or bad move can be a mm here or there. So a lot of people coming to Legion from these games will have the mat as their preferred surface because a small bump doesn't affect the positioning of models. I also find it has a nice bounce for dice that you don't get on a regular table.
  6. But there is no place for them in this current meta.
  7. Armada went from 300 to 400 once it reached wave 1 or 2, so who knows what may happen. As long as the mission objectives remain relevant I think changing points values could be fun.
  8. As soon as Legacies come out all three formats will exist. Though Standard and Infinity will be the same card pool. This time next year when wave 3 comes out the three formats will be distinctly different.
  9. I had it all explained to me, once a new base set is released, the previous cycle and the new base set and future expansions from those two cycles are all good. If we get a product from a yet to be released base set, then that product from the not yet available set is legal. The 2-player box set is an example of this. So, in very broad terms we’ll have 700 cards at the start of a cycle and 1000 by the end. I think that is a pretty expansive number of cards, more so if you consider that most competitive players can recall the card text with nothing more than a look at the card art. Allowing for the 2-player box each faction has 50+ Characters at the low point of a cycle. I think this has made a very clear point of entry for a new player, while no one would want to play a trilogy event today in a month or two using just the Legacies set will be entertaining to both old and new players. I also spoke with my friends about a possible cycle of events, we pretty much came to the conclusion that with a new set we would probably play 4 sealed events and then step into standard and trilogy events until the new set came out. This also, seems quite logical and also very supportive of a new player that wants to play and join into an established community.
  10. I am confused: The Standard format consists of the two most recent cycles and all products that are part of an unreleased cycle. So wouldn't that mean that you have Awakenings, Legacies and Cycle 3 in play until the final set of cycle 3 releases? Rather than what is shown in the diagram?
  11. Good points indeed.
  12. Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and White are all you need. The thing is, when you are painting an army, having set colours in a pot or at worst a basic 2 drops of this to 1 drop of that means that you can paint a unit, and later re-do a similar paint job on a second unit. Keep a notebook or log of what you do. As such you may end up finding that it isn't all that bad. If you notice Sorastro breaks his painting into 5 main steps, preparation, base coat, shade, highlight and base. Preparation is making the model if it is multi-part and you may find that you'll need some clippers, files, blades and glues. The primer is part of the base coat, Sorastro typically uses a white in the videos I have watched, so a can of white may be good. For the base coat you just hit each part of the model with various colours. Say flesh for skin, green for pants and grey for a shirt. If you watch the video and take note of the various colours used in this step just get those colours and complete these steps for the models. I think at worst you may need 6-10 colours. Once you have all the core set base coated then you could buy the colours for the shading. At the end of this step you would have a perfectly acceptable tabletop standard of paint job. For highlighting you can just add white or yellow to the base colours, or you could expand into the paints as you can. Perhaps you just highlight the flesh as a step and just get the 1-2 colours needed to do that. I think these add depth to a model, but it is worth noting that you can just highlight one or two key parts of a model and that alone will make it look much better. So, perhaps the pants and boots look just fine with a wash and the extra effort of the highlight will not add much more. Basing can just be a simple process of gluing down some sand with a a watered down PVA glue, painting the whole base a medium brown, dabbing on a brown ink wash and then highlighting with a very swift drybrush of a pale brown or white. Then add a turf or two of a product like GamersGrass , Mininature Silflor or Army Painter Grass Tufts. Slowly over a few months you'll expand what you have. Start with Stormtroopers, they have a very limited pallet of colours, then the walkers, bikes and Darth Vader. Then you add the rebel troopers, walker, bike and Luke.
  13. If you plan to paint, then, to repeat something I said else where. Don't buy everything all at once. Buy what you need to get started and paint that. Then whenever you finish painting something replace it with something new. Many gamers buy a complete army and then look at the unpainted pile of models and never get to the paint.
  14. I think the game is now on track to be released every 4 months or so. As such I know what I want to buy each cycle and just run up store credit slowly until I can buy the next set. I am not too sure why a store wouldn't mind or even encourage this. If you put $10 in each week you'll end up with close to 2 boxes upon release. Beyond that, I guess the question is, are you having fun? I am, more so because of the FAQ/Errata, so for me continuing to play the game is easy enough.
  15. You are probably a stormtrooper at heart, and thus not being all that short, always end up hitting your head on door jams and bulkheads.