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  1. When I was 20 I was happy to play BattleTech all weekend, sleep was for the weak! Now I am 54, I have a lot more on my plate, 6 hours a week is pushing my limits for face to face gaming. As such I am often quite happy to see games that can take hours to play with great depth and complexity as much as games that are quick and easy and fill in a small amount of time. I think, the variety of choice, is a very good thing.
  2. No my point is the opposite, I like the game, I just don't see it going for much longer as the player pool slowly diminishes. I see it circling the drain and hope that something can be done to stop its slow demise, making the game affordable will achieve some progress into growing it. I think the game you are playing is quite different to the game I am playing as many of your issues are not shared. I do agree that OP can be improved, a lot, printing alt art cards that no-one wants is not helping. For the most part FFG has a deplorable track record here, with the kits being delayed or not arriving. Our regional cards were water damaged and there was a scare over the cards for nationals not even being ordered by the Australian distributor. I still boggle at the fact we do not have a overwritten or power action tokens in the game and these are so easy to make and pretty obvious as to their need. I have also claimed several times that dice for upgrades and supports are also something that could be done. Having a second dice for Han's Blaster doesn't help if you don't have the second card, so there is much more things that can be done with a little care and thought. But no amount of effort will save the game if it continues to be hard to get new players.
  3. Do you ever feel like the dice are against you? Aren't they?
  4. I think the Team Covenant video (from memory) says the opposite. Each hero has a set of cards numbered 1 of 15 to 15 of 15 and you have to take exactly one of each. So the variation will come in the form of Aspect and Generic cards, with the expansions being playable out of the box I understand why people are concerned about the possible lack of variation.
  5. I think this is one of the best card games you can get, the dice makes each card "imperfect", so unlike Magic or Keyforge where you can look at your hand and spot the best play with Destiny you more often than not have to take what you get. This makes the game far more enjoyable as a "puzzle" every turn you have something new to solve with the cards and dice you have. Sadly though the game is hard to grow, new players are cherished, and I think we sometimes are so excited to have new players that we are so nice we scare them off. Many play groups seem to be hitting the 4-6 player mark and I think this puts pressure on those players. The play group being so small means you are playing the same people over and over with the same decks. Then the cost of the new sets just adds to this pressure because you aren't getting value for the money your spending. It only takes one player from a small group to quit and the whole group reaches that tipping point. In some regards if you are here reading this you have out done at least one other group that has given up, if not more. But I don't think it is the games fault, it is the sales model, we don't have enough players to support a blind buy. Singles are becoming harder to find and that too is making the CCG model harder to interest players. I just don't think we can do this for much longer. Mind you I think the idea of an LCG is also problematic because that to drives away players over time and creates a barrier to entry. The game evolves far too slowly and if you start late you still have a huge cost to catch up. Overall I think both the CCG and LCG model will slowly strangle this game. I would look at making the next set the last of the blind buys and moving forwards produce box sets that have one of each card. Alternatively make a box of 2 of each non-dice card and a box of 2 of each dice card, that would allow people to buy 4 copies of the non-dice cards and make more decks where the cards overlap in their decks. Not only would this make the game more friendly to players, it will also make the production easier for FFG and the distribution easier. I went to the Sydney GQ and any drafts that were run saw a table full of common and rare cards left on the table, those useless cards still have to be made and distributed by FFG, so cutting down on the waste cuts down on their end of the supply problems. I would truly enjoy myself playing this game in 5 years time, but I honestly think something has to give to make it have a chance.
  6. A round is active until both players pass, a round consists of multiple turns, once you claim the rest of your turns are to pass. The round ends when both players pass. As a claim action is done during a turn your question is a bit confusing as you are using one game term in place of another. Can you make a claim action as your first turn? Certainly, but from then on you will have to pass while your opponent activates characters, re-rolls dice and deals damage to you with you only able to pass each turn. So you probably don't want to claim first turn, I have never seen it done. As you play you'll start to see the claim action become a fairly tactical choice and sometimes claiming even when you have a dice in the pool is worth more than re-rolling.
  7. Fair enough, but right now we are speculating at best, Aspect cards and the Generics could have a large overlap with previous cards or little to none. I expect here there would be a minimum of overlap, as that creates the desire to buy the pack even if the hero isn't a first choice for you and creates more variety in the game. Being able to grab a hero, aspect and some generic cards makes the game fairly quick to set up and the game play is easy to teach. This simplified deckbuilding and that you and your friends can also add to the villains deck, does create a fair degree of variety, but it may fall short of the type of deck building you have with L5R, Netrunner and GoT. I think here, to be fair if you want deckbuilding to be similar to L5R etc. then maybe those games would be a better fit. Not every LCG needs to be a deep, ongoing deck building experience. I would think that simplified deckbuilding and super heroes may well make the game beginner/casual friendly and to be fair I think FFG got it pretty close to right. It also makes the game one that you can just pull off a shelf and play with friends if the mood takes you that way. With Christmas coming perhaps we'll see this game in stores that aren't exactly game/hobby stores.
  8. So the other 30-40 cards in the pack are blank?
  9. Isn't the hero, hero cards and nemesis cards new content? For the most part I am not going to think of this as an LCG and look for a complete playset. Champions seems more like a boardgame with an aggressive expansion cycle. The idea of buy and play doesn't seem that bad. Over time the card pool may develop into something closer to an LCG, and if the game captures my friends and my imaginations we may delve into the rabbit hole that is deck construction.
  10. Just password protect the list and send it to him, when he gets his list to you send him the password.
  11. Maybe but I wasn't here to find out. Not saying you are wrong, but my camel was long broken. However, this is the first game I ever lost interest in and gained a renewed interest in to give it a second try.
  12. I think my view here may well be subject to the point in time I stopped playing. I found that Ryhmer, Demolisher and Hide your Commander in Flotilla over and over was not a fun game. Eventually the effort to table the game exceeded the fun of playing it to me and I just stopped playing. This has little to no bearing on my desire to retry the game, for me without the SSD I probably wouldn't even bother. So for me the SSD is the game changer, it is the reason I will give the game a second try and I'll probably look at more casual and fun ways of playing rather than OP events. For me at least the SSD is a game changer because it will renew my interest in getting the game out and playing some more.
  13. So you have 2 characters to pick from, but you can roll one dice of either character not one of both.
  14. You may re-roll one character dice if it is a trooper.
  15. I will most certainly be dusting off my collection, for the most part I just lost interest in the game because of the meta (while I played) being stale. I'll probably make some changes to the way I play in terms of rules and structure, I have no more interest in the 400 point competitive format now, I want to throw down two fleets and just have a fun evening blowing them up with friends. So bigger tables, different activation order, different rules for moving and measuring and random game end will be experimented with.
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