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  1. I just had my GKR tracking details sent to me, and it is due in tomorrow, I am also waiting for Legion and Rivals, I would be taking even odd that it will all hit the stores on Thursday. Completely clean out my wallet. Failing that 1st February seems reasonable.
  2. So, release date game....

    Pedro is in charge of FFG shipping, we all know he gets here when he gets here and not a second before.
  3. Game Mat recommendations?
  4. tearing my hair out

    Handy Rules Reference This may help, the little page or two you get in a starter is really just enough to get started, the full rule book reference may help with other hair pulling moments.
  5. The complication of not having the rules is enough for some. I would really like them to go up sooner than later as I can start reading them now and trying to make sense of them. Even the L2P would be great.
  6. They certainly could, but it would probably be about 6 months before they do as they would probably have the Q2 kits already planned and under production.
  7. Game Mat recommendations? Hope this helps.
  8. Order of Modifiers (non-dice)

    In the absence of any other instruction that would make the most sense.
  9. Game Mat recommendations?

    OK. I have taken some photos and a video of my table, mat and terrain. I'll put it up tomorrow, my home internet is terrible.
  10. Game Mat recommendations?

    Easy. Mind if I finish what I am working on and post up a whole mess of things?
  11. Game Mat recommendations?

    Here are the video links I used to get the start of how. That Sculptamold is great stuff, I am going to keep a bag handy at all times. I just finished some rock outcroppings, i started these off with Woodland Scenics' Rock Molds and stuck these to some foam board and added the sculptamold. I have a friend at work that got me 5 lotus plant pods and they are being used rather than the fur trees to make something similar.
  12. Order of Modifiers (non-dice)

    Does it matter? The end result of X+2-1 or X-1+2 is always X+1.
  13. So the text on the card that is referencing the dice that matches that specific card is not self-referencing? I could perhaps roll in you Greedo dice if you had them?
  14. CHARACTERS - POINT VALUE(S) (p6): A character’s point value(s) is how many points it costs to include it on a team. If there are two values, then the smaller value is how many points it costs to use one of that character’s dice, and the larger value is how many points it costs to use two of that die. A character with two of its dice is called an elite character. (Please note this does not refer to activation or anything, you get 1-2 character dice based on the points you spend on the Character.) SELF-REFERENTIAL EFFECTS (p19): When a card’s ability text refers to its own card type, such as “this upgrade” or “this character,” it refers to itself only, and not to other copies (by title) of the card. SETUP (p13): Players roll their starting character dice and add up the values rolled (the white numbers). If there is a tie, they roll again. The player with the highest total chooses which battlefield to fight on. The player whose battlefield is being used controls the battlefield and places it next to their deck. The player whose battlefield is not being used sets their battlefield aside and gives 2 shields to their characters, distributed as they wish. After rolling, return all character dice to their matching cards. DICE ON CARDS (p10): When dice are not in a dice pool, they are placed on their matching card. These dice are not active, cannot be manipulated, and none of their sides are considered to be showing. SET-ASIDE ZONE (p10): Each player has a set-aside zone. At the beginning of the game, some dice are set aside. These are dice that can enter play via cards. Players can set aside any number of dice that match cards in their deck, or are referenced by cards in their deck. Players may hide these dice from their opponent using a tray or a dice bag. Cards can also enter or leave the set-aside zone. Cards in the set-aside zone are open knowledge unless otherwise noted. Defeated characters are placed in the set-aside zone, and some cards, like Premonitions (D131) or battlefields that are not chosen during setup, also use this zone. So you have payed 11 points for Greedo, he would be elite and come with 2 dice as per the rules on page 6. You will note that this introduces the definition of a character dice and how many dice are character dice. Greedo is a Self-Referencial Effect, you may roll his Character Dice. Keep in mind that when you payed for Greedo you defined how many Character Dice he has for the game. When you roll Greedo to start the game do you use any more than the 1-2 dice you paid for? Does this not assist in helping cement the idea of the number of dice that are Character Dice? Dice on cards, during a game with an Elite Greedo how many dice would be on its card at the start of a round? Which gives us yet another point at which we have a count of Character Dice. Dice in your set-aside zone are nothing unless brought into play by an effect. In fact we can also see the dice move from card to pool to set-aside zone in the rules, and a Character Dice only gets set-aside after the character is defeated. You have quoted the Golden Rule, it applies in as much as the effect on the card breaks the rules. However, how does Greedo introduce a 2nd, 3rd or even 4th Character Dice? You keep calling on Krennic as an example. Krennic may only have 1 or 2 Character Dice, the Death Trooper is brought from the set-aside zone as a card effect and that specific dice could not be used for events and the like that said "remove a character dice" you didn't pay for the dice as part of a character, nor will it return to a character card once it is resolved, it will be set aside. TLDR: You get 1-2 character dice and Greedo talks to his Character Dice. Krennic's Death Tropper is not a Character Dice. Greedo doesn't add character dice, so the Golden Rule doesn't help.
  15. 800 points and...

    Not too sure. When you try you may have to play with say 500 points as the commanders may not scale down all that well, and if at 400 points you get a commander and 2 squads you won't get a fun game at all.