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  1. I play on my dining table, so a mat provides me:- Something to roll dice on that reduces the noise of those dice My kids seem to have constant issues with getting food and drink into their mouths, so a mat protects me from anything I may miss when I clean up It makes it easier to pick up cards The cards don't run away when dealing them out Just don't order the mat and the game together. FFG have yet to release a game mat on time and mail orders won't get sent until all products in the order are ready to ship.
  2. Yes, because you and I are not the main customer base for the game. FFG sells mostly to distributors, they in turn sell to shops and when they can't get what they need they reduce their next round of orders, cut back on the promotion and in store presence of the game and just push games they can make money off. They make zero of games they can't get and eventually they stop getting more of it, so stuff ups like this just eat away at the good will FFG has with the stores.
  3. Mostly to continue the chain of thought as anything - I think though this is largely because we are all playing games for fun, so we tend to be more forgiving. If my local super market had the same problems as FFG it would go broke. We hear it all the time, "FFG makes great games but.... " It would be great if FFG removed the but from that sentence. I have seen companies use KS to remove some of the risk, and generally you get a cheaper game or special components for the same price as you would in a store. I wonder if we can solve the problems with technology, maybe an FFG app. I nominate my prefered FLGS, and when I see a new game like "Fallout Shelter" I can nominate my interest. Perhaps after 10-20 people expressed an interest, stores could be asked to opt in to a demo program that would send a release-kit and demo-kit to the store for them to drum up interest in a game. At some point I pre-order or say I am not interested in making a purchase. Upon release day FFG knows the commitment shown and interest shown. Like KS is disruptive for business capital there could be some form of disruptive process that helps the manufacturer, distributer, game store and gamer a win here. I think the games mat is a great example. How many people had to cancel their order because the mat did has not come out with the game? Some of those people don't come back, so the expectation should be managed by FFG better.
  4. The Armada Super Star Destroyer was a year late, Destiny is now three months late and counting and it has been pushed back not just once but twice. I tend to think that a product being delivered on time is the rarity. I think that FFG relies too much on just in time production and never estimates the demand properly, then suffers for shipping delays, Chinese New Year and Uncle Bobs' Birthday. Perhaps FFG could learn how to use KickStarter to get a better idea of demand for a game.
  5. Who knows, we could see a "Star Wars - Unique Deck and Dice Game" as much as anything else.
  6. Amanal

    Set 10

    Not having product in the quantity and time for players also starves them out. I can't believe that we couldn't use technology to solve this problem, something that could include the store in the process.
  7. Amanal

    Set 10

    The solution is pretty simple, put it on KickStater. You know just how much to make and everyone is happy. Maybe if they start doing KS with all their new stuff they won't get production shortages?
  8. I would get that looked at. Armada is doing well?
  9. Sure, they still have the older star wars TCG. Most stuff will go down, the set 10 kit will go up because of limited supply.
  10. Amanal

    Set 10

    I like the idea of making this a prize kit, but I also hope that FFG can print it up and make a box set for players to purchase too. I have a terrible premonition of there being a distinct lack of product otherwise.
  11. Throughout my life I have seen many a good game drop away, it is hard to understand why and I tend not to care too much to bother. Many times games that do flounder are better than some of the game that do well. Why does DnD do so well when there are significantly better games, or Monopoly exist at all. Sometimes I think it is just a little bit of luck. I used to go into a game shop on my way home from work and saw a game on the shelf for about 12 months called BattleTech, it just sat there and then one of the guys at my local club showed up with it and we went crazy for it. Years later, I purchased Rogue Trader and played one game of it, then 2-3 years later a friend played some 40k and urged me to give it a try and we were hooked. Even WotC has fun, after Magic (I bailed on it because of price gouging) we played some Jyhad, Netrunner and Battletech, all came and went. I think for the most part though you are right, you need to keep the casuals happy and FFG really struggles there, KeyForge showed a lot of promise, but the method of adding chains to decks is terrible, isn't Garfield a PhD in Maths? Around here we have gone from 20 players to 2, and they have just scared the casuals away buy buying cases of decks, it is insane to think that a few players here and there can keep the game going. I think X-Wing was a success and they just model every other game based on competitive X-Wing play.
  12. Hera, Kanan, Sabine looks like fun, but I just can't spot the cards I want for the deck. Admiral Bane looks too obvious.
  13. I would never look at the spoiled cards as a guide for much. While the whole set may be spoiled at the end of the week until that happens there are just too many blank spaces to try and account for much. I would fall back to old decks with a few card changes early in, rather than complete new decks.
  14. A 2 cost ally, will take 3 cards to play, the ally itself and 2 others (most of the time) and when you have a hand size of 5 that is over half the cards you have. As such they should be good shouldn't they?
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