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  1. Like say a Games Workshop store? They even have/had a Tolkien License for miniatures, so replacements may well exist for most everything. Mind you I wouldn't imagine these to be cheap.
  2. Amanal

    The next Flop ?

    I am looking forwards to giving it a go. Although between now and delivery I am just as likely to lose my interest, but that has little to do with game design and more to do with the way FFG markets games.
  3. Amanal

    Turniments! what should I run?

    I think in general you play the one you have the most fun playing and have the most preparedness in having played it before.
  4. First impressions matter, FFG keeps thinking they don't, especially when it comes to apps. If the KeyForge App died tomorrow would you or anyone actually miss it? Which is my point about the app, it should be relevant to the game because of the chains being used to maintain a balance but if you turned it off tomorrow no one would notice.
  5. My only reservation with FFG and an App is they haven't exactly set themselves as having a good track record with the app for X-Wing and KeyForge.
  6. Amanal

    Why isn't MagnaGuard a droid?

    I won't miss the cards. The FN-2199 meta was almost the straw for this camels back.
  7. Amanal

    Vault Tour: Why Not East Coast?

    Global being USA and Europe? For a company owned by a EU parent, I wouldn't say that has much of a global presence.
  8. So Futuristic Cyborgs, Elves and Pixies and Japanese Knights. All good from where I sit. Game mechanics are often theme related and FFG are great at merging theme and game play for the most part. Many of these games are different because thematically they are different. Even KeyForge has a widely different theme to Netrunner/Android, it would be like mashing Star Wars into Monopoly, it isn't a thematically different game, it is still glorified snakes and ladders in space. So while I love the idea of Futuristic Cyborgs and Japanese Knights in KeyForge, I want them decidedly themed to KeyForge and not just blended in with no regard to the games theme. (Theirs or ours.) FFG also makes great innovative games, KeyForge is the poster child of this I expect. However, I am not too sure I want them to stop making games. I also am not too sure that (if they did just make one game to rule them all) I would want it to be KeyForge in any case, I love the game and I love just playing casually. For KeyForge to go beyond casual game play, there is still much work to be done, and I just don't see it being done.
  9. They renegotiated their license and may have adjusted some of the terms and conditions (I think between books 2 & 3 of the RPG), so IA was released under the older license and may well be subject to some different conditions that existed at the time. You also have a certain amount of region locking, I have purchased marvelous card sleeves, a glass case and cloths from Japan that I can't find else where. They even sell glass frames that are Star Wars licensed! With IA I think they tried to call it a miniatures game and Hasbro called them on it. As a result Hasbro sells and distributes the game and makes some money off it, they also handle the custom service out side of the US and don't have a good a record as FFG. Nor can they sell the game directly, but rather it would seem they sell everything to Hasbro, at least around here as the game store have indicated they deal with a different supplier. All up there are only a few companies I would by licensed games from. All too often other companies slap a game together, cut and paste some stills from the movie or what not and sell a game. Killing the theme of the game in the process. The estate of Tolkien will most certainly be involved here and I see no reason to believe they would want anything less that FFG's best. From the top of my head, GW holds the license for miniatures of Middle Earth, so here FFG may have to watch out that they don't get caught out making miniatures games.
  10. Amanal

    KeyForge GEM Troubleshooting Discussion

    Can't speak for the GEM issues, but maybe have a regular old fashioned desk lamp to help with the lighting?
  11. Amanal

    KeyForge GEM Troubleshooting Discussion

    Swiss Rounds (p7 Tournament Regulations): To determine pairings, take the group of players with the most tournament points and pair them at random. If there is an odd number of players in that group, pair the remaining player with a random player from the group with the next most tournament points. Then, pair all remaining players in the second group at random. Continue this until all players are paired. @Hinomura The problem here is after 3 rounds you will have 3 players with 2-1 results, and it is also possible that you have each of those players losing to the 3-0 player in rounds 1,2 and 3 because of the random draw with players on the same amount of tournament points. As a player are you certain this strange series of events didn't take place so that a player on 1-2 was the only player not yet played? Mind you I recall seeing some similar complaints from a facebook group I belong to where two players on 3-0 didn't play each other and played against 2-1 opponents instead. As such if they sent their log-file in they should be looking into the way the app pairs players and ensure it is in line with what we understand to be the rules. Mind you I think that players should be ranked in SOS order within each group, so that the lowest seed plays against the highest seed in the lower group where you have odd numbers. Mainly because when you cut to a top 4/8/16 there is often players eliminated on SOS so randomly playing down can affect your result in a negative manner. I think too, if you make the GEM software as system agnostic as you can you'll get more value out of the time and effort in making GEM as many more events can be run via the GEM software.
  12. Amanal

    Losing or obtaining nothing

    CHOOSE- EITHER (P20): If an ability uses “choose” and “either,” the player using the ability may choose either option, even if the chosen one will have no effect. Once the player has made their choice, they have to resolve as much of it as possible. Some cards force an opponent to make a choice. The opponent can also choose either option.
  13. Amanal

    Opinions on all the reprints

    We will now have all three formats in the "able to play" side of things, so I think there may be some cards that have to be reprinted even though they are still in Standard because of their importance to Trilogy. I think for this reason Jeremy and Team may well need to consider card reprints even from Standard Play from time to time to ensure that card staples are kept in the various formats. I think for any groups hoping to increase their player base, this new set with Trilogy play is going to be part of their plan. As far as duplicate legendary cards, I think we have moved on somewhat the design criteria of the first three sets have not matched the second three, the characters are too weak for too high a cost to what we have now and many of the supports are also being over shadowed by recent cards. In general would you play an AT-AT at 6 over a Varders Fist at 5? Would anyone seriously harbour a thought to playing the Awakenings Vader? Perhaps this time next year if the design people can establish the cost and power of the characters we may find reprints, but I don't think the first year had a good cost to power for the various characters, so reprints and changes here may be the order of the day for the next three sets. So, what card apart from Crime Lord would you duplicate from Awakenings? However, I think FFG should have reviewed the rarity of the re-print, if the card is important to keep in the game, then it should be considered to become a rare card in the case of a dice card and a common for a non-dice card. Crime Lord now has the same level of "desire to draw" as Awakenings versions of BB-8 and Rey's Staff and it is a legendary.
  14. Amanal

    Surprise Combos

    Pick on the two lowest power creatures, is your dragon really going to be scared of taking 2-4 damage to kill 7?
  15. Amanal

    Surprise Combos

    Could you have fought and killed 2 elusive creatures by just attacking them twice and using the 5 damage on 5 other creatures to have killed 7?