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  1. You made that claim that Rend fixed Holocron and Force Speed, I had them on my list of cards that were considered broken and hadn't been fixed. I asked if you are OK with that then why is Sabine a problem as there are several cards that can avoid the lock down. Why is that an unreasonable question? The Sabine/Lock is not a zero cost thing, you require 2 Ambush Weapons and a damage effect that triggers when she activates as well as getting Running Interference out and quite likely have to win the roll off as to play your battlefield. If after spending 2-3 turns doing everything you can to get the lock down if I can avoid it for 1 or 2 turns I am not so sure you will have made a winning play.
  2. My point remains regardless, there are a good number of cards that people have spent great amounts of energies calling for bans or Errata. So far there have been two cards that people have complained about that have been changed. Why is Sabine/Running Interference being considered for this list? If Rend has fixed Holocron and Force Speed then surely that logic means you wouldn't see Sabine as a problem as there are cards that avoid the lockout effect.
  3. Yeah, maybe, so you just get a ruling off the TO and move on.
  4. You have to play the chosen Event if able as your next action. So if your opponent claims his next action will be in the new turn. If they don't discard the card by then, they are not prevented by the card or the rules in discarding the event you chose during the end phase. However, if they draw their second copy of that event then I think it would be quite reasonable to expect them to play that card in their next turn as they would be able to play that event in their next action. If you play multiple actions then on your opponents next turn they have to play both, but as they can only play one they would get the choice of the two you selected. There could be some scope to claim that the last event chosen would have to be played as this would supersede the play of the first card chosen. But as neither option seems as good as waiting a turn why wouldn't you? If you pick a card that removes dice, you will still have the other card to play next turn after all. You look at their cards and pick an event, you should be able to control the order of events as it were.
  5. Perhaps Jango is a reasonable comparison, if I get my two Ambush Weapons, what about Sabine is significantly different to Jango and how many points am I spending for that? Why is Sabine here on the list but not Cad Bane? How often has this community complained about a card and called for a banning or errata to that card? I think we are 1 for 8 so far and counting. Hyperloop being the one, FN, Maz, Rey, Poe, Sabine, Force Speed and Sith Holocron being the 7 misses. At some point you have to start building decks and playing games that try to win against these decks rather than getting the cards banned or changed. There is and you listed a few, if Sabine becomes a problem in your meta, game the meta and include one or more of the cards that break the lock.
  6. There are a whole mess of changes you may have to consider, 40 cards and maybe draw to a hand of 6 . Hand size also makes it easier for Mill Characters as all they have to do is get rid of 4-5 cards from your hand each turn and you can't do much at all. Also consider that if you add 10 points that extra character will be 2 or so dice extra that will accelerate the damage done by both teams.
  7. “THEN” EFFECTS (p19): In order to resolve an effect that is preceded by the word “then,” the previous effects on the card must have fully resolved (i.e., the game state changes to reflect the intent of the effect in its entirety). If the part of an ability that precedes the word “then” does not successfully resolve in full, the part of the ability that follows the word “then” does not attempt to resolve. The action is taken, the card just doesn't resolve. By removing at least one dice means that the game state changes. Have I missed another rule from elsewhere?
  8. Only I misunderstood the process, the Unkarr player never gets any action other than a pass.
  9. If I claim how is my following turn locked down? I can roll in Unkarr, then at worst I resolve his action to remove a blank dice, I don't resolve the action, but the game state has changed and isn't a pass. Am I missing something?
  10. The problem I have with shields is more often than not you get 1 shield on a dice with 2 or 3 damage so you use the dice for one shield and forgo the damage. Perhaps with one dice it isn't all that much, but to gain 3 shields you may spend 3 dice, so you are looking at not dealing maybe 3-6 damage to prevent 3.
  11. I don't think you would want Admirals leading your troops. If you have Rebellion any of the leaders that can help in ground combat would be good choices. Perhaps Veers for example? I am a bit suspicious of Boba Fett, would a Civilian Contractor be allowed to lead army units?
  12. I am so putting "Fair" Trade into my yellow decks after watching this.
  13. No, you give him 1-3 at one time, not one at a time.
  14. I have tidied up the list from SWDestyDB, so the work is all theirs and the mistakes are mine. Empire.pdf
  15. My FLGS posted this on facebook just after the store closed at 10:30 last night. They have now opened and are removing boxes from the pyramid on display. I pushed for a Midnight opening, I Mean who needs sleep when there is Destiny on sale?