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  1. Amanal

    Displays not so random...

    This would lead me to the following: Don't buy display boxes, but buy a deck here and there.
  2. Amanal

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    CARD ABILITIES (P8): When resolving a card ability, resolve as much of the ability as can be resolved, and ignore the rest. Unless otherwise specified by the ability, the active player makes all decisions while resolving an ability. Players can only use cards they control, unless a card ability specifically states otherwise. Is the order of resolving the death effects of the two cards shown important if the active player has no amber? What if you were the active player and shot your own Grenade Snub and your opponent only had 2 amber?
  3. Amanal

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    With what? The main trouble with Biomatrix and hence the FAQ is that it say "you may" so when your opponent is active player he can choose to not have it go into effect.
  4. Amanal

    The app?

    How is this done? I am going to an event tomorrow, how does the organiser register our decks and enter results for them?
  5. Amanal

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    I may have misunderstood, but Bad Penny stays in the players hand. ABILITY, CARD ABILITY (p9): An ability is the special game text a card contributes to the game. Unless an ability explicitly references an out-of-play area (such as a hand, deck, archives, or discard pile), that ability can only interact with cards that are in play.
  6. Amanal

    Tournament Document Doesn’t Define “Dice”

    The tournament rules has this to say (p5): "Typically, players use the cardboard tokens included in official product as indicators. However, players may choose to use other items as indicators, so long as they do not obscure significant component information, are resistant to accidental modification, and their purpose of use is clear to both players." A spindown looks like it is quite prone to "accidental modification" for the most part and it has to be clear of function to both players. So in the first instance I think you ask the player not to use the items then escalate it as needed.
  7. Amanal

    The app?

    Collecting deck performance will take time because we can't report deck performance.
  8. Amanal

    The app?

    Even for casual play this would be nice. It was a feature sold at the launch event, so it should be soon.
  9. Amanal

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    The active player decides on the order that things get resolved. Check Turn Order and Active Player: pages 4 and 9.
  10. You play the top card of your deck, so play restrictions/costs must be met.
  11. Amanal

    Checklists and Tampering

    Read the icons, even of the back of the deck list you have the icons, so one set has to face outwards.
  12. Amanal

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    Such as?
  13. Amanal

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    To be honest it clarifies the whole rule on Active Player, so cards like special delivery and bad penny will now be up to the active player to sort out. I missed this rule but when you look it is there, p9 for active player and even turn sequence on p4.
  14. Amanal

    Dextre/Bad Penny vs Special Delivery

    ACTIVE PLAYER (p9): The active player is the player taking the current turn. The active player makes all necessary decisions for all card abilities or timing conflicts that need to resolve during their turn. I am going to go with the active player decides.
  15. Amanal

    Rulebook Updated 11/16

    I have a creature that has the card Biomatrix Backup (CoTA 208) attached. Its my opponent’s turn and they use one of their creatures to attack and destroy my creature. What happens? Since it is your opponent’s turn and they are the active player, they will get to make all decisions for all cards. In this case Biomatx Backup has the word “may”, meaning that the effect is optional. Thus if your creature is destroyed with the upgrade on it during your opponent’s turn, your opponent will decide whether the card is put into your archives or not. I don't know how much that will affect things but Yikes, I have been doing it wrong....