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  1. I find Kayn to be a little too squishy for his points. I find more bodies better.
  2. Recently ran: 2x Elite Stormtroopers 2x Heavy Stormtroopers 2x Elite Probe Droids Solid list if a bit too slow for me. Heavy Stormtroopers are good, but a little slow and swingy for my tastes. Eprobes are a sleeper hit as they were pre-errata. Trooper builds will be dominating the meta.
  3. Luke is a key component in the current best Rebel build (second best build overall). Vader is great and also very playable. Kayn Somos is very good and will probably see a fair amount of use at Worlds. Han is terrible. There are lots of uniques that get a ton of play. GIdeon, R2, Threepio; all in great builds. I'm sorry that some of the characters you like are inefficient.
  4. Yeah; I'm still not convinced 4x4 is going to win World's. It's going to be the list that counters 4x4 that wins (which unfortunately probably still contains multiple Officers and RGs).
  5. Yes; I know that. I won a Regionals with 4x4. I mean consistent 3 dice attacks. Ideally, none of your Royal Guards die.
  6. Hmm; maybe I should put it back in my deck and play around with it some more. I just felt I get so much more utility out of 3 points worth of other cards. For reference this is the deck I have been running with this list: Force Lightning Counter Attack Inspiring Speech Bodyguard x2 Deflection x2 Jump Jets Pummel x2 Stealth Tactics Fleet Footed Rally Take Initiative Urgency The name of the game is keep Vader alive into the end game where you've removed enough of your opponents figures that he can no longer be killed.
  7. I think the Vader list has the potential to perform better than you think. Might not win World's, but it will definitely knock out some 4x4's along the way. Honestly, I think 4x4 needs a tweak to include 3 dice attacks to win World's.
  8. I find Lord of the Sith and Lure of the Dark Side to be extremely lackluster. I really like running this list and find that Force Lightning and Bodyguard are your game winning cards. Also; try out Jump Jets. Super mobile Vader is terrifying (but the mental image is hilarious).
  9. That Vader list is very good. I still have my reservations that it is capable of winning Worlds though... However, this new map set might make that possible.
  10. Killing Vader and Chewbacca isn't that difficult. And 4x4 can secure 3 of the 4 mechanical devices on Battlefield Engineering in the first round, preventing the opponent from scoring any mission VP's. Ord Mantell Junkyard might be the only map that 4x4 doesn't have a distinct advantage on, but even then you will be so firmly packed into close combat that Protector and Vengeance are guaranteed and Blast will be disincentivized.
  11. Mmm; I'm looking for PDF scans in order to make vinyl game mats. I have all of the Core and Wave 1 PDFs, but none of the Twin Shadows and Wave 2 PDFs. Anyway. I think these maps do very little to curb the dominance of 4x4 in the meta.
  12. Same as the last set of maps except we're losing Moisture Farm and gaining Mos Eisley Cantina. I'm really surprised they kept Ord Mantell Junkyard. How do you think this will affect the meta? Very little? Does anyone have a PDF scan of Mos Eisley Cantina?
  13. I think we will see some permutation of 4x4 that gives it a bit more firepower now that "token grab" missions have cycled out. 2x Elite E-Web, 2x Royal Guard and 4x Officers has most of the speed and survivability of 4x4 with the potential to lay down some serious firepower.
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