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  1. You might find this list of Abilities (as distinct from talents) handy.
  2. I'll give this some thought AND steal this great idea. For now, I just want to give you props, that sounds amazing for your kids (and non-kid players as well)!
  3. Thanks, Enjeryuu! I think most people would probably rule with you on point two, but I think I'd allow the two defensive qualities to be active when it's being worn as a helmet, personally. I'm basing that on the way the Kyuzo bounty hunter Embo is shown using his to deflect incoming blaster fire while wearing it in that Clone Wars episode I mentioned. I also wonder if they're really "large shields" (though yes, they're certainly bigger than bucklers). They're light enough to be worn as helmets and to be thrown into the Short range band, after all (and they can even bounce back!). Allowing the defensive qualities doesn't seem any wilder or weirder to me than the Kyuzo's ability to jump to anyplace within Medium range for a couple of Strain. Cinematic! Big action! All that said, yep, see your point(s).
  4. I'm a big fan of the Kyuzo species from Forged in Battle. I like their crazy jumping around ability and I like their hats. I like the clovocs. Actually, I like pretty much everything about them. Anyway, I've been noodling around with creating what I think of as a "classic" Kyuzo, one who starts play with both an Energy Bow and a War Shield, and as I work up the mechanics side of the character I've found I have some questions. For context, I decided on the Soldier: Heavy Career/Specialization combo (that Burly talent is almost a requirement for the character I have in mind). I used the character's 90 experience points to take Agility to 4 and Brawn to 3, to purchase the Burly, Grit, and Toughened talents, and to purchase one rank in Perception. I took the -15 Duty hit (or +15 Obligation if playing the character in an Edge of the Empire context) to get a big old pile of credits, because the Bow and Shield together cost a big old pile of credits. In addition to those two weapons, I've so far purchased padded armor, a utility belt, and load-bearing gear. So that's where I am so far. My questions are these: (1) About that bow. The narrative description of it says that it is "[d]esigned to be fired from a mount or a mobile platform." Normally, I would sort of expect that to mean it can't be used by a character as a "normal" Ranged (Heavy) weapon, but there's nothing in the mechanical description of the item to indicate that it can't be. It doesn't even have the Prepare or Slow-Firing qualities. So, can it be used as a normal Ranged (Heavy) weapon? Presumably requiring two free hands? (2) About that shield. In the narrative description (and on screen, as in the Clone Wars episode "Bounty Hunters"), the shield is clearly capable of being worn as a helmet. But there's nothing in the mechanics (or the rules in general, as far as I know) that describes the utility of helmets. It's described, instead, as a melee weapon with the Defensive and Deflection qualities. Do you think a character should be allowed to wear the shield as a helmet and benefit from those two qualities? Does it make a difference that he is wielding his bow in both hands (I'm assuming that the "massive" bows preclude wearing the shield strapped to one arm)?
  5. I've been reading up on some of the play by post campaigns being run on these boards and am intrigued. Intrigued enough to ask some questions. Are there other places besides these FFG boards that host FFG Star Wars RPG play by post games? How often do new games get started here (or elsewhere)? What can be done at the outset of new play by post games to ensure they mature into ongoing games? If "ongoing" is not their intention from the outset, what's a good goal time parameter for such games? Given that I'm probably not far enough along in my rules and setting knowledge to GM such a game myself, what might I do to incite interest from a GM and say, two or three other players to start a new play by post game here?
  6. Rented it last night and really enjoyed it. Thought the beginning was a bit slow, and the ultimate actions of one of the main characters a bit predictable, but overall, thought it was ace. Especially liked Lando and Chewbacca.
  7. Don't mind at all. Several of us are arts or publishing professionals and are sensitive to (and hyperaware of how) pirating negatively impacts people who work with intellectual property and copyright. That's the biggest reason. The next reason is our play style, which is heavy on role-play, story, and background. While this can't be universally true, we noticed that when we had players who depended exclusively on Skill lists and Talent Trees in character design and at the table, they tended to be much more game mechanics minded than fit with our group style. Put another way, we believe it important to read and utilize the narrative descriptions of species, careers, and specializations (even if that utilization is to play against type), and those narrative descriptions aren't available on community-made tools (or at least they shouldn't be). I should say that we're not so hard core about it that couples or roommates can't share books--the minimum is that households have copies of the books where applicable, not individuals.
  8. Aha! A book I've never managed to lay my hands on yet. Thanks!
  9. Community-made tools and references are great, and I use them all the time. But one thing that sometimes gets kind of overlooked is citation and sourcing. By which I mean, somebody puts together an awesome .pdf of all the Universal Specialization Talent Trees, for example, but neglects to include info on where they were originally published. We have a house rule in our group that players (or GMs for that matter) can't use any material that they don't own original and legally-purchased copies of, so sometimes these two factors clash a little bit. Right now, we're trying to put together a resource document of all the specializations available across the three lines. We found a great set of community-authored resources that list all the talent trees in a usable and printable form, and it's easy to track down where the basic Career-sourced Specialization trees come from (all, what, 108 of them?), but we're having a bit of trouble immediately putting books and page numbers to some of the Universal talent trees. Specifically, can anyone tell me where to find these? Force Adherent Imperial Academy Cadet Padawan Survivor Pirate Retired Clone Trooper Ship Captain Thanks!
  10. Thank you, Darzil! Row nine on that table (3-20: Crafting Sell Prices) is exactly what I need.
  11. Short version: Do you allow PCs to purchase gear that has already been customized with attachments and modifications? If so, how do you price it? Also, are there rules anywhere for hiring skilled labor to perform customization? Long version: Here’s an example. Say I have a character who wants a BlasTech DH-X Heavy Blaster Rifle (Dangerous Covenants, p. 43), which has these stock characteristics—Skill: Ranged (Heavy); Damage: 10; Crit: 3; Range: Long; Encumbrance: 7; Hard Points: 4; Price: 1,900; Rarity: 6; Cumbersome 3, Pierce 2. The character is worried about Encumbrance, so she wants a “Stripped Down” version of the rifle (see p. 56 of Special Modifications). In fact, she wants one with as low encumbrance as possible, so she wants one with the basic Stripped Down attachment and the two available “Decrease encumbrance by 1 (to a minimum of 1) Mods,” which would take this Encumbrance 7 rifle down to Encumbrance 4. Problem is, she doesn’t have a good Mechanics skill herself, and for the sake of this example, doesn’t have a friend good enough to perform the increasingly difficult Mechanics checks to install those mods. If she did, the pricing and checks would look like this. She purchases the rifle for 1,900 credits, then, following the rules for installing attachments, simply pays the 250 credits for the “Stripped Down” attachment. No checks required. The Encumbrance of the rifle has dropped from 7 to 6. Then comes the modifications. For the first one (of two), she spends 100 credits on components and supplies, makes sure she has a toolkit, then spends a couple of hours at a work bench and makes a hard (three Difficulty dice) Mechanics check (successful in this example). The Encumbrance of the rifle has dropped from 6 to 5. She repeats the process for the second available mod of the attachment, spending another 100 credits and this time passing a Daunting (four Difficulty dice) Mechanics check. The Encumbrance of the rifle has dropped from 5 to 4, and that’s as far as it can ever go. She has spent a total of 2,350 credits purchasing, customizing, and modding her new rifle. But, my questions have to do with circumstances where the character cannot, for some reason, perform those checks, or have a reasonable expectation of succeeding at them, anyway. What would assuming those customizations and modifications had already been done to a rifle on the shelf at RifleTown do to its Price and Rarity, keeping in mind that it now only has 1 Hard Point? Some related questions. Where, if anywhere, across the many books in the three lines, are there rules for hiring skilled labor? In other words, using the above example, could the character buy the rifle, supply the necessary attachment and credits for the modding components and supplies, and hire a Mechanic skilled enough to guarantee that she comes away with rifle customized to her expectations? How much would that cost? Would the total outlay be more than, less than, or comparable to buying the already-customized rifle? Thanks for your time.
  12. Eh, never mind. I used an outside search engine that turned up a few topics on this issue here that answered my question (the answer seems to be "no such mod exists, apparently by design"). Sorry for the needless post.
  13. For what it's worth, the description of "fingerprint masques" at page 50 of Fly Casual implies that DNA scanning is a thing in this game, if not in the larger Star Wars universe of canon. "Advanced masques can also be embedded with false DNA in order to circumvent more sophisticated biometric scanners and readers," it says.
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