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  1. Gratitude! Read through the first article and skimmed the second. Seems really helpful and I will study these more closely after work.
  2. Hello, So before I start babbling too much, my question is as noobish and straightforward as the title suggest -- how does deck building work? What are the basic rules here? I can't seem to find anything about this in the rule book, nor on the forums. Either I suck at searching, or it's just such a given thing that no one has asked about it Basically, I just bought the core set on a whim, one rainy afternoon when me and a friend were bored. As opposed to many of the other people posting "noob questions" here, I have absolutely zero experience with any previous game card games (like Magic, etc). Nonetheless, we learned the basic rules quite quickly and have so far played around 6 one-on-one games with the core set and its four available houses, and we're having a blast (albeit being utter newbies in terms of tactics, etc - but hey, at least we're at the same level)! We quite quickly felt that we had already exhausted the available houses and wanted more! More houses, and more exciting cards for each house. With that said, I'm planning on buying the expansion sets to get house Greyjoy & Martell (and, down the line, the expansion sets for all six houses) into the game, and while googling, I came across various topics on "deck building" and got a bit confused about what this is? People seem to be buying multiple core sets, and there are further expansions for each house as well (assuming it means you get a wider array of playable cards for each house) - and here is where my questions enter: 1. I initially thought you simply got a "larger deck for each house" to draw from with all these additional cards (basically doubling your house cards with the additional core set, and even further adding more cards with house expansions). But I now assume this is not the case, and that you instead simply "pick the cards" you want to use for your deck -- is this correct? 2. If the above is correct, how many cards are you supposed to have in deck? Is it a set number or is the amount optional between a certain interval? I'm also assuming there should be a recommended or division between the various card types (characters, locations, etc)? 3. Are neutral cards supposed to stay in the same deck as with the house they came with? For instance, House Targaryen had Maester Aemon in their deck (which makes sense, considering his bloodline) -- but he's the only Night's Watch character in the Targaryen deck, and thus his ability becomes moot? I guess that's basically it. I hope it made sense and that someone out there can help this beginner get some further understanding about this lovely game. Might be good the bear in mind that I'm only planning on playing casual games with my friends, and not any competitive stuff with the scary elite
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