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  1. I used Marie. I'm currently working through ALLthe ancient ones with each character solo. Completed all of Yig and about 1/4 of Tsathougga. Obviously Rex and Leo's special abilities won't mean much :-p
  2. Hey all, This is a question that's been on my mind. I've only ever beaten Ithaqua with a single investigator, I've beaten Pharoah with both a single and with a team of two or three (never four), and I just recently completed a little personal challenge of beating Yig with every Investigator in a row (but not in one sitting) without ever losing a single game. I know one of the big draws of multiple investigators is that not everything is riding on one character, that if one person dies its no big deal. Plus, you get a variety of abilities to draw from. But I think the benefit of loading a single investigator up with trophies and items outweighs any potential negatives. It also seems a bit more thematic, as Lovecraftian stories usually center on a single character going it alone as their world closes in around themselves. So, let me slightly reword the question in the topic line: Is there any campaign/ancient one that you can't solo? Also, nothing to do with the question above, but I didn't want to start a new thread... does anyone know how exactly Jim Culver's ability works? It's never made sense to me!
  3. I think its time to accept that this game is dead. Which is a shame, I would have played new campaigns for eternity. Did it not sell well? Was it too expensive to produce more art? FFG is certainly a company that loves expansions, but its been too long since the last one, I feel like.
  4. To me that's effectively saying "you shouldn't be making this check" through another means. I can see adding Setbacks under the right circumstances, but they should mostly be the same circumstances under which a trained person would be receiving Setbacks - environment, distractions, etc. I respectfully disagree. If one Twi'lek is negotiating with another, they may gain a bonus die (as per an example in the beginners game), one would assume that means that a Wookiee would gain a setback die when negotiating with a Transdoshan due to cultural hatred between them. These bonus and setback die would be granted irrespective of their presence characteristic. I can see how maybe adding difficulty would be rule breaking, but adding setback or bonus based on "cultural" or "life experience" reasons (i.e., having little to no experience with starships), would totally be within the GM's rights. I also think this could lead to some funny narrative stuff where maybe they are able to take off, but they end up accidentally causing other problems and the crew scrambles to try and fix whatever the savage accidentally caused.
  5. Wouldn't a simple solution be to up the difficulty and add a bunch of setback dice? You're not preventing them from making the check, but narratively they would have a ton of stuff working against them.
  6. Once all three books are out, will they have to keep separating out the books by name? I figure once they've all seen source books for their particular classes and such, we may get the "miskatonic" treatment and just get supplements for "FFG Star Wars Roleplaying Experience," or whatever the unofficial name for this line as a whole ends up being.
  7. Just as a disclaimer, I only have the beginner game, but I hope to get the corebook soon, so I apologize if I am contradicting anything in there with my suggestion. Why not treat the three phases of the battle as three separate battles, so that each time he is "defeated" it just causes the battle to progress to the next phase. That way it wouldn't matter if the player dealt a million damage on the first turn, it would just cause the battle to move to the next phase. Sure, that may seem a little too video-gamey, but that's one of the things I really like about EotE. I'm not someone with an extensive history in tabletop RPGs, I'm more of a Computer RPG person (Mass Effect, Vampire: Bloodlines, Deus Ex (The original!), etc...) and I think EotE does a really good job of recreating the feel of a CRPG in a table top format, especially with the skill tree mechanic. Sorry, that went a little off topic at the end
  8. I recently moved to the Bloomington-Normal area and was wondering if there are any Arkham players within driving distance? I'd really like to find some people to play on a semi regular basis with. Let me know!
  9. I really like the concept behind the Arkham Horror Toolkit and would like to try it, but I don't own any apple products, only an Android tablet and a Windows 8 phone. Are there any plans for a port to either of those platforms, or, do any of you have suggestions for independently made programs that serve a similar function.
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