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  1. You really need lannister deluxe(LOTR), this expansion have many good cards, especially Cercei Lannister. Chapters can make your deck much more powerful, but for start, I think, u can build strong deck from core + lotr. We are playing agot for 2 months, and i decided to buy one chapter deck every month. P.S Sorry for my english
  2. Hey, im and my 2 friends are playing Agot for 2 months, and once we all got expansions, i found that im losing much more games than my friends (always 3 players). Im playing Lannister deck, my friends- targaryans and baratheons. So can someone help me to build lannister deck form core set + lotr expansion, or can someone give me any tips about playing lannisters. P.S Sorry for my poor english. Thank You.
  3. 1) Deadly, Stealth, Infamy, Renown, etc. these things are triggered effects? And for example Cersei Lannister (Lotr): Cersei Lannister does not kneel to attack during intrigue challanges. Is it triggered effect? 2) How many unique locations I can have in deck? For example can i have in play 2 Lannisport Brothel, or they will be like dublicates? 3)In-hause attachments. For example Queen Cerseis Chambers, after i have played it as attachment to my house can i use another Queen Cerseis Chambers card as location? 4) Influences. For example if i have Western Fiefdoms, if I kneel it in marshalling, can i kneel influence on it in challanges? If i used 1 influence on card, does it renew next round? 5)Widows Wail. How much cards can i draw with this attachment when i win challange? 6) If card have Deadly, I attach to it attachment that gives deadly. I Attack enemy that have 1 deadly, with that card who have one deadly + 1 deadly from attachment, am i kil my enemy, or deadly do not stack on characters? Thank You. P.S Sorry for my poor english.
  4. Hello. Quick question here. When i play duplicate (f.e Lannisport Moneylender) do i get it's effects on top of the original? Like bonus income ect. EDIT Another question. How many same plot cards can player have in his plot deck?
  5. Hey, we are playing AGOT for 4 days, and really like this game, but we have some stupid questions: 1)After I used event card(for example "A Lanister pays his debs") I must discard that event, or he goes to deathpile or he stays in my hand? If stays in hand, then how many times can i use it per turn? 2)Could someone please show me example how works Lanister House special ability "Infamy" 3) When u claiming power on your character, does it counts as STR when u attack with power? (For example: Robert Baratheon have 3 STR and 3 powers, when he attacks with power attack he have 6 STR or still 3? P.S Sorry for my poor english
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