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  1. Hi, I was told at a tournament today that it was ruled that you can't 'Train' a Rancor during Round 1 at Worlds. Something about there not actually being a "before" round stage at the start of a game. Can anyone verify this and explain the reasoning?
  2. Located in Australia, will trade internationally WANT: AA Nexu AA Obi wan AA R2D2 HAVE: AA Inqusitor AA Lando AA Bantha AA Unshakable Red Store Champs terminals Red Store Champs VP dial
  3. Can I use Opportunistic between the two melee attacks granted by Pummel to move the attacking figure? Does the "interrupt" allow you to break those two actions?
  4. I was wondering this too. When I played at home, I read it as discard from the deck, however the tournament I went to educated me that it was from my hand. This needs a FAQ!
  5. Hi all, I'm new to skirmish, so apologies if this is a dumb question. In Mission A it says you can "retrieve" a droid. Is that an "interact", and so costs one of your units two 'actions'? Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks, this is so good and logical. Whilst I was contemplating something similiar you're saved me a lot of effort. I got all mine in an ultimate guard 9 pocket flex folio with plenty of room for more growth! When you get the chance, please share updated docs with the cards from Obi and friends! You have truely pleased my OCD thus far!
  7. She's Mal(ary?) Reynolds to me. And then she'll have to say "no power in the 'verse can stop me!" whenever she fells a snow trooper
  8. Those canvas ones look very nice! And I imagine there would be a bit of extra grip too. I'd love to see FFG even release a PDF or high res pic of the maps so that people can print their own on whatever medium they prefer. It definitely is an issue for tournament longevity.
  9. Yeah. I'm not going to Gencon and since it's on the wrong side of an ocean, I probably never will. I do, however, play IA quite a lot and would like to hear stuff about it as soon as they're ready to talk about it, not second hand from a convention 99% of their players will never go to. Agreed (Aussies want to be kept in the know too!) I love the previews, and it encourages players to stick at a game throughout the year, rather than just play it in August after they release and announce new stuff. Current model makes sense for longevity and maintaining a general interest in a game. How often do we complain when it goes more than a fortnight without a new preview?!
  10. Hey Sorastro! Gotta say I love your work! Doing an amazing job and all of your miniatures look stunning! As a new painter I really appreciate your lessons. Episode 11 is great- those Wookies are awesome, and you've done the big C justice. (And thanks for doing the Wookies now as they are the most intimidating figures I have yet to paint!)
  11. Similar issues would be the Epic ships attacked at Range 3/through an asteroid by Wedge or an Outmaneuver
  12. Forgive me if this has been clarified already, but is there an order of operations (to use the mathematical term) when calculating defence dice? For example, Expose on a normal Decimator being attacked at Range 3: - is expose applied first as it changes agility, therefore leaving the VT-49 with its usual 0 agility, after which then you add on the range modifier and roll one dice? - are they both applied simultaneously? Therefore leaving the VT-49 with no dice at any range. Then further, Kenkirk with his ability activated: - if he used Expose, would this penalty activate first, before his pilot ability? Leaving him with the perks of Expose and 1 agility? - do they activate at the same time? Or his pilot ability first?
  13. Usually dials are revealed one at a time in order of increasing pilot skill. From the wording of your question it sounds like you've been playing mass reveal all at once, which shouldn't really be happening, and would be quite dodgey to look at what the other player does if that is how you play. That said, if doing the dials one at a time there is nothing wrong with checking your opponent's move against his dial, so long as you do that politely and not every turn ("fly casual!")
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