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  1. Hello folks! Some links are down for the adventures "Bendu's Shadow/Stalitz Flight" (the 1st one) and "Echoes of the Past" (the two with the maps). Can someone help me out and point me to working links? Thank you.
  2. Thanks for clarifying, guys and gals, much appreciated.
  3. Ah, thank you, I must have overread it. What would you do if more failures are rolled, i.e. 3 failures? Would you escalate the failure? How would that scale with a Despair?
  4. Hello Edgers, with a binary check what do you do if the player has a net result of successes/failures of 0? What do I mean by that? For instance, the player wants to charm some guards. She rolls 1 success, 1 failure, 2 advantages - so the net result is 0 but she has 2 advantages. Strictly speaking, it's a stalemate. Because it is no failure I have a problem with saying: "Ok, so the guards don't buy your story (a failure on the check) but: what do you want to do with your advanges?" What's your take on that?
  5. Hello, I want to gm the beginner adventure online via Google Hangout. Are there write ups or official pdfs for the pregens or do I need to scan the portfolios myself? Thank you.
  6. Thanks for your insight, guys and gals. It was an interesting read. I want to play the beginner's box adventure with the pre-gens just to get a taste of the game. Afterwards, we want to make characters. I like the adventure of "The Long Arm of the Hutt" but I think it would be silly if my new characters just step into the shoes of my old characters. Thus I would like to change the adventure to be more like a stand-alone instead as a sequel to the first one. My ideas would be to change the Big Bad and his home world. Any ideas or hints on that? Thanks alot.
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