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  1. After playing multiple quests with this item my personal opinion this item needs to be nerfed basically it can in quite a few scenarios wipe the Heroes in a single turn. With no help of other attacks. I'm very close to banning the item all together in my play. What are you guys opinions. I personally think if the lieutenant passes it should do one damage not anywhere up to 5 points for certain lieutenants. Does anyone have alternative rules for this card.
  2. Just curious what character and set up for that player would you use in the 2nd edition and why do you feel that is the best choice. Please give your choices on experience in order as well and if you have reasons explain.
  3. Thanks I thought I was interpretting this correctly.
  4. Ok first off lets pretend its the overlords turn he moves adjacent to the Knight Class and he Plays Guard and defeats the monster. Is it allowed even if on the overlords turn to use Advance if fatigue points are still available? My group thinks it should not be allowed because its the overlords turn but nothing on the card states otherwise.